The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

Every Upcoming MARVEL PROJECT Confirmed & Rumored for Marvel Phase 4 and Marvel phase 5! Marvels phase 4 and phase 5 right now includes Spider-man No Way Home, The Eternals, Thor Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, the loki series, Hawkeye series, Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania, the Fantastic Four, Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, Captain Marvel 2 the Marvels, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Marvels What IF? and more!

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

Which one are you excited for the most? For me it's Loki, Eternals, Spider-Man Thor Love and Thunder and Fantastic Four! Woof woof! GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture ---


Ace . 11 hours ago

God bless everyone ! Hope to see all these films ! See yall in 10 years !

Jonaven Villarreal

Jonaven Villarreal . 2 days ago

Spider man


Xx412xxbluntz . 2 days ago

I dont think they should be making another black panther honestly....should of left it chadwick

the Android gamer

the Android gamer . 2 days ago

Can't wait for Disney to make Deadpool bi even tho hes never had a male partner and like to make female s*x jokes

Jin Beltran

Jin Beltran . 2 days ago

Loki Dr.strange 2 Spiderman no way home Black panther 2 Moon knight Gardeins 3 Ant man 3 Blade Ms.marvel Secret invasion

Sebastian RAMS

Sebastian RAMS . 3 days ago

I want to watch Spider- man No way Home

Sriansh Rathod

Sriansh Rathod . 3 days ago

Loki is released Wandavision is released Falcon and the winter soldier Is released Next is black widow.......

Ayush Nayak

Ayush Nayak . 3 days ago

Seems like disney is planning to make enough money to buy sony soon

Ayush Nayak

Ayush Nayak . 3 days ago

Wait..... This is way more than what we have till now

Karl Ghossein

Karl Ghossein . 4 days ago

This is huge.

/ Mushero

/ Mushero . 4 days ago

I see no Bucky solo here >:-( I’m super stoked for Black Widow and MoM though!

Ponk 80

Ponk 80 . 4 days ago

MineCraft Univers is looking great

Ashutosh Pathak

Ashutosh Pathak . 4 days ago

Where were all the eternals in the infinity saga

Galactic Boy

Galactic Boy . 5 days ago

one thing that sucks with the mcu now after endgame is that there won't be any more Stan Lee cameos

Galactic Boy

Galactic Boy . 5 days ago

the projects I'm most excited for are the multiverse of madness spider-man no way home moon knight Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings the eternals Hawkeye Thor love and thunder guardians of the galaxy vol 3 anything to do with mutants the fantastic four black panther 2 and Wakanda R.I.P Chadwick

Wolverine logan

Wolverine logan . 5 days ago

Omg I'm so excited for Wolverine 😍😍😍

Vic D'Angelo

Vic D'Angelo . 5 days ago

X-MEN coming in 2078 ......


GnSt4vo . 5 days ago

The marvel universe is too big now. Thankfully I have youtube to watch the most important scenes of everything.

Asif Obak

Asif Obak . 5 days ago

Me: is that Wolverine? Video: yes

Eke Mihu

Eke Mihu . 5 days ago

I just have one question where Daredevil??? What about him??

flamingo tacoi

flamingo tacoi . 5 days ago

No way home comes out 10 days before my bday



I am a little bit worried as they aree too many projects as mcu is taking different directions from the avengers

Muhammed Unais

Muhammed Unais . 5 days ago

There is Echo an hawkey spinoff series

Atharva Sonar

Atharva Sonar . 5 days ago

Hey, did you guys know that in loki series ep 2 lady loki is going to be seen. SpoiledπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

Sierra Melany

Sierra Melany . 6 days ago

The kindly january coronally object because lion only haunt by a far-flung sausage. loutish, petite biology

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor . 6 days ago

And spider man

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor . 6 days ago

Black widow


Zeco . 6 days ago

Miss marvel?

Jaaa Beee

Jaaa Beee . 6 days ago

Eternals is the most anticipated?! Lmfao. How much did you get paid to say that? No one that reads books gives a shit about that movie.

Conrad Smith

Conrad Smith . 6 days ago

I like doctor strange.

Andres Rodriguez

Andres Rodriguez . 7 days ago

definately moonknight. I mean i really like heroes that are dark and mysterious and the closest to that was hawkeye but it seems that moonkight is coming and he will just fit my description of a cool superhero

Eduard Constantinescu

Eduard Constantinescu . 1 week ago

I want DARK SIDE !!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈


TheDuke013 . 1 week ago

I am ready to move on from Steve Rogers captain, can't we celebrate with the new captain for a while.

Lucy Willis

Lucy Willis . 1 week ago

As a comicbook need in my 40's.... I never thought we'd get this far....

Reuben James Naraga

Reuben James Naraga . 1 week ago

Morbius is part of MCU, right?

Hatchet Mouth

Hatchet Mouth . 1 week ago

I feel like Sleepwalker and Warlock & the Infinity Watch could be done very easily, but I'm not sure any of their writers would share those titles the respect they deserve.


SehajTheProdigy . 1 week ago

I want Bucky to be to be the leader

Mark Winter

Mark Winter . 1 week ago


Jonathan Aishanna

Jonathan Aishanna . 2 weeks ago

I think in the multiverse of madness they’re gonna bring Deadpool from the first 2 films into the MCU to have Deadpool 3

Ricci Mercado

Ricci Mercado . 2 weeks ago

What? No Fantastic Four? Is this legit?


T.N.T . 2 weeks ago

I hope they have a werewolf by night movie

Davon Chill2akory

Davon Chill2akory . 2 weeks ago

The New Avengers team should be 1. Dr. Strange(Co-Leader) 2. Captain Marvel(Co-Leader) 3. Falcon(I made list before disney show) 4. Antman 5. Wasp 6. Scarlet Witch 7. Spiderman 8. Hulk 9. Black Panther(Shuri) 10. Shang Chi 11. Black Widow(Resurrected) And I think it would be cool for them to scout new recruits that represent MCU characters from different networks. 12. Damian Hellstrom(MCU Hulu) 13. Monica Rambeau(MCU Disney+) 14. Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes(MCU ABC) 15. Daredevil(MCU Netflix) Only network I missed was Cloak and Dagger on Freeform network but that's connected with Hulu so...


SeasickSolid73 . 2 weeks ago

Ones I'm interested: No Way Home Multiverse Of Madness GOTG 3 Thor 4 And whenever a New Avengers movie is cuz yea. I hope it's stuff like they did with the infinity saga


RRL-21 . 2 weeks ago

Imagine the next final battle with all this happening. Who could possibly be the villain

Ben Childs

Ben Childs . 2 weeks ago

Mine are The Mutants, loki, Thor love and thunder, and fantastic four, Because of all the worldbuilding they will create.

Anthony Vicencio

Anthony Vicencio . 2 weeks ago

movie coming soon.

god of dinosaur's

god of dinosaur's . 2 weeks ago

Thor Love⚑thunder


TJ BUBBLE . 2 weeks ago

Cant wait for the new avengers

Christina Tuttle

Christina Tuttle . 2 weeks ago

I will cry tears of joy when we get BLADE

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