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Kia EV6 GT: Almost Perfect!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 3 months ago

Fun with 1 fatal flaw

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Adithya Murthy

Adithya Murthy . 1 day ago

This is surprising that a car like ev6 doesn't get wireless carplay and andriod auto while a small compact suv like Kia Sonet in India gets it. Weird Kia
General Shakewell

General Shakewell . 2 days ago

No. The problem with the EV6 is that its an electric car.....
Marvin Barnett

Marvin Barnett . 2 days ago

Wait for battery upgrade
Georgios Chiras

Georgios Chiras . 2 days ago

The Porche ev 150 thousands pounds you getting only 50 miles more
Shout In the Wind

Shout In the Wind . 4 days ago

$65k for a Kia….I’m sorry but thats absurd.
Particularly sense it’s range is shit! Why would you not just but a Tesla?
rcsc824 sc

rcsc824 sc . 5 days ago

Lmao.. 200 miles for 65k😅. Hell to the NO!
Stark Intern

Stark Intern . 6 days ago

My boy had that Q-Tip playing!
Michael C

Michael C . 6 days ago

At the end you said that the competition can get at least 100 miles more range. I have an EV6 GT, and driving it conservatively my range right now is 276 miles. No other EV in it’s class is getting 100 miles more than that. You don’t have to drive in GT mode all the time with a heavy foot. I use GT mode sparingly and still enjoy the car - and I’m getting great range. This car easily beats the EPA rating, unlike Teslas which struggle to come close.

Khalil . 1 week ago

Considering the range it has, a 50k price tag is more adequate.
Tube Mayhem

Tube Mayhem . 1 week ago

Just FYI that I'm getting 260 mile range in ECO mode for a commute that's 75% 55 mph road and remainder city. Key point is you can get much more than the 206 mile rating.
Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw . 1 week ago

yeah...200mile range is a big pullback.

N/A N/A . 1 week ago

Ive seen the range been called an issue only by American reviewers. It is not the range that is the issue, it is the charging infrastructure in the USA. Furthermore, no one drives 200 miles on a daily commute so for 99% of the trips the range is more than enough.
Sad to see another review ruined by focussing on the range… 😕
Kevin Breese

Kevin Breese . 2 weeks ago

Another fine example of how colored folks don't have to talk and act ghetto. It's a choice.
Kevin Breese

Kevin Breese . 2 weeks ago

But for a DD/commuter, can't you just take 2 minutes to plug the thing in with a $100 charger when you get home every few days, and it's good to go?
Mark Olton

Mark Olton . 2 weeks ago

Ehh, calling 200 mile range on a performance EV a "fatal flaw" seems... hyperbolic? Drive the RWD version if you want range... it's over 300 miles! Y'all are spoiled, back in my day we drove Leafs that barely managed 70 miles and we were lucky if we found a working charger in that distance.

Elijah . 2 weeks ago

How many bagels actually fit in the front trunk? These are the questions the people need answered.

ROBO . 2 weeks ago

Your thumbnail was like you are about to release lol hahahaha
Dustin Betz

Dustin Betz . 2 weeks ago

No more phone videos ? Cars is better but I could’ve sworn you were the phone guy

LorkyMX2 . 2 weeks ago

No wireless Apple and android is literally pathetic, immediate not even consideration for me.
Meer Modi

Meer Modi . 2 weeks ago

Apparently there are like hundreds of them on the street in jersey not quite sure why.
Nils F. Lindberg

Nils F. Lindberg . 2 weeks ago

Title: almost perfect.
Actual video: Not even close to perfect, and it also has this huge flaw.
Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards . 3 weeks ago

Pop can with a 🔋

Jcro . 3 weeks ago

very good looking car, inside and out
Johnny Football

Johnny Football . 3 weeks ago

Model Y blows this vehicles door off........for less money than this car, with a Model Y you get more storage space, more speed and accleration, and the most important thing of all, the best charging infrastructure in the world (by far).......don't waste your money on this car.
Fabolous Jada

Fabolous Jada . 3 weeks ago

Its 42k where im from
Jay Tee

Jay Tee . 3 weeks ago

Bro why don't you hire a cameraman? lol
Verified Channel ツ

Verified Channel ツ . 3 weeks ago

If only it wasn't so ugly. Why do they have to make electric cars so weird and futuristic?
Aymen A

Aymen A . 3 weeks ago

I mean if you charge the car every night at home like you would charge your phone, 200 miles is plenty

rogerthat . 3 weeks ago

I use Carsify adapter for wireless AA for my regular EV6. I do wish it came it with natively, but this works for me. I keep the controls fixed at HVAC and use the steering wheel controls for media control. The normal EV6 with AWD and Sport mode is PLENTY fast for me on a day to day basis.

