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Yoda VS King Mickey (Star Wars VS Kingdom Hearts) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 4 months ago

The Force duels the Light as two pint-sized grand masters go head-to-head!

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Comments :

Pinoy BL Page

Pinoy BL Page . 2 days ago

The kindest Death Battle ever? That was beautiful!

Tommy O.T.K.

Tommy O.T.K. . 2 days ago

How the F is that possible???


Kowonski . 2 days ago

A rooster teeth show that featured a character with a sword that’s also a key? And they didn’t make one reference to Tucker?

Daquan Harrison

Daquan Harrison . 2 days ago

16:48 Ultima!

thanos kitsos

thanos kitsos . 3 days ago

Do other characters from kingdom hearts, like aqua or lea

Christian Capati’s Stuff review

Christian Capati’s Stuff review . 4 days ago

This is 100% Accurate (Sorry Owen)

Mason Bissinger

Mason Bissinger . 4 days ago

I hate you i hate mickey too i really wanted yoda to win

Wally Higgens

Wally Higgens . 4 days ago

I'm going to put this in before I watch and I'm only going to base it off knowledge of the corporate overlord Disney. Yoda never stood a chance, especially since Disney is the closest thing to Darthsidious that I know of.


JOSH2625 . 5 days ago


Gween Nichols

Gween Nichols . 6 days ago

Ok but wtf is that key made out of

Alex Giles

Alex Giles . 6 days ago

harrys YOU GET A RAZOR FOR DISCOUNT IF YOU HAVE THE NAME DEATH IN THE CODE DEATH yeeahhhh doesn't sound life threatening at alllll

L Edwards

L Edwards . 7 days ago

I can just about accept Mickey as this almighty magical protector, as long as I don't think about it too hard... until he starts talking. I cannot get over Mickey Mouse's sing song voice in dramatic situations, it's ridiculous.

Zakybhoy 4

Zakybhoy 4 . 7 days ago

This is so civilised and nice battle

Yagskie Yagskie

Yagskie Yagskie . 7 days ago

Does Mickey in Kingdom hearts have a Toon Force?

that one guy 500

that one guy 500 . 1 week ago

More interesting fight would be starkiller. The guy who pulled a star destroyer into orbit using his pure rage.


SciVerse . 1 week ago

The Pandemic has produced some of the most ludicrous match ups 🤦‍♂️


cabrera100 . 1 week ago



MIND NOVA . 1 week ago

Everyone voted for Yoda.

PG3D gaming

PG3D gaming . 1 week ago

So technically this battle was force vs light and force stronger so how could yoda lose they should've did yoda vs meta knight that will be a fair matchup

KJ Setser

KJ Setser . 1 week ago

😨Welp, History Repeats Itself.😆

Tony Goodwin Jr

Tony Goodwin Jr . 1 week ago

"YEN SID"...

The Hood

The Hood . 1 week ago

Yoda continues after death from his mortal body where as Micky is just gone when he meets his end so if you think about it Yoda Did and will outlast him long after the Mouse’s death

Darkminded Ima

Darkminded Ima . 1 week ago

This came unexpected yooooo 😱

Jay Black

Jay Black . 1 week ago

Why make this death battle though. Anyone who's played kingdom hearts know that this isn't really fair. They honestly hyped yoda so he could keep up.

mista nobody

mista nobody . 1 week ago

i dont like to listen to lies. if its a joke ill take it

Lê Trương Minh Đức

Lê Trương Minh Đức . 1 week ago

What if I tell you that Sheldon Cooper voiced Yoda

Imp Salazarth

Imp Salazarth . 2 weeks ago

King Mickey would have won of course, but Gosh I hate the BS they use to justify their victory. Just because Roxas can travel across star systems doesn't mean he can react that fast. And just because a God like Zuse cna command stars to move, also doesn't mean he himself is that strong or that Micky is in anyway comparable.

Nicolas Bolt

Nicolas Bolt . 2 weeks ago

One question Why didn‘t Yoda use mind Tricks?

Magdalena Opačin

Magdalena Opačin . 2 weeks ago

Why is this like a hero defeted a villian.


Rasenguy . 2 weeks ago

Terrible take.


Creul_Satxn . 2 weeks ago

Guys this is KING Mickey stop it with Disney owns star wars jokes plz

Antonio Lugo

Antonio Lugo . 2 weeks ago

Hmmm... Disney literally OWNS Starwars!💯✨😏😼

Daniel Ferrieri

Daniel Ferrieri . 2 weeks ago

Yoda vs Mickey: Disney's Heroes of Light. Saicho (MUC) vs 82 (MUC): Humanity's Robotic Nightmares

Chay Jay

Chay Jay . 2 weeks ago

Being a huge fan of kingdom hearts for literally 17 years, I agree with this outcome. the king is OP but that speed fact was in no way accurate to his actual combat speed.

Ethan Xed Manalo

Ethan Xed Manalo . 2 weeks ago

I only came here today because moonton got successfully collab with the star wars

Shamey boi Smith

Shamey boi Smith . 2 weeks ago

I love how Dante vs Bayonetta stood as the best season premiere by a landslide and this episode kicked it off the mountain

Dowott boy

Dowott boy . 2 weeks ago

"Haha! I own you old man!"

Jay Torres

Jay Torres . 2 weeks ago

Let’s go Mickey I love you I would have cried if he lost


Fxghcfjhbvg . 2 weeks ago

Top 10 anima battle’s

Amy Medina

Amy Medina . 2 weeks ago

Couldnt Mickey just stop time

Garrett Jackson

Garrett Jackson . 2 weeks ago

You I never thought today was responsible for bringing the Jedi into war

Uzume OrangeHeart

Uzume OrangeHeart . 2 weeks ago

It's hilarious and scary to consider that the Kingdom Hearts version of Donald Duck is considered one of the strongest mages in a Square Enix made game. He pulled off Zettaflare, after all (even if he collapsed afterwards), which is considered the strongest spell, even stronger than Ultima, and only one other character has cast it besides him. So by that fact, even Mickey isn't as strong a mage as Donald, yet Mickey is pretty damn strong on his own. ...Kingdom Hearts is just too crazy for its own good-

Legacy」「Tag Plays

Legacy」「Tag Plays . 2 weeks ago

16:59 "Wuh happen?"



youtube kids at 3am


StormySky48 . 2 weeks ago

18:23 don't forget money! After all Mickey owns Yoda's oldest soul and the world of Star wars


StormySky48 . 2 weeks ago

6:53 "they ripped out her sweet Padawan reptilia" What the heck even is a reptilia?


StormySky48 . 2 weeks ago

6:25 peacekeepers have to be able to keep the peace from those who try to take it from the world. because of peacekeepers were only about peace than those who were not about peace could easily overtake them. It's rather obvious if you think about it


DreamDaWabbit . 2 weeks ago

Soooooo did anyone else hear the "wuh happen" at 16:59?

Daniel Pittman

Daniel Pittman . 2 weeks ago

The Disney overlords would never allow Mickey to lose

johnny walker

johnny walker . 2 weeks ago

how bout monitor vs watcher

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