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Published on 1 week ago

West Ham United took a 1-0 lead into halftime, but Manchester City roared back with three-second half goals to keep their perfect start to the season alive. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #WestHam #ManCity
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West Ham United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/16/2023 | NBC Sports


UwU19 . 3 days ago

3:50, I wanna ask the refereeing association, wtf happened to not being able to interfere with the goalkeeper in his own 6 yard box?????
A. Caesar S.

A. Caesar S. . 4 days ago

Walker at 33 still running like an Olympic Sprinter 😂
Yusuf Ergin

Yusuf Ergin . 5 days ago

City is very hard to stop
Noel Vega

Noel Vega . 5 days ago

All man united should man up to their horrible start to the season....if this continues Ten Bag will be canned......
OneAutumnLeaf _

OneAutumnLeaf _ . 6 days ago

West Ham looked visibly weaker on defense without Alvarez
David Middleton

David Middleton . 6 days ago

Moyes is one of the best. Gets more with less than any other gaffer.

DankCoyote . 6 days ago

When Haaland can’t find a goal and you’re still losing.

Nico . 6 days ago

9:40 idk who these anouncers are? Former players or what because wtf else can he do there. It was a good header, you can't score every chance. Every miss it's he should have done better lol, have they ever played? These are the best players in the world, if it could be done better they would do it.
Alexis Ornelas

Alexis Ornelas . 7 days ago

West hame was doing good and the last few minutes they lost it

Howitzer . 1 week ago

Fight Milk

Fight Milk . 1 week ago

City is scary good
Simon Maha

Simon Maha . 1 week ago

I’m more scared of doku on the wing than I’ve ever been afraid of sterling

mezu . 1 week ago

Doku is sane regen
Shanen Soltani Icely

Shanen Soltani Icely . 1 week ago

Props to WHU, they threw some good punches for at least 2/3rds of the game
Yayi 510

Yayi 510 . 1 week ago

Haaland new fifa celebration 😂😂
sammy pierre

sammy pierre . 1 week ago

11:11 aguerd for west ham is holding them back..everytime i watch them he's allowing crucial mistakes in the back
they also may need to look into getting a proper st...great team tho love watching them

Windsor . 1 week ago

Doku hit the griddy 😂
Axel Diaz

Axel Diaz . 1 week ago

Once Edson Alvarez left, it went down. That’s something no one sees here.
Cal Carr

Cal Carr . 1 week ago

West Ham couldve definitely kept that at a draw but very exciting game !!🙌🏼
Nick Gorham

Nick Gorham . 1 week ago

Haaland celebration🤣
Dibryanz 256

Dibryanz 256 . 1 week ago

Unstoppable Haalan

JAPARICAN 50-50 . 1 week ago

Doku with the griddy

Begs . 1 week ago

The commentator sounds like Tom Hardy in that movie Legend
John Palacios

John Palacios . 1 week ago

8:50 that Haaland volley would have been insane. Great save
Jonathan De Oleo

Jonathan De Oleo . 1 week ago

grealish is gonna have a hard time coming off the bench so much lol
Fc3 papi

Fc3 papi . 1 week ago

Yooooo😭😭 Edson titu y mdc 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Brocco Lee

Brocco Lee . 1 week ago

West ham with nipple tassles and Man City with black super saiyan

Sweeziee . 1 week ago

Kyle Walker fast AF at 12:50

Fowsy . 1 week ago

How do you beat this??
Ytp Boss

Ytp Boss . 1 week ago

Should've been west ham penalty on that tackle
jorge aguilar

jorge aguilar . 1 week ago

As soon as Alvarez gets subbed out the other Alvarez scoops it over the defence in the edge of the box right where Westham Alvarez was positioned tuff but good game
The Bel

The Bel . 1 week ago

West Ham’s goalie is amazing. Haaland would have had at least three goals
J.A. Molina

J.A. Molina . 1 week ago

Thing is that Hammers played pretty well and City still didn’t seem too bothered
Kaleb Whitlock

Kaleb Whitlock . 1 week ago

definitely thought Ward-Prowse should of gotten the England call up. But that just shows how in-form the England midfielders are. Maddison, Bellingham, etc.
Bryan Chavez

Bryan Chavez . 1 week ago

Is that sneako ? Keeper for west ham
Adam Bonney

Adam Bonney . 1 week ago

If you remove or cover up the scores of the other games in the top right corner, I will watch the highlights of those games too.
Gabriel 473

Gabriel 473 . 1 week ago

Ethan Payne scored on this pitch

Ffire420_x . 1 week ago

if u don’t know alvarez getting teach by messi on free kicks he’s getting better and better
robert cliffort

robert cliffort . 1 week ago

love it.
jose ramirez

jose ramirez . 1 week ago

Lookout Grealish
Only Fair

Only Fair . 1 week ago

How are city missing some of their best and still cooking

JC83 . 1 week ago

Can a keeper give up three goals and still get a 10 rating?

Jamaican_4_life! . 1 week ago

I can't tell which is more lethal. This year's city side or last year's.

This side has so many potential goal scrorers who are lethal at their craft. They're also pretty young. The depth of this team. Wow👌

happytrailsgaming . 1 week ago

General Doku 😂
Вик Ник

Вик Ник . 1 week ago

Kurt Zuma is bad defender
The realest Mc

The realest Mc . 1 week ago

Doku with the gitty
Cameron Noel

Cameron Noel . 1 week ago

Wow i missed a cracking game, so many chances and class performances. No kdb, no grealish, no problem for city when you’ve got rodri, bernardo, doku, alavarez, and haaland all playing like that… scary 😟

Sundayxx . 1 week ago

What a save Areola!!! 8:51

Aze . 1 week ago

City are so good it’s boring and they’re defintely winning the league with doku
Eli dude

Eli dude . 1 week ago

the griddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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