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Matt Ramos vs Spencer Lee - 125 lb Semifinals - 2023 NCAA Championship
NCAA Championships

NCAA Championships

Published on 1 week ago

In a monumental upset, Purdue's Matt Ramos defeated Iowa's Spencer Lee in the semifinals of the 2023 NCAA wrestling championships.

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Chubbs77 . 5 hours ago

3:07 "This guy stinks!!" lol
Mike Clary

Mike Clary . 6 hours ago

Ramos got lucky using a desperation move. He then fell flat in the finals against Glory who isn't half the wrestler that Lee is. It was a great upset but the fact he handed us a shameful finals performance makes the win against Lee worthless. Lee is an all-time great who was ahead and tried to nurse out a victory and he got caught. Anyone who ever wrestled has been beaten by an inferior opponent. It was a fluke.
Brotein Bar guy

Brotein Bar guy . 11 hours ago

Go to 3:08 and listen closely
paul nguyen

paul nguyen . 1 day ago

Dam spencer choke twice in high school to be a 4 time state champ and in college to be a 4x national champ, respect to him hes one of the GOATS in wrestling he'll bounce back though

💈#QdAbArBeR💈 . 2 days ago

Joshua Lovo-Morales

Joshua Lovo-Morales . 3 days ago

Love to see a minority beat the majority

MurcoL . 3 days ago

Gator roll will do that
Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko . 3 days ago

OK, don’t everyone beat me up at once. I was watching the championships two weeks ago and my son made a comment that struck me as interesting. Wrestling is the only sport where every single person seems educated, intelligent, and sharp. Let’s face it, when I watch an interview after a college football or basketball game I can barely understand half the players in the way they talk. I simply can’t understand them. They do not speak good English at all. Wrestling, everyone sounds so intelligent and speaks so well. You can yell and scream at me all you all want, but you know Damn well I’m right.
Yo Smile

Yo Smile . 3 days ago

😋🤯🤯🤯 congrats to matt ramos is history better over spencer

moxie . 3 days ago

congrats ramos you kingslayer!!!

bippitybappity . 3 days ago

People overhype Lee so much lol

GreatVids . 4 days ago

Still insane a week later

RealDeal . 4 days ago

i thot spencer lee graduated????
Jon McClane

Jon McClane . 4 days ago

Not a watcher of Wrestling but is the dude on the microphone a normal thing now? It was kind of cringe.
Benjamin Kok

Benjamin Kok . 4 days ago

What’s Fred from Spongebob doing there??
Jason Todd

Jason Todd . 4 days ago

One of the dudes was very excited to be there LOL!

Mikeloven420 . 4 days ago

I know absolutely nothing about wresting but that escape was so smoooth!!!! And it set him up for the win? Crazy good match.

ChronicGainz . 4 days ago

With literally 1 second on the clock. Damn

Yankeesny . 4 days ago

Spenser lee didn't take the match seriously that's why he lost
Nate One

Nate One . 4 days ago

For one of the worst beats at least Spencer shook hand's before going off Mat and the other dude was celebrating pretty hard and it's different than highschool you have to stay on the mat to have your hand raised
keeping sweaty wraith name alive

keeping sweaty wraith name alive . 4 days ago

Who yelled “this guy stinks” prolly some overweight junky
La Sleej

La Sleej . 4 days ago

He almost caught him a couple times. Olympic style wrestling dominates folk style just like Vito
La Sleej

La Sleej . 4 days ago

He rolled through while being chest pinched wit only one arm . Ramos must be a killer in Greco or have heavyweight upper body strength
La Sleej

La Sleej . 4 days ago

I feel bad for spencer had a guy on my team . He wrestled longer than the whole team end up taking 2nd 3x at state n the last year every one won but him he got 2nd again it was heart breaking to a guy he beat before
Doug Gardner

Doug Gardner . 4 days ago

Everything went just right for Ramos to pull out the win but I can guarantee you that if they could wrestle another 10 times Spencer wins all of them. Not taking anything away from Ramos because I think he wanted it more that day and Spencer looked Not interested like he could just show up and win. Spencer pinned him the last time they met so he was way over confident. I wish Ramos would have shown up to his championship match with the same go for it attitude he might have been National Champ.
Rich B

Rich B . 4 days ago

Amazing. A fall with 1 second left. Ramos would have won 11 to 8 if the fall had not been called. Sad that Spencer didn't get his 4th title. Besides his wrestling, he's such a great humble guy and liked by all. Kudo's to Ramos though for pulling it off with his Greco expertise.

