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Lil Durk Addresses issues w/ NBA Youngboy & Quando Rondo "What Did He Do???"
DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks

Published on 1 week ago

Full Episode Link: http://spotify.link/offtherecord

Erien Dodd

Erien Dodd . 1 hour ago

Basically what Durk is getting at is what does yb do for him to be scared of him… all he doing is lyrically D**K riding off another’s man action the night a king von death. Respect 🫡
Phillip Pace

Phillip Pace . 1 hour ago

Durk up here trying to sound smart and come off dumb asf
Riot Hill

Riot Hill . 2 hours ago

Slim be trying get niggaz locked up ion know why real niggas keep giving this dude interviews tf

Jerry . 2 hours ago

Durk seem to forget that quando rondo is NBA artist and so naturally that’s where the issue stems from cause NBA going to protect lil bro regardless
Levi Lumsden

Levi Lumsden . 3 hours ago

This Akademic guy ain't cool and starting dumbshit.
Levi Lumsden

Levi Lumsden . 3 hours ago

Come on man some shit is not for the internet now that we know the the FEDS is booking folks off of internet interviews.
Gee Que

Gee Que . 3 hours ago

He actually planned that whole skit that’s what he did listen to “Dead Trollz” all that 💩was planned and it went accordingly how he wanted y’all know the song was made before Von died right he said “catch a rapper in Atlanta at his show” they knew Von was gone whoop Quando and they knew Tim was gone smoke Von🤷🏾‍♂️💯

NlmbIzzy . 4 hours ago

4:18 the world stopped for a sec I’m not gon lie
Kevin Yuill

Kevin Yuill . 5 hours ago

Durk has grew into a boss in music in 🚚 trucking got abt 6 that haul stuff he got a boss runs it n he bosses him n been with same camera man for yrs Jerry productions he grew with durk so durk a boss of bosses
Wizzy Power 01

Wizzy Power 01 . 6 hours ago

F vck, YB Better 🐐🔥
Danny White

Danny White . 6 hours ago

He just proving he still hurt over von & cant get no get back 😂
Danny White

Danny White . 6 hours ago

Yb donr even be mentioning these niggas & he steady talking about it. Durk scream all these murders he aint do nun, man yall mfs went out bad now you wanna say they nerds 😂 man durk a full out goofy

Fairview80sbaby . 9 hours ago

Great responses and cool interview … Smurkio handled this very well 👑

Lildfromoblock . 10 hours ago

Never wanted to slap somebody more than I wanna slap AK
Big mel

Big mel . 10 hours ago

Why do I want to punch akademiks in the face?
Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones . 11 hours ago

Durk know how to handle his businesl like a man and speak the truth I respect that
2Girls 1Dad

2Girls 1Dad . 12 hours ago

Durk is slick, he knows he’s not capable of pressing dababy
Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown . 12 hours ago

Jada Gibson

Jada Gibson . 13 hours ago

Akademiks messy ASF. .he like a female!!
Lil _Munk de Azonto

Lil _Munk de Azonto . 13 hours ago

Durk is indeed the voice, he knows how to handle himself in the view of the public❤love him most
Pop lyffa

Pop lyffa . 13 hours ago

Durk only ❤😂💯
G Doe

G Doe . 13 hours ago

1:44 Durk Funny Asl 🤣🤣
Ardo Pat

Ardo Pat . 14 hours ago

“ fuck 63’rd, but i dont bring hate”. -durk 😂 good example a hate. Some people heart filled w so much they don’t recognize when its in front of them. Speak like it don’t exist in them. Thats a bad man right there ! Watch the wolves as they act like sheep kids 💯💯💯💯
Deandre Harris

Deandre Harris . 15 hours ago

Then he talks about taking care his niggas and peoples. Bro that’s what u supposed to do.
Deandre Harris

Deandre Harris . 15 hours ago

Like the words he use the shit he say how can u call a killer a nerd. Street niggas DNT even think like that.Durk is really a good boy a lover boy but like I say money and fame turns u into who ever u wanna be. And everything he talks about is pointless. I DNT get these rap niggas. Either u a gangsta or u a rapper.these rappers got these kids confused Asf. That’s why I only fuck with BOOSIE. He’s the realest nigga in this shit. The rest are all characters made up niggas. But you can tell how a person tlk if he’s really like that. I DNT get that vibe frm durk
Deandre Harris

Deandre Harris . 15 hours ago

Bro this whole interview was pointless. Lil durk is the type of nigga dats not really Street bout the money turns you into who ever u wanna be.

Bake . 16 hours ago

Durk wtf did u do to duck, cash and tooka like stfu with that bruh u put hits out just like yb stop the acting mad bc yo twin a pack
Kaon Archibald

Kaon Archibald . 17 hours ago

Von was a killer fr. Dirk need to accept von had karma to pay back fr

India . 17 hours ago

If He’s black balled it’s because he’s an emotional unstable train wreck

India . 17 hours ago

Why is he taking “Full responsibility”😂

India . 17 hours ago

A nerd 😂😂😂😂😂😂

India . 17 hours ago

Durk’s facial expressions kill me.he needed to be a comedian 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kingzofgodawakin . 17 hours ago

Smart mf man got dam
Corey Michae

Corey Michae . 17 hours ago

Does anyone else feel a darkness over this beef that just feels different? I feel like this is all going to come to a devastating head.
Shade Browns

Shade Browns . 18 hours ago

Durkio is a humble gangster ❤️💐💙🙌

KayGeez . 19 hours ago

Yb is a kid to Durk. Im 30+, 32 actually. Durk like 30. A 22-23 year old kid is nothing to bat an eye at. Especially if im rich.
Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper . 19 hours ago

“What he do!?” Bruh Durk u in denial?? King Von death so heavy that you playing dumb?? NBA done checkmate you..part of the crew that killed you boy and then called you out on wax and you say “what he do??” But out of sight out of mind might be real for you but not whenever theirs an audience and fans that SEE and HEAR everything
Malik Covington

Malik Covington . 19 hours ago

Definitely spoke for Chicago
Huncho Smitty

Huncho Smitty . 20 hours ago

Huncho Smitty

Huncho Smitty . 20 hours ago

Durk Is Not Street He Just A City Nigga That Know How To Rap He Keep Sayin "What Youngboy Do?" Nigga What You Gone Do To The Niggas That Killed Von??? Wym
Huncho Smitty

Huncho Smitty . 20 hours ago

DJ akademiks Said "YoungBoy Finna Be Wildin" He Already Know What Time It Is 😂🤣😂🤣

ry🦍 . 21 hours ago

Nah I’m glad durk came out and talked about the situation a little bit more especially from his perspective
Antonio Washington

Antonio Washington . 21 hours ago

durk knew what he was doing the hold time he a smart man

Det313Bashunnitz7 . 22 hours ago

🤣🤣🤣nobody care but u

N.B.K. BIGO . 23 hours ago

For you who don’t know when he said “In Von We Trust” that was a code.
jaelah jazelle

jaelah jazelle . 23 hours ago

How a gangster get killed by a nerd

SweetDiva . 23 hours ago

Can't stand ackdemics cause he's an instigator wanting to stay relevant. Durk is growing up. A true boss.
Anthony dondodda

Anthony dondodda . 23 hours ago

Durk said we blue 🔵 Chicago and Illinois is going straight thru

Pepsii_Cola . 24 hours ago

Durk looks different

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