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Heihachi Mishima Crushes DEATH BATTLE with an Iron Fist!


Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :

Nico Bechthold

Nico Bechthold . 1 month ago

Heihachi is the best mishima

Brady Sneed

Brady Sneed . 2 months ago

day 7803 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

Ameera Gulley

Ameera Gulley . 2 months ago

Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

Zachary Ames

Zachary Ames . 2 months ago

Please do revy vs. jack slate or Rally Vincent (dead to rights retribution, gunsmith cats and black lagoon), shinobu vs. hibari (ninja nonecense and senran kagura),saya vs. kenshin (kenshin ryourin vs. blood c), claymore character vs. ?, harley quinn vs. ?, and ivlis vs. rias gremory (the gray garden and high school dxd). Please reply and like alot pls.


AnonimZim . 2 months ago

Wasn't Heihachi already in DB?

Im Thage

Im Thage . 2 months ago

Anime: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ~ Character: (Rimuru Tempest)

Dustin Barboza

Dustin Barboza . 2 months ago

Kratos versus Thanos what about that

Dont Trust No One

Dont Trust No One . 2 months ago

I'd love to see Heihachi impale Geese on his hair horns if he wins.


MrHousecup . 2 months ago

We're not going to talk about how Great Teacher Onizuka destroyed Heihachi in an arm wrestling match?

Houlden Melville

Houlden Melville . 2 months ago

I want that loser shirt, somebody get me that loser shirt

Tim Kirtland

Tim Kirtland . 2 months ago

Dexter vs. Jimmy Neutron Saitama vs. Popeye Rick Sanchez vs. Hank Pym Starsky and Hutch vs. Sam and Max Gilgamesh vs. Odysseus Jar Jar Binks vs. Lars Barriga or Big the Cat Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama vs. Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro Wiz vs. Boomstick

Jake Etter

Jake Etter . 2 months ago

How about this for the future death battle. Pokemon fakeymon: fans make a pokemon designed to fight a certain death battle character and they show the best ones.

Jake Etter

Jake Etter . 2 months ago

Got some ideas for the next death battle. Halo vs starwars: goes like this, if the jedi turn each member of the covenant into Jedi which species would be the best.

Samado_ Music

Samado_ Music . 2 months ago

Heiachi was the only good guy out of all his family tbh.


saintzeroinfinity . 2 months ago

Wrath vs. pride( full metal alchemist vs. full metal alchemist: brotherhood)

Josh Jones

Josh Jones . 2 months ago

They should add my man Heihachi to Smash bros.

bryan smith

bryan smith . 2 months ago

I don't know much about this geese Howard, however I do know quite a bit about the he hachi Mishima, and I do know he is not a fighter you can easily take down look at how many supernatural creatures he's taking down how many people have tried to kill him and failed including his own son and grandson who both possessed the devil Gene, and don't forget he fought akuma from Street fighter to a standstill that is freaking crazy concerned that akuma is powerful enough to shatter an island with a single punch.


1974Teebone . 2 months ago

Treats male pattern baldness like an extreme sport. My god I will remember that one forever.


Eck0 . 2 months ago

Gen Fu (Dead or Alive) vs Wang Jinrei (Tekken)

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama . 2 months ago

Take one for the team old man.

Pandamelon Entertainment

Pandamelon Entertainment . 2 months ago


Mikiel Sahagun

Mikiel Sahagun . 2 months ago

I think Gees's goose is cooked

King Khozi

King Khozi . 2 months ago

Can you guys do Ben 10 Vs Goku?

Alexander L. Samael

Alexander L. Samael . 2 months ago


Curtis Mize

Curtis Mize . 2 months ago


Diop Hairston

Diop Hairston . 2 months ago

Do elder scroll Skyrim dragonborn versus somebody

Maylen Morales-Lawli

Maylen Morales-Lawli . 2 months ago

Lloyd Garmadon Vs Sunset Shimmer When?

Aidan Edwards

Aidan Edwards . 2 months ago

Here is a Death Battle idea: Sinestro vs Frieza

Itsghostvenom GVC

Itsghostvenom GVC . 2 months ago


Fernando Simão

Fernando Simão . 2 months ago

I'm rooting for Heihachi and I'll try not to be too optimistic. But please remember the opening of Tekken 5. He took 5 Jacks on top of him, then one Jack exploding right on his face, all of that after having fought Jin and being knocked out. The explosion sent him flying god knows where with so much force that he buried a fricking hole on the ground upon impact. He woke up days later with no medical help whatsoever and entered the tournament. If Geese can top that, I give up.

Zay 6991

Zay 6991 . 2 months ago

Anyone can settle this fight on Tekken


Ananta.One.1 . 2 months ago

Heihachi loses 2-8 because he is too easy to side step, compared to the goose. Just side step left and launch.

Jason Finch

Jason Finch . 2 months ago

Hmmmm Eren Yeager vs Megatron or something idk I just wanna see a death battle with Eren lol

cross maximum

cross maximum . 2 months ago

Bruh its over for goose lol


mrfroboto1 . 2 months ago

"He treats male patterned baldness like an extreme sport" That's such a good line.

Master Skywalker

Master Skywalker . 2 months ago

Terrible Father number 2.

Lxst Mxmxry

Lxst Mxmxry . 2 months ago

As a man once said “Just hell sweep lol”


saintsinningsword . 2 months ago

Was almost expecting Hanma Yujiro. Next time I guess...

Lisa Arnold

Lisa Arnold . 2 months ago

Heiachi vs goldar vs by hu shou from beyblade showgun steel

Rambo Jimenez

Rambo Jimenez . 2 months ago

Heihachi all the way

Treil Blaze

Treil Blaze . 2 months ago

Saw the Geese Video first and instantly knew he was fighting Heihachi 🤣🤣 "Lions throw their young off a cliff and raise whichever ones climb back up... If you truly are my son you'll climb back up!"

Slippy Steve

Slippy Steve . 2 months ago

Really be dope of this was 3D animation too

The Gravemind

The Gravemind . 2 months ago

Always fun when they decide on a death battle that I could just DO IN TEKKEN 7

Marco Paulo Corpuz

Marco Paulo Corpuz . 2 months ago

Alex Mercer VS Generator rex pls


Sidereal . 2 months ago

Heihachi wins or we riot!!!!


lidular . 2 months ago

I think heihachi Will win, just because of sheer endurance


NI3 . 2 months ago

They both already exist in the same game albeit Geese is a guest character

Joshua Copeland

Joshua Copeland . 2 months ago

Hard-Soft Style VS Soft-Hard Style! This is brilliant!


lol . 2 months ago

0:51 oh so he has lithium mines too?, that's not very ethical

Amos Maka

Amos Maka . 2 months ago

This man has cheated death, faced off against demons, devils, machines, animals and highly skilled martial artists, etc. All the while doing this *BY HIMSELF!!!* Also mastering ki??!! Say what you want, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore Heihachi's Will to Fight. After all, he IS a King of Iron Fist.

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