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What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp | Business Insider
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Published on 1 year ago

We got an inside look at how the United States Army trains tankers and cavalry scouts during its 22-week One Station Unit Training. Chief video correspondent Graham Flanagan went inside the Armor School in Fort Benning, Georgia, where he observed soldiers at various stages of training.
After completing 10 weeks of basic combat training, soldiers go through 12 more weeks of advanced instruction. Future tankers learn how to drive, fire, and maintain the M1 Abrams battle tank, which has been the Army's primary tank since the Gulf War. Soldiers also learn how to load the tank's ammunition rounds, which range in weight from about 30 to 60 pounds.
Along with tankers, the Armor School trains cavalry scouts, whose mission is to perform reconnaissance and gather intelligence in the field and report to leadership, who may decide to utilize armored weapons and vehicles based on the scouts' reports. Cavalry scouts also train with anti-armor weapons like grenade launchers and rocket launchers.

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What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp | Business Insider


ThePandaOreo . 2 days ago

Whats the name of the MOS? 91K?

Primitive . 3 days ago

no women in tanks
OG swimSON

OG swimSON . 4 days ago

Learning how to give them away to another country that'll actually use them.

Edeezen . 5 days ago

Wait until they find out what agwash is

terrorist . 2 weeks ago

Nice 🙃

BASED DEPARTMENT . 2 weeks ago

Would It be beneficial for a shorter lean man to be a tanker

ArmyWannaBe . 3 weeks ago

I’m a 13 year old and I have always wanted to be a 19k operator. I proud to say that I think I would do well because of my physical and mental capabilities as well as my research.
nole 89

nole 89 . 3 weeks ago

That constant high pitched sound of that jet engine would drive me nuts. What’s funny about the sabo round is we are finding out via the Ukraine war that we don’t even need it to penetrate the armor of a T-72 or even a T-90 tank. A regular explosive round will do the job. Their armor isn’t nearly as good as what we thought. Today it seems the modern tanks biggest threat isn’t even another tank. It’s the shoulder fired anti tank missile. However, it appears that most armies that have them are allied nations. I have not heard of a Ukrainian tank being knocked out by a Russian shoulder fired anti tank missile. Most Ukrainian tanks are taken out by Russian artillery. We will learn a lot from Ukraines long expected counter offensive this spring and summer. For Ukraine it’s a war but for NATO it’s a class room. We are learning a lot from this war.
Gamer boy

Gamer boy . 3 weeks ago

Armoured corps king of battles.
Edward Reid

Edward Reid . 3 weeks ago

I am 89 years old and still proud to have been an Armor School instructor at Fort Knox in the mid-1950s.

stingercj7 . 4 weeks ago

In Iraq I remember 3 Abrams disasters. The first went off the side of an overpass, the second was pulverized by a massive IED (daisy chain of 152mm artillery rounds) and another turtled into a canal right off the Euphrates River when the levy gave way (drowning the crew).

[redacted] . 4 weeks ago

William Harris

William Harris . 1 month ago

I was in for 28 years starting in 1985 going all the way to 2014. The first 10 years of my career were spent in a tank starting from the M48A5 Patton to the M 60 because I told A3 Patton and then eventually to the M1A1 Abrams in the first gulf war. Those were some of the best times of my career, and even though they were times where the threat of getting killed in a tank was very real, I don’t regret any of the time spent.

The crews I served with were the best, and we knew exactly why we were in our tank, and we all depended upon each other
Uriel Diazbarriga

Uriel Diazbarriga . 1 month ago

Anyone shipping out Monday?

Porto . 1 month ago

Dang, GuP massively underplayed how tanking works, huh.
Infantry Veteran

Infantry Veteran . 2 months ago

As a 11M (mechanized Infantryman veteran), who was around the Abrams constantly, and had a friend as a tanker, I only got to see inside & stuff they don't show anyone only ONCE. I will never talk about the Abrams tanks or what inside looks like, etc.

Respect their privacy for national security reasons.

