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What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp
Business Insider

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Published on 2 weeks ago

We got an inside look at how the United States Army trains tankers and cavalry scouts during its 22-week One Station Unit Training. Chief video correspondent Graham Flanagan went inside the Armor School in Fort Benning, Georgia, where he observed soldiers at various stages of training.
After completing 10 weeks of basic combat training, soldiers go through 12 more weeks of advanced instruction. Future tankers learn how to drive, fire, and maintain the M1 Abrams battle tank, which has been the Army's primary tank since the Gulf War. Soldiers also learn how to load the tank's ammunition rounds, which range in weight from about 30 to 60 pounds.
Along with tankers, the Armor School trains cavalry scouts, whose mission is to perform reconnaissance and gather intelligence in the field and report to leadership, who may decide to utilize armored weapons and vehicles based on the scouts' reports. Cavalry scouts also train with anti-armor weapons like grenade launchers and rocket launchers.

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What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp

Christopher Jensen

Christopher Jensen . 4 minutes ago

"I'm gonna go ahead and set this down"
11 Bravo

11 Bravo . 2 hours ago

Very Nice
Cobina Lee

Cobina Lee . 2 hours ago

Operated the Beast from 1992 to 2014

19 Kilo Crew
Jake Clark

Jake Clark . 6 hours ago

10:46 soldier almost got their hand caught

Cheecheyez . 7 hours ago

All I kept thinking was javelin tho
Tim Schregardus

Tim Schregardus . 13 hours ago

That no shaving profile is looking pretty sharp
Owen Klein

Owen Klein . 15 hours ago

The girl probably said she doesn’t feel safe because people in a tank never know when an anti tank missile could destroy them. They could be driving and out of nowhere, a javelin missiles destroys them and they immediately die
Charming nowhere to hide

Charming nowhere to hide . 16 hours ago

Joined the military in 1986 and I never regretted it. my MOS was 19K10 but I did so many other jobs as well. Being a "Tanker" was the best job I had.

rEDACTED . 20 hours ago

Fun Fact:
Lieutenant Colonel (later General) George S Patton, was the first officer to be assigned to an armored corps. He later commanded the 3rd Army in WW2
Kreuzritter Gottes

Kreuzritter Gottes . 21 hours ago

when did privates start calling DIs Sir?
Holy shit, id have been fucked up if I did that!

don21 . 22 hours ago

After seeing how the anti tank weapons are destroying tanks in Ukraine I would not choose that speciality if I were in the military.
Peyton Morehead

Peyton Morehead . 1 day ago

I was watching this as a tanker that finished my training last May or so. Surprised to see how much they've already changed small things. My company was the first to visit the armor museum. And it was at the end of our training, which was 27 weeks not 22.
memes togo

memes togo . 1 day ago

Being inside one of those is like having tinitus ( not an injury caused by service )

MILPICS . 1 day ago

Normal Country tanker : I'm going to deploy on borders hell yeaah!

US tankers : I'm will be away from home, may in korea or Europe.

Bobbythefish_gaming . 1 day ago

Idk man professional hide n go seek sounds way more fun imo rather do that than be stuck in a metal coffin
joe lleboo

joe lleboo . 2 days ago

I leave to Fort Benning in August!! Can’t wait to be doing all this.

exactinmidget92 . 2 days ago

god dammit i wish i would of stayed a year or two longer just to get the new dress uniform.
Turbo Chad

Turbo Chad . 2 days ago

Gamers rising up

Eric . 2 days ago

Tank crew in all periods of history have to be some of the humblest people deep inside. They know that the tank offers high protection against small arms but the act of dying in one is still scary AF.
Les Potter

Les Potter . 2 days ago

It is too bad that political correctness insanity overrides the purpose of the military mission. Putting women in a tanker crew is just plain idiocy. No bathroom, intense stress in a battle situation, and, if a crew survives a hit and are taken prisoner, the men are executed and the women used. The common sense facts are denounced only because it goes against political correctness. We are in trouble.

