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He Finally Agreed To This… It’s Going To Be Hard
Ryland vlogs

Ryland vlogs

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Eden Armeli

Eden Armeli . 2 hours ago

honestly, i think everything looked so great on Shane!

i know the feeling very well of not feeling comfortable in your own body, but ive been recently trying out some new styles that i never thought would look good on me, and i was pleasantly surprised. i hope after taking some time to warmup, Shane realizes that he looks amazing in all the new clothes!
Alexandra Girardi

Alexandra Girardi . 4 hours ago

Would love to win a LitterRobot buut would be awesome if you could get them to hook you up with a discount code!
Ollie Noel

Ollie Noel . 6 hours ago

I think Shane looks amazing in all of these
Jessica Leser

Jessica Leser . 7 hours ago

I like the jeans, pink hoodie, and pea coat.

Poppy WHITTINGTON-DEVEREUX . 7 hours ago

Hire a professional and see if there's any similarities between what Ryland chose!
Said Dikenson

Said Dikenson . 11 hours ago

Shane knows it, Ryland is really not good a this 😆 ♥️
jennifer bravo

jennifer bravo . 14 hours ago

I think Shane looked so good in the khakis and spongebob shirt
Dakota Cruz

Dakota Cruz . 15 hours ago

I'm sorry...I always thought Shane was hot 🥵 ..p.s love Nickole
Sally NoFace

Sally NoFace . 15 hours ago

I liked look 2 best
bowen voowy

bowen voowy . 15 hours ago

shane so well in my opinion. maybe a black one??

Amber.247 . 17 hours ago

I hope he warms up to this because the outfits look good! Body positivity!! ❤️
Yasmine Jorgensen

Yasmine Jorgensen . 17 hours ago

He looked good in every outfit in my opinion!

abi . 18 hours ago

they remind me of cam and mitchell fr😭😭
Maggie Lynn

Maggie Lynn . 20 hours ago

Has Shane ever tried one of those personalized style box subscriptions? I feel like he would like it.
Nikita Callaghan

Nikita Callaghan . 20 hours ago

Get Shane a professional stylist.
jordan battles

jordan battles . 20 hours ago

The pink sweater actually looks really great on Shane and I loved that first outfit on him.
Tracy York

Tracy York . 20 hours ago

Loved the first outfit - that shirt was hot! Really suited you x
Veronica L

Veronica L . 21 hours ago

Someone call Tan France for Shane!!

I love Shane trying new looks. So cute!

Jessika . 21 hours ago

the pink hoodie and sunglasses were my fave!!!!!!

seasickpirates . 22 hours ago

Unfortunately I have to agree with Shane ryland is not a good stylist
Casey Cauthen

Casey Cauthen . 23 hours ago

I loved #3. It looks great on Shane!
Emily Bourne

Emily Bourne . 1 day ago

outfit 1 jacket is a no go. Love the rest of the look though. Outfit 2 is too over the top. It definitely screams vacation but more Ryland's style than Shane's. Outfit 3 striped sweater is a bit much, cute but much. I definitely see Joey vibes. Pink is not Shane's color. It's his brand the dead pig more than a look for him. The yellow glasses make it look better . Love the Balenciaga pea coat with the green henley though. Definitely screaming dressy casual.

tonknicity . 1 day ago

No, but the first outfit is really nice on Shane. Jeans and green top are so good. It would great with that brown cargo jacket he wore in the store.

cece . 1 day ago

Cheeto is so freaking cute
Stephanie Preston

Stephanie Preston . 2 days ago

I LOVE the first white jacket, the pink sweater and the black peacoat! And all the shoes!
Stefanie D

