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2023 Cadillac Lyriq Might be Underrated!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 8 months ago

I am very impressed with Cadillac's first EV. Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

2023 Cadillac Lyriq: https://geni.us/5v2BBk


TecnamTwin . 15 hours ago

Sure it's cool, but good luck actually getting one. They only built 8,195 of them all last year as compared to more than 747,000 Tesla Model Ys.

Thankfully, the Tesla Model Y isn't absurdly overpriced anymore so the Lyric is a lot more expensive not including dealer "market adjustments."
($47,490 vs $66,690 - AWD)

cinnamonstar808 . 3 days ago

4:12 hmm... no eating taco bell in the car .... bummer
Kristin Chong

Kristin Chong . 6 days ago

Saint Internet.

So ahead of all these kids.

Like bridged so many gaps from tristate to lakes in mars. Like these kids and their morning routines and challenges when you could be breaking meta narrative with mkbhd. Like what other youtuber puts you in the mindset to put effort of learning multilevel gear to even lots of people to be invested in biohack to play a sport for earthling things to the green of quasi astronaut.


MGEV . 2 weeks ago

I'm in love with this car! Damn!
Račko Uroš Pfaifar

Račko Uroš Pfaifar . 2 weeks ago

You can get a renault megane with massage seats
Račko Uroš Pfaifar

Račko Uroš Pfaifar . 2 weeks ago

How do people like these awful lights on a lot new cars they just look shit most of these light bars look shit and fuckup the back end of the cars there are some good exaples od bar lights but it is obvious sthat the car designer have to much options with LED lights that is why a lot of the time they f it up
Robinson Martinez

Robinson Martinez . 2 weeks ago

The Audi etron has been out since 2019 and its probably better built than any of these, you should do a review or comparison on it.
leo ethio

leo ethio . 2 weeks ago

i like your car review but watch car wow mat watson that guy is am zing i hope you will too

Brent . 2 weeks ago

It’s 🔥
Random Tv Stuff #theRealFun

Random Tv Stuff #theRealFun . 3 weeks ago

This actually the best EV till date.

Quality Materials ✅
Design ✅
Functionality ✅
Range ✅
Price ✅

There’s literally no EV on the market better than this car till today in 2023.
Random storm

Random storm . 3 weeks ago

Ay whatsup? Ok. The weirdest intro
Jeff Menzel

Jeff Menzel . 3 weeks ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is not the $60-65k model at all. He mentions 22" wheels which is the highest end Luxury 3 starting at $74k. Unless the 2023 was drastically cheaper, this is quite a bit more than a Tesla Model Y especially after their price drop.
Mark Collins

Mark Collins . 4 weeks ago

The first thing I think of it has a retro rear hatch area like the Jensen Interceptor, but I do agree the package is attractive and price point is surprising.
Daniel Neeley

Daniel Neeley . 4 weeks ago

I had no idea he did car reviews, too
Paul Marganski

Paul Marganski . 4 weeks ago

The screen on the navigation display looks dim/washed out. Also, the screen is very reflective.

rtrhead . 1 month ago

First, this is my next vehicle. That being said, I think the tail end was designed for people who loved the 2014 wagon. What i would like to see is people launching this thing. Side note, does it drift?
שי אבן חיים

שי אבן חיים . 1 month ago

skywell et5
Naph Con

Naph Con . 1 month ago

I love it, but it looks like a spec like this would 75ish now?
Billy Rock

Billy Rock . 1 month ago

Cadillac has sucked since Nixon was president. Not anymore. 👍

Cadillac has always been the unreliable old folks car for grandpas. Younger folks might consider this.

Awesome well done review. Excellent presentation.
Zach Young

Zach Young . 1 month ago

In 15 minutes you've done a better job selling this car than GMs entire ad campaign. The extra regen paddle is so weird, I wish you could just set it to max and leave it.

AnbenK . 1 month ago

it's underrated because you will never get one, 2024 versions are coming out and lyriq 2023 is still not out
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Interesting point. The first hybrid was a car vs a huge truck with plenty of battery space. Make an electric Escalade. Rolls-Royce is going to be all electric.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Tesla, I believe, only manufacturer that offers both FOTA and SOTA OTA. Most others offer just SOTA primarily infomat system
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

340 horsepower 0-60 5.7 seconds. They offer a 500 horsepower version but no 0-60 numbers
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

GM and others thinking of dropping apple play and Google play or offer as monthly subscription. Probably tried paying other companies for their proprietary stuff
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

