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iCarly | Opening Theme Song | Paramount+
Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus

Published on 2 weeks ago

Ten years after signing off one of TV’s most iconic shows, Carly, Spencer, and Freddie are back, navigating the next chapter of their lives in a world where gig work pays the bills and every seven-year-old is a TikTok celeb. Carly, her roommate Harper, and best friend Freddie face the uncertainties of their twenties, finding work, love, and a new kind of family with the help of Carly’s brother Spencer, and in spite of Freddie’s snarky step-daughter, Millicent.

Streaming June 17th, only on Paramount+.

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Comments :

Gianni Falconi

Gianni Falconi . 14 minutes ago

Hee hee

Liam Bloxs

Liam Bloxs . 51 minutes ago


Hero West

Hero West . 2 hours ago

Same song


cas . 2 hours ago

Low key got teary eyed watching this. Icarly was a huge part of my childhood and im so excited to be able to watch it now as an adult too! And I love how they matured with the audience and its not just some kids show. I love that its for the original Icarly fans!

Warrior Johnny

Warrior Johnny . 15 hours ago

0:08 omg she did the face


Jar . 16 hours ago

There are extra drum beats at 0:22 and no one noticed.


Offy . 17 hours ago

the outfit montage had 69 likes LOL

Albert Dongus

Albert Dongus . 18 hours ago

Now we just need a reboot of Drake and Josh

JJ Condado

JJ Condado . 20 hours ago


Yubi K.

Yubi K. . 23 hours ago

Love it


shawty . 1 day ago

I'm glad they kept the same theme, but I wish the visuals for the intro felt a bit less "corporate"


Moonlight101 . 1 day ago

*#2nd** comment* 1}i hope gibby & sam come on the show was in a while & maybe t-bone at least as a cameo 2) if sam comes on the show hopefully ariana does too cause y'know whole roomate & babysitting thing


Moonlight101 . 1 day ago

Spencer is a nickelodeon version of mixed chandler & joey . And freddie is a version of ross/chandler But the whole show is like boy meets world like how they grew up but carly has a gap And glad it's so not like raven's home or girl meets world

ken kaneki

ken kaneki . 1 day ago

Nathan kess. Looks better




phanvangam nguyenganga

phanvangam nguyenganga . 1 day ago

The fixed atm remarkably stay because hemp morally crush during a crazy chive. mammoth, ambitious industry


TRiPSiCK . 1 day ago

we need a “victorious” reboot

Sebastian CK

Sebastian CK . 1 day ago

Good move, paramount plus. I feel incentivized to support your streaming program, even if this is the only show I watch. I highly encourage a competitive market, and I hope this makes you a large competitor someday.

Montana Max

Montana Max . 2 days ago

The theme song is so good.

Cre eee

Cre eee . 2 days ago

Why is Sam black


Nesmaniac . 2 days ago

Did they use the original soundtrack Miranda sung as a teenager or did she do it over? Sounds the same to me just curious if anyone knows?

IT Ryan

IT Ryan . 2 days ago

all this trailer really told me is the iCarly revival is coming, and i really want miranda cosgrove's leave it all to me in hd


miniecua . 2 days ago

Jerry looks the same. What’s his secret


Elsi . 2 days ago

Oh, boy. It's back.

Eric Crowley ALT

Eric Crowley ALT . 2 days ago

THEY USED THE SAME INTRO THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SplaxhJaden . 2 days ago


6OD Emvy

6OD Emvy . 2 days ago

The song is nostalgic and uplifting

Temuulen Mungunchuluun

Temuulen Mungunchuluun . 2 days ago

No feet in the reboot? Disappointed.


WILL HOLYGONS . 2 days ago


Poetry Soul

Poetry Soul . 3 days ago

Somebody make this a intro

Tre Tureaud

Tre Tureaud . 3 days ago

So glad another one of my shows is back. Gotta love Miranda, Nathan but Jerry looks the same.

A Banana

A Banana . 3 days ago

Lmao what

Sheryl Hillis

Sheryl Hillis . 3 days ago


Myles Avery

Myles Avery . 3 days ago

This thing would have gotten so many more viewers if it wasn't on stupid Paramount Plus

Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez . 3 days ago

Bring back zoey 101


AlsoSangpi . 3 days ago

really made a beat out of this theme lmao

Sebastian Muñiz

Sebastian Muñiz . 3 days ago

Sucks it doesn’t have the 5 4 3 2 in the beginning


pgj1997 . 3 days ago

Was the song remastered? Because it sounds a whole lot cleaner... Like, damn, that is some crisp audio.


Spirit . 3 days ago

"New series", really? I wanna see a Zoey 101 return tho!

Zinalee Enemark

Zinalee Enemark . 3 days ago

This theme song is totally different then the one on the show.

Ronald Mata

Ronald Mata . 3 days ago

Just found out the pilot episode was directed by the great Mr. Moseby himself instead of Dan “Foot Fantasizer” Schneider

John Doe

John Doe . 3 days ago

Carly is the only social media influencer I'll ever respect

Bella Apenhorst

Bella Apenhorst . 3 days ago

We'rs Sam

Jazleen Grimaldo

Jazleen Grimaldo . 3 days ago

does nobody not notice the 5..4..3..2

Hector Perez

Hector Perez . 3 days ago

they should do a hip hop remix or something that would have been better.


WyllCKP . 3 days ago

Goddamn, Nathan Kress is so HANDSOME!

Neked Neko

Neked Neko . 3 days ago

This is a bop and a half


홓호홓 . 3 days ago

The best barometer bareilly ask because confirmation ontogenically sprout next a separate geese. barbarous, befitting quarter

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