Stefanie D . 2 days ago

The third outfit is cute af 😻
Tylie DiBene

Tylie DiBene . 2 days ago

Shane!!! 1 and 3 are a yes!
K B D 2586

K B D 2586 . 2 days ago

I think you look great in all the outfits Shane! And you’ve slimmed down a bit too! Looking good. Proud of you for trying new outfits.
You need to fix your posture next. I want a professional posture chiropractor video 😂. Legit whenever I see you I’m like “I WANT TO WALK ON YOUR BACK”. Lol Ryland do it! And Shane exhale when he’s on the middle (but stand w foot perpendicular to the spine).
Actually what am I saying? Just go to a fancy ciro.
My brother was obese when a teen and lost 125 lbs, then was TOO skinny for a year or so, had issues w that, then gained back some weight, then some more, but not a ton… very similar story to Shane, weight-wise… and I stg he had the exact posture until I mercilessly shamed him so he became conscious of it lol.
I’d call him Sniveling Sam Bc his shoulders were curved forward and palms facing backwards (instead of falling at sides) like a chimpanzee. And it reminded me of like a mad scientists assistant curled forward like “y-y-yes sir?” 😂.
I don’t know if it’s a weird posture you develop from being overweight, maybe pressure on bones or something? Then maybe when you’re really skinny it goes away but comes back when you put weight on, or IDK what it is, but I swear to God *nearly every person* alive who was very heavy at one point and then became thin has that exact posture. I can always tell when someone used to be big bc of it. It’s the “major weight loss” posture. And it’s gotta go. You’re a curvy boy but you worked hard and you look great you need a proud posture hahaha

Kidding aside, posture makes an INSANE difference with how you look and your body shape etc.
Stg I started working on my posture bc of all this and I stg ppl treat you differently 😂. They assume you’re confident.
Shoulders back, palms facing sides, chin up.
I feel like at a doctor Shane’s back would crack so much 😂

Katie . 2 days ago

Please hire a stylist! You are a great interior designer but not stylist, and that's okay lol
Marissa M

Marissa M . 2 days ago

Shane is in his head too much. Everyone agrees that he looks great and I just wish he could see it too. We all enjoyed watching him step out of his comfort zone :)

MrBenzedrine . 2 days ago

As a fellow anxiety filled depressionist with body issues, I too have like 2-3 outfits I repeat over and over. No judgement here, Shane!
Hyna Spit

Hyna Spit . 2 days ago

I like the 3rd outfit a lot!
camille michaut

camille michaut . 2 days ago

I would love to see Shane with tan France for a dressing makeover. That would be so cool😎
D Lynn

D Lynn . 2 days ago

I love look 3!!!!!!!
D Lynn

D Lynn . 2 days ago

First look IS SO GOOD
Emily Krahe

Emily Krahe . 2 days ago

I liked all of those on Shane tbh. Everything fit him well

G R . 2 days ago

I just feel like ryland doesn’t know Shane at all .. I feel like I could pick stuff for him so much better!
Destiny Lynn

Destiny Lynn . 2 days ago

Shane you look amazing in bright colors
Brienna Sterzinger

Brienna Sterzinger . 2 days ago

Wow!! Shane looks amazing in the first outfit, but take the Jean jacket off! And the pink sweatshirt looks amazing! I like pink on him!
Meranda Oakes

Meranda Oakes . 2 days ago

Shane flexing his pecks has me rolling
Anna Mikesell

Anna Mikesell . 2 days ago

I actually really like the brown jacket Shane picked out. A great neutral but adds something to the look besides black everything.

Lily . 2 days ago

I love the third outfit so much! The sweater and shoes are definitely keepers.
Alesia Valle

Alesia Valle . 3 days ago

Omg please first outfit is fucking amazing plzzzz wear again

Cassie . 3 days ago

love you both. Ps Shane you look amazing!
Kristen Astrup

Kristen Astrup . 3 days ago

The pea coat was fantastic ❤️

manubeltoft . 3 days ago

And looove the whole outfit with the long jacket ♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏

manubeltoft . 3 days ago

I love outfit 1 (except the jacket), and love outfit 3 and love the pink hoodie on Shane ♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰 My personal opinion is that curvy is sooo much sexier than 6 packs 👏🥰😋 you are rocking it Shane ♥️
Nancy Renoj

Nancy Renoj . 3 days ago

Shane looks sooo good I love !!! Good job Rylan 💙 you guys are definitely relationship goals !!! 🥰🥰🥰
Erika C

Erika C . 3 days ago

I would love to watch a style series from Shane w/ a stylist to help him find clothes. I loved What Not to Wear growing up and so many just want to see Shane happy and confident in his body ❤️

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