In summary Tesla offers diversified batteries to better control costs(18650, 2170, 4680, lFP)(legacy primarily one battery type for now, tesla years ahead with its own manufactured superchargers, sales direct to customers, lowest cost fast charging at its charging stations, Both FOTA AND SOTA over the air updates which legacy dreams about, Tesla lower costs to manufacturing, most parts/batteries made on site(controls more supply issues, Tesla abilities to make almost daily changes on its production line, Tesla approaching almost 24/7 fully automated production line, etc. Tesla started when gas was cheap and no tax incentives
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Many of teslas competition bowing out of level 5 driving autonomy as costs are enormous and no business model. Tesla has positioned itself in a better situation. Plus billions of miles on servers. Tesla will be the first out with level 5 once legislation is squared away like liability and who is more important cabin occupant risks vs pedestrians.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Part of a Tesla MSRP builds the private, supercharger level 3 DC fast charger network. Most people do not realize that NON Tesla(PUBLIC) charging stations are mainly SLOW LEVEL 2. Of the PUBLIC level 3 DC fast charger most ONLY 50 kw vs Teslas 120-250 kw. You rarely see a public 100 kw level 3 and super rare to see a 350 kw public charging stations. Tesla navigation software works with its stations to get you in/ out in 15 minutes with 250 miles. Navigation takes care of everything no apps, no credit cards, multiple well maintained safe stalls near nice restaurants with real time availability. Legacy auto leaving charging stations to taxpayers and private so not a good job. forget fast cross country trips with non tesla level 2 charging. Public chargers are poorly maintained and limited. Tesla flys spacecraft. It knows software. It’s a great WHOLE experience. Same with Teslas home wall connect. Tesla is the whole package not half way.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

22 inch rims weigh so much. Stick with 19’s. Plus easier to find tires. I owned a S class with 21 inch. Handled terrible. You could feel that unsprung weight which slowed responsiveness of handling. I hit a pot hole which broke 2 rims and 2 flat tires. Went back to 19’s.
Eugeniu Gaidim

Eugeniu Gaidim . 2 months ago

Dr Dre

Dr Dre . 2 months ago

Tesla gives you a motor, 4 doors, 4 wheels, a tablet and a poor quality build across most of their models. And some people call it a luxury car?
Tesla makes a lot of profit, because the spend less to build and they charge a lot for their logo and brand.
Elijah Fisher

Elijah Fisher . 2 months ago

Why do you keep mentioning the model Y. I've noticed that you frequently equate things back to Teslas, even in other videos, as if they are the standard for electrified cars when Musk even stated he's looking at the major car manufacturers like GM and Ford for consumer interest and future productions. I think you should highlight and review the car for what it is, not for what it isn't.
Apichar Jiratanan

Apichar Jiratanan . 2 months ago

i like american suvs ... but they would be too expensive exported to thailand

BM1977 . 2 months ago

You probably heard this a lot but it’s a pleasure watching u review things :)) smart remark, with just a little humor. I’m sure I’m late to the party here, but just wanted to say- awesome content bud.
Jovy Mac

Jovy Mac . 2 months ago

Looks like a hearse.😊 Cadillac should get younger designers to attract the newer generation EV drivers.
Anirban Dey

Anirban Dey . 2 months ago

the back portion looks like the cars that carry dead people to graveyard.
Unknown User

Unknown User . 2 months ago

American cars look always weird… a bit to much like Asian shit boxes, but small changes and they would look really nice. They should ship more of these to Europe so people atleast don’t buy the Chinese crap
Dan DeMerchant

Dan DeMerchant . 2 months ago

There are parts of this vehicle that do not look as luxurious as the Cadillac brand should be. The trunk area looks like parts bin GM to me. Opening that thin cardboard trunk lid just looks like flat plastic bins out of a Saturn. Like it could have come out of a Chevy. Same with the Lyric text logo and some other interior items like the stalk. The plastic buttons on the dash look really cheap. At least Cadillac is moving away from that disgusting heavy V angles all over the interior. I am agreement with the rear of the car not looking or working well. Wheels are big but the appointments around the wheel look like they have a really low-end presentation. Does not look like luxury and robust quality.
Titus Pullo

Titus Pullo . 2 months ago

IE the rear slope / shape, I feel like it's actually very unique. Most cars have become super feminine / van looking over the 2000's. This thing finally looks like what good design used to look like. I suppose perception will be based on one's age.
Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks . 2 months ago

Ugly, so much to go wrong, and GM poor quality control.
Joe Weisenberger

Joe Weisenberger . 2 months ago

No thanks, It looks like a Hearse!
Tin Castro

Tin Castro . 2 months ago

There are a lot of similarities of the interior to the BMW IX that you just did.

JC . 2 months ago

Annoying inconvenient junk

john74tran . 2 months ago

That is hideous..one of the ugliest caddy I've seen in a long time.

Lucas . 3 months ago

Yeah... it looks underrated because Cadillac has no experience with EVs and let's be honest, that car is too much, too flashy!

ConstanceCox . 3 months ago


CQC223 . 3 months ago

Electric Trash
Bryan Loden

Bryan Loden . 3 months ago

Can the grill lights be turned down or off.

They come off a bit tacky in my eyes, they remind me of a refrigerator we had in the 80s that spoke to you.
chick fil a employee

chick fil a employee . 3 months ago

we get it, you are 6’3 so no need to keep saying that lmao
Jonathan Henry Report

Jonathan Henry Report . 3 months ago

The butt looks great, I like those lines in the rear. it didn't even look like a Cadillac when you first showed the side profile.

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