VodkaSour . 3 weeks ago

65k is absolutely unacceptable if anybody buys this for that, these fkn companies will continue to screw us all

Jo060 . 3 weeks ago

$65k? That's asinine
Paweeuk Dong

Paweeuk Dong . 3 weeks ago

If you want 0-60 3.5 sec car, frequent gas filling & elect. charging inevitable.. If you don't like that, then just buy 0-60 6 sec car.. Easy? right?
Random name

Random name . 3 weeks ago

What's so difficult about charging a car once a week ?!🤔
Edit: The deal breaker would be the lack of a rear wiper. Many of us live in cities and countries where we actually have Winters with all the ice and grime that mother nature's throws on the back windshield.

pnut93212 . 4 weeks ago

I have the GT and it get over 250 miles in range on full charge in eco mode. I live in bakersfield ca, often go to universal studios and come back on single charge. Going up grape vine, you can see it range drop haha, but you regain it back when going down both ways. I cruise control at 68mph up and in LA.. Hw99 prior to grapevine 73mph with AC on. I'm guessing this guy, I seen his other reviews before, only had that car that morning and never seen other reviews of this car and just read the brochure.. Power seats? Who cares, I'm only one my drives my car, seats are perfect and never need to adjust it after first time.. The ac/radio complaint? That's just being nitpicky cuz I never really mess with the the audio when I drive, few times I did, it used the infotainment and the AC controls were set as default.. Wireless Android auto? I have yet to be in a car that has wireless Android auto so I ain't missing anything, didn't even know there was wireless Android auto. I prefer to use kia system as it automatically directs me to nearest charging station (electrify American is my default) if I cant make it to my destination in that range. GTline may be the top choice for those who want range, but I get enough range in my GT. My gf hates being stuck in the car for more than 1.5hours, we park, charge, have an americano (she's native korean lol), stretch our legs, restroom and on our way in 30 mins later to san diego or to sequoia park. When I go to work and eat lunch, I do use GT mode haha. Overall, I like it, my gf likes it, my siblings like it (they don't like EVs but now considering to get ionic5 after few trips in mine). Some people want an EV to do nonstop trip to their destination 10 hours away, just get a hybrid. I would just fly there and get there faster lol.. To each their own..

Untouchable771 . 4 weeks ago

Looking at the get rwd model it’s epa is 310. Must be the dual motors for the loss of range. Makes sense if the battery pack is the same size.
Ruben Rivera

Ruben Rivera . 4 weeks ago

So if almost perfect, what's perfect? Please enlight us

vxnova1 . 4 weeks ago

So it’s 16k more than the model y and less range with about the same speed, Hmmmm.

JMTM . 4 weeks ago

Typical Tesla fan boy going around test drive all other EVs and pointing out their cons for not being Tesla

LC1918 . 4 weeks ago

Ya a TRX RAM will kill this car

S.A . 4 weeks ago

I don't like big steering That is why I won't buy😂😂
Michael Soldate

Michael Soldate . 4 weeks ago

Here’s my problem. I paid $22,500 for a really nice premium plus 2016 Audi Q5, I pay about $4800 a year for Everything Gas, Insurance & Maintenance (I drive a lot about $200 month in gas). So in theory I need to drive my Q5 for more than 9 years and I would still not have spent enough as this thing costs just to drive it off the lot.

Kriek . 4 weeks ago

If the car is unlocked you can push on the lid to open the electric charging port, there is a bump in the lid that pushes against the open button
Israel Gonzalez

Israel Gonzalez . 4 weeks ago

@3:45 If the caat is unlocked, you can push the carging port to open it.

yndvoh2 . 4 weeks ago

How about call your friend or somebody with Tesla Model Y, put them side to side and then compere next time? …
🥰 Tee Gee 😊

🥰 Tee Gee 😊 . 4 weeks ago

Bro why does it say 310miles on their website??

Steve. . 1 month ago

After spending 6 years with a Kia, that was under a seven year warranty, but had an intermittent engine management fault that Kia refused to fix unless the warning light was on permanently.....I will give Kia a miss even if they were giving their cars away for free !

EconAtheist . 1 month ago

Good review, man. You got a new subscriber. 🚗
John Wiggains

John Wiggains . 1 month ago

Oof. Less than 300 miles is a deal breaker. 200 is a joke. Especially at that price.

L L . 1 month ago

Why Tesla can't have great exterior designs like these?

rallyguy132321 . 1 month ago

If you have the air or heat on and want to change a setting on the radio, do you have to turn off the HVAC system to regain radio controls? I see volume and track are on the steering wheel, but what about changing the radio station?

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