Jay-O . 5 days ago

This upset was so big Jimmy Kimmel talked about it. No media ever talks about wrestling.
Jay Prum

Jay Prum . 5 days ago

James Reed

James Reed . 5 days ago

Straight up like my final match back in the day... I even hit the gator roll to get the pojhts and pin win but they didn't count ot properly, gave me the nearfall 3 instead of 5 and didn't count the pin though he was flat on the back pinned and couldn't wiggle an inch... this match is like the opposite reality I swear
James Reed

James Reed . 5 days ago

I have a mega question here, iowa bred wrestler here but at 4:12 how was Lee not called to get pinnes??? His shoulders were flat in the mat fir a decent amount of time, yeah I understand people are looking at the tilt points, but he had his shoulder flat, he pinned himself, and I've post a couple matches doing exactly that... sooo at thus high caliber match how has nobody seen that ir called it out? Yeah I understand Ramos win by pin at the very lady second end, but should been ended earlier... and I de been in this exact t scenario, the underdog, I had the pin, wasn't looked at but the near fall points, that sent us into overtime, which in ot2 I lost, couldn't rude hime out, after a 10 minute break fir the coaches to debate if I had him or nog... and in the locker room after the match my opponent that ended up getting the won told me I had him, I had him pinned and won and they screwed me, and decade later run 8nto him and he says the sane thing... f ING favoritism in referees... and sport... I was screwed

DamiensTheRegicide . 5 days ago

3:23 disc shows red. Ramos defers. Lee chooses top.

JitarPlayinVidjas . 5 days ago

Andres Trevino

Andres Trevino . 5 days ago

Sounds clip at 3:06

schloughed . 6 days ago

This guy stinks at 3:08

cc . 6 days ago

Spencer lee tends to behave like a spoiled little punk ass child throughout his career. He deserved this loss, dude is such a little bitch

boi . 6 days ago

Remember earlier this season when Lee pushed off of that dudes face when he got up. Karma is crazy for this one.

M A J O R . 6 days ago


HBP . 6 days ago

No one gonna mention the coach challenging the take down in the 3rd resulted in his loss?
Alec Orr

Alec Orr . 6 days ago

Does anyone think that the 2 point near fall awarded to Ramos in the 1st period was a questionable call by the ref? I mean he hardly had control it seemed...I only wrestled and never was a ref so let me know what you all think
Colin Berry

Colin Berry . 6 days ago

Wow you hear coaches of the sport talk about "character building" all the time & god damn does this drama epitomize it. This match and Spencer Lee's journey reminded me of all the highs and lows and humility of this crazy amazing beautiful sport. The older you get the more you understand the greatness of this sport. It's sad for Lee but damn thank you Spencer for helping all of us fall in love with this sport all over again. That was the most dramatic & exciting television I've seen in years. I was shook!
kieth? olson

kieth? olson . 6 days ago

Can't help but see his pulling out as an excuse and a sign of weakness. Knees or not, finish what you started. You mean to tell me he would have bailed if he had won? Yeah, right!
In all other sports, they say it's a game. But I guess when it's all you do, it's life and death. His mom😂
Will Bross

Will Bross . 6 days ago

Did anyone notice at 3:06 someone scream “this guy stinks!” 🤣
Caulk King

Caulk King . 6 days ago

3:08 someone yelled “this guy stinks” lol
Caulk King

Caulk King . 6 days ago

He loses then forfeits every match after lol no class ego too big
Justin Butler

Justin Butler . 6 days ago

Only to get shit on in the finals hahahaha
Mr D

Mr D . 6 days ago

Beating Spencer Lee was Ramos national championship 🏆. He will win a national championship next year.
J Mears

J Mears . 6 days ago

I wonder how it would have gone without the challenge....
John Smith

John Smith . 6 days ago

Biggest upset since Gable and Owings? Spencer had 5 college losses coming into his semi match and has been stuck before. He looked vulnerable on multiple occasions this year including to Ramos. Yianna had lost once in the last ten seconds of a match his freshman year before he lost to Gomez this year. Yianni's loss to Gomez was a much bigger shock to me. As good as Lee is, Yianni is a better overall wrestler. I don't understand why some try to make