Pete Dyer

Pete Dyer . 2 days ago

Awesome Tom

SHE DEVIL CRAZY . 3 days ago


SHERI WILES . 3 days ago

I think you’re absolutely amazing!

hotstuff6934 . 3 days ago

never heard of you until a couple of months ago and even as a grandmother i will be listening to your songs...
STARR Burnside

STARR Burnside . 4 days ago

LOL I never download music but I am downloading alot of your tunes... Super excited for your success.. Dont know you but am enjoying your talent and your In your face Truth Style.. we needed it.. who knew it would be popular to not be a fucked up liar..
Bob Schwaller

Bob Schwaller . 5 days ago

If Tom MacDonald will play a Trump rally. It would be hilarious. The leftists would freak out
ash hhh

ash hhh . 5 days ago

Yayyy this is awesome
Brian Brown

Brian Brown . 6 days ago

Love you buddy. Thank you for the continuous hope for humanity 🙏
No Name

No Name . 7 days ago

Congratulations I’m so happy for you!! 🎉
Zoe Hayes

Zoe Hayes . 1 week ago

So cool 😎 congrats man
ocean state rc crawlers

ocean state rc crawlers . 1 week ago

love you brother
KEVIN Mcallister

KEVIN Mcallister . 1 week ago


Current . 1 week ago

I am extremely happy for ya, you're on a great ride my friend, hang on and don't let go, "of your morals" God Bless

Ellen . 2 weeks ago

I'm proud of you ❤ keep it up
Kelei Taylor

Kelei Taylor . 2 weeks ago

Amy Horacek

Amy Horacek . 2 weeks ago

Love your dad style dancing lol😅
Katrina Cannon

Katrina Cannon . 2 weeks ago

Kathleen Hensley

Kathleen Hensley . 2 weeks ago

You deserve the success. You are working on your craft. I've listened to it and I'm an old lady opera fan.

Samanthae . 2 weeks ago

my son sent me one of your songs, I am so grateful for my son and your amazing honestly and courage to point out the truths. keep up the amazing work. God bless your amazing and beautiful family. prayers to Jake..momma loves you and has your back always.
Kenny Rawn

Kenny Rawn . 2 weeks ago

Tom you are the man
Universal Patriots

Universal Patriots . 2 weeks ago

God Bless Newsmax and Tom .
Patrick Odonnell

Patrick Odonnell . 2 weeks ago

Go on Tom 👊👍🍀
Jill Daher

Jill Daher . 2 weeks ago

getem tom!!!
Randie Chartier

Randie Chartier . 2 weeks ago

good for you buddy 💪

B.Snider . 2 weeks ago

Awesome man... keep em comin' bro! Love your work!

Elyse . 2 weeks ago


JeHeretic . 2 weeks ago

Kristin Schaffer

Kristin Schaffer . 3 weeks ago

Equalizer TIME

Equalizer TIME . 3 weeks ago

Master Chief

Master Chief . 3 weeks ago

The absolute worst song in the history of mankind 😂😂😂😂 no wonder I keep seeing this fools videos on cringe compilations

Charisse . 3 weeks ago

You are crushing it
d t

d t . 3 weeks ago

Our radio station in town plays your music, it’s a conservative talk show. Lora if people l out be your messages
Thomas Gray

Thomas Gray . 3 weeks ago

He's actually the anti stupid rapper
Sigma Sentinel Sanctuary

Sigma Sentinel Sanctuary . 3 weeks ago

Congrats , God bless 🇺🇸
Billy Wallace

Billy Wallace . 3 weeks ago

Good to see you getting the attention for you music you get sh!t done.
Gale Valenti

Gale Valenti . 3 weeks ago

I love yous! 😊
S Perera

S Perera . 3 weeks ago

I really love you get recognised MY bro. I ain't from Merica and still REALLY LOVE your Dedication and hard work.. YOU STILL DESERVE MORE MY BRO.. LOV YOU MAN ❤❤
Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth Johnston . 3 weeks ago

Happy days tom and nova
Yoni Max & Ryan

Yoni Max & Ryan . 3 weeks ago

John Fussell

John Fussell . 3 weeks ago

A real news channel!!!???? Maybe.
Beautiful Alaska

Beautiful Alaska . 3 weeks ago

My new favorite artist I found today
Shelly Lane

Shelly Lane . 3 weeks ago


Anonymous. . 3 weeks ago

Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi

Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi . 3 weeks ago

Go Tom Go!!!! 🥳🥳🥳
Phillip Flippie

Phillip Flippie . 3 weeks ago

Good job
Honorable One

Honorable One . 3 weeks ago

Lol there's that 3 mil I was talkn about from ur other short 😂
Vianka rby

Vianka rby . 3 weeks ago

Amazing Man 💕🇺🇸🙏🏻

MyDragonFly . 4 weeks ago

Yeah but can somebody tell me why the dude playing the guitar in the sky looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys?
Elaine D

Elaine D . 4 weeks ago

Congratulations 🎊 👏 kudos.
Julie Brown

Julie Brown . 4 weeks ago


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