My opinion
Terrick Hughes

Terrick Hughes . 2 months ago

Fort Knox 95

Noseefood . 2 months ago

13:04 what’s up with ponytail?
Roland Morrison

Roland Morrison . 2 months ago

Tanks are invincible to most infantry and light armored infantry. Unfortunately, they are i7keasy prey for helicopters and aircraft missiles though. Maybe tanks have anti missile defense now. There's still no defense against heavy caliber rapid fire cannon rounds like with the A10.
ali al jobori

ali al jobori . 2 months ago

god bless them
Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman . 2 months ago

Once you wear a black hat
You never go back
Daniel S

Daniel S . 2 months ago

"Us big boys gotta crawl in there" can we get a tape on that guy please.

XdekHckr . 2 months ago

8:20 That's worst part of war, bathroom
Amos de Vries

Amos de Vries . 2 months ago

"Video Games Help"

On my way to go on a 50/0 KDA fr fr

backroomsbot . 2 months ago

as an ex tanker for the US Army, I also rucked in my tanker boots
Wish Bone

Wish Bone . 2 months ago

I went to that same school for a 91A tank mechanic. Echo 1-81.

fancygtr4life . 2 months ago

I'm debating whether or not I wanna be a tanker or go in as a calvary scout
mistersandwich 003

mistersandwich 003 . 2 months ago

“there’s no restroom in the tank”
schewerer gustav, P100 Ratte, Maus: *Are we a joke to you?*
Keesha Lafaye

Keesha Lafaye . 2 months ago

My father was a Tanker in the Gulf War operation Desert Storm. I appreciate this video for giving me a little peek into what my dad did❤TY
Even In Death I Still Serve

Even In Death I Still Serve . 2 months ago

6:38 “is that kind of why?” - reporter
“No sir” - soldier
“K” - reporter
Only a female
way 9

way 9 . 2 months ago

The Abrams tank is one of THE most survivable tank with 0 combat-related fatalities which means the Abrams has never been knocked out in combat since 1979. It's a very safe vehicle but it's still a tank and accidents are prone like engine fires or mechanical failures.

Grzesuav94 . 2 months ago

I know enough about tanks and anti-tank weaponry throughout history to 100% agree with "not feeling safe" in a tank. You may be in an armored box, but nothing is indestructable. And tanks are a high value target on the battlefield, cause they can do a lot of damage.

solidfuel86 . 2 months ago

Blow stuff up? What immature answers. They are gamer kids don't understand war

terryv . 2 months ago

"Boot Camp"? Army?
Willie Stevan

Willie Stevan . 2 months ago

"I'm not good at like sentences and shit... sir"
Dario Perez

Dario Perez . 3 months ago

the master gunner explaining the rounds is a smart guy but very weird!!!! boy do i have some stories about that guy..... HAHAHAH
Khaan Khaidav

Khaan Khaidav . 3 months ago

Did my time and making more than my old captain now 💀

RAGE . 3 months ago

The low key beef between the Cav-Scouts and the Tankers on who is hotter shit is hilarious, tbh.

TheDrAstrov . 3 months ago

And women, or as they are now called in the USA, sit in the tank right on the dry closets, or there is a separate room, so Abnams is as huge as a house 😅

Yazelflech . 3 months ago

Never knew that about those boots at the end, that's really cool
Ell p

Ell p . 3 months ago

Sorry but ANYONE putting there lives on the line for our country should have an income better then any civilian or better yet they should be paid more then these yahoos sitting on there ASS In politics !!!!!
Much respect for our men and women who serve our country!
The Omnissiah

The Omnissiah . 3 months ago

1:02 but Staff Sergeant I'm a PC gamer using mnk 🥲
Lubo Marko

Lubo Marko . 3 months ago

Roccia 👍👍👍
Finn Griggs

Finn Griggs . 3 months ago

I don't care what any calls it. To me it will always be the Freebrums
garren seifert

garren seifert . 3 months ago

Just 22 grand a year ….. that’s 11 bucks an hour that can’t be right
Hà Phạm

Hà Phạm . 3 months ago

Nếu ta cần dựng phim bom tấn thì đây chọn cảnh quay đẹp để nồng gép
Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke . 3 months ago

We are boots on the fuckin' ground with a gun
Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke . 3 months ago

Tankers do not. Infantrymen with guns do. We fight for, win and hold terrtory
Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke . 3 months ago

Light Infantry and Mech Infantry win wars.
Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke . 3 months ago

Too many Cav scouts are fuckin useless.

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