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$10,000 Minecraft Server Exposed...


Published on 1 year ago

This is the best video I have ever made! I hope you enjoy :D

Tommy: @TommyInnit

 My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRzNmYGvKNRHEwAfs1yLHWA
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TubboLIVE

Comments :


C B . 2 weeks ago

Jesus loves you!!


Dumboy . 3 weeks ago

Cool 😎


MrEric . 1 month ago

This is kinda clickbait but not really the way it said in the tittle missleads you to think its something different but its not clickbait and pepole said Tubbo isn't a youtuber mastermind when ut comes to videos and getting pepoel to click on them


Qwerty_Pwerty . 1 month ago

4:28 '24rd July 2019'

John Rios

John Rios . 2 months ago

“Without lagging” Sure

peppa meme 2.0

peppa meme 2.0 . 2 months ago

tubbo is a genius

Mlađan Mladenović

Mlađan Mladenović . 2 months ago

when the impostor is sus :D

Tatacraft Vinhas

Tatacraft Vinhas . 2 months ago

first 30 seconds *NERD*

Gabe Is Awsome

Gabe Is Awsome . 2 months ago

20k nice


oof . 2 months ago



GootsieBabie . 2 months ago

🦀 Tubbo is gone from Hypixel 🦀


mike0408 . 2 months ago

some say this is a waste of time watching and caluclating this video but "one mans trash is anothermans treasure"


•MxytNiki• . 3 months ago

My friends are a fan of yall so we made a chat of you all guess who I am

j b

j b . 3 months ago

I’ve seen staff using this mod in the past week lol. Lynx still exists

2007 KDH

2007 KDH . 3 months ago

I found this video!!!

Wobblie Underscore

Wobblie Underscore . 4 months ago

i like your funny words, magic man


BedlessMC . 4 months ago

tubbo is pogchamp


Bruhification . 4 months ago

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Jens Randsdorp

Jens Randsdorp . 4 months ago

“20K and that is mental” ohw the goo’old days...


meku . 4 months ago

What a nerd

Liam Lintern

Liam Lintern . 4 months ago

this vidio was made on my birthday

Liam Lintern

Liam Lintern . 4 months ago

he has the background of game theory and the music of austin


Alectbh . 4 months ago

just me that understood all of this?

Bronte Jamieson

Bronte Jamieson . 4 months ago

Tubbo - "Be QuItE"

Bad Rat

Bad Rat . 4 months ago

Is it me or did Tubbo say we are almost at 20k subs?


__Tom . 5 months ago

1:07 hold up. I swear that is in a grian video except with his logo

Tara B

Tara B . 5 months ago

I don’t understand this at all Tubbo

Eric Love

Eric Love . 5 months ago

"Every feature has been thought out and is there for a reason." /slimetest: allow me to introduce myself

H1GH Velocity1401

H1GH Velocity1401 . 5 months ago

0:32 tubbo gets a text on his phone while he is trying to create an intro

Mrbeast Mrbeast

Mrbeast Mrbeast . 5 months ago

Hypixel is the 2 bigest server

M o t h !

M o t h ! . 5 months ago

1:41 Idk why I time stamped it It was just funny

Don’t watch my videos you’ll regret it

Don’t watch my videos you’ll regret it . 5 months ago

People say only British people watch Tubbo Who’s not British?

Can I get 50k with videos?

Can I get 50k with videos? . 5 months ago

Finding the dream smp during lockdown was one of the best things I’ve done


GoldOfficialTM . 5 months ago


Tommy- Roll

Tommy- Roll . 5 months ago



nightsky . 5 months ago

the start i heard the iphone notification sound


Vybz . 5 months ago

"We are coming up to 20k" Well that didn't age well...


Fredbobmas . 5 months ago

“24rd July”


EndGamer7860 . 5 months ago

I guess his YT channel name back then was toby

Bulldg Wrld

Bulldg Wrld . 5 months ago

tubbo: 1k likes? everyone: 10k!!!

Maddie Millner

Maddie Millner . 5 months ago

such good quality my god

Bad Clown

Bad Clown . 6 months ago


wut y

wut y . 6 months ago

nerd out more about this stuff, its really interesting


AbderrahimLach . 6 months ago

I'm the 200th dislike! Sorry I couldn't resist


TheTacoMan091 . 6 months ago

Hm yes 20k

May Gendeh

May Gendeh . 6 months ago

I lost you at phase 1.

Mia Nusinovic

Mia Nusinovic . 6 months ago

tubbo you explained this really well


BenjiKinda . 6 months ago

But Toby?


Just1 . 6 months ago

The only thing stopping this from being a video from Austin on game theory is the “Dear Hypixel, I just exposed your network for what it really is”


AnimeMurray1 . 6 months ago


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