J A . 2 days ago

No one in the beginning said they want to be in a tank because they wanted to protect their country. "Just want to blow sh..up all day"
fouoii gyhh

fouoii gyhh . 2 days ago

for the little time I had.
Marcel the Virginian

Marcel the Virginian . 2 days ago

The narrator is meh, just a kinda stereotypical "I have a deep voice, but don't really say actually informative things" type of narrator you'll find in many current documentaries. The video is most interesting for its footage and hearing the soldiers' commentary
Levis Varela

Levis Varela . 2 days ago

i dont know how they do it now, but BCT its basically the same for everyone, tank goes elsewhere after basic, its all depends where you going, tanks crew are expected to be an infantryman outside a tank and a operator inside one, atleast thats what i was told by a 1SG from the 75th, this is from the old days from went women werent allow in combat operation, women are a distraction, on the work site they are a welcoming distraction, in the field of battle, distractions kills
Jay Sartori

Jay Sartori . 2 days ago

You're here in armor beast and blow shit up!

gvi341984 . 2 days ago

Self loading? This is why m1a1 was a failed over budget project. Even the T64 had a self loader meaning less personal needed

Tezin . 2 days ago

Looks like they finally got their new Pink and Greens uniform. I wish they can just discard the Dress Blues
00 00

00 00 . 2 days ago

US on a purpose collision course....

Funkymusic . 2 days ago

boot camp does not consist of doing what your job will be later in the army that's your AIT. Now some of them are conjoined together but they show no boot camp anything here just the AIT part of the training.
Chirag Gupta

Chirag Gupta . 2 days ago

For some reasons these cavalry scouts seems very respectful of others like taking very professionally and repeated use of "sir" compared to other armed forces.
Sushi Cat YT

Sushi Cat YT . 2 days ago

“Put it on safe knuckle head”
VSean Moody

VSean Moody . 2 days ago

weeeeeeeaaaaak and soft the soldier who shot toward his battles should of got beat up by the instructors then smoked shhhhhhhhhharrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk aaaaattttttaaaaccckkk
Riley Fahl

Riley Fahl . 2 days ago

Not Boot Camp, basic combat training. And it’s not exclusive, you can literally YouTube it. Y’all suck
A Nonymous

A Nonymous . 2 days ago

When will someone realize that remotely controlled tanks is a good idea?
Carl Estepa

Carl Estepa . 2 days ago

Never went to tank boot camp but I stole a tank in Fort Zancudo

Bigsativa . 3 days ago

13:48 dude was not expecting that lol
Greg Swope

Greg Swope . 3 days ago

So which tank is better? M1A2 sep3 abrams or the Germans leopard 2A6? And why is the Abrams main gun a smoothbore? Wouldn’t a rifled bore fair better with accuracy?
Khyle Samuel Kim Melanio

Khyle Samuel Kim Melanio . 3 days ago

"If you ain't Cav, you ain't sh*t"

Boy I love that.
Captain Blackbeard

Captain Blackbeard . 3 days ago

cav scouts dont use a vehicle for recon? im in the process of joining the canadian army, going to armoured corps. our armoured corps is split into 2 groups, tanks and armoured reconnaissance. is cav scouts similar to armoured recce?
Guadalupe Ybarra

Guadalupe Ybarra . 3 days ago

Screw the army
bowen voowy

bowen voowy . 3 days ago

for the little time I had.

Wolfen . 3 days ago

I wanna see you guys get down to suicide sill and look at the artillery school.
Mason Deckshot

Mason Deckshot . 3 days ago

3:24 “Put it on safety knucklehead” 🤣

D M . 3 days ago

Tank gunner here. OG class of 1972!
M60A1....dam long time ago. My only request is the shoot on the move using stabo! That would be awesome!

TooReal . 3 days ago

Call of Duty has been preparing our generation for this.
Mr leaf

Mr leaf . 3 days ago

I like how there are still a bit of rivalry in the USA military.
Il ContraVersi Entertainment

Il ContraVersi Entertainment . 3 days ago

Nice video guys. Im 3 weeks away from graduating OSUT as a 11C and would love to see yall cover mortar training.
Justin's take

Justin's take . 3 days ago

Still POGs

Macintosh99 . 3 days ago

Remember to hold J at the first sign of danger
Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson . 3 days ago

chick's in tanks?
The enemy will have a good time raping her should she become a POW.
Steve patches?
I thought you earned it by finishing Basic and AIT when you arrive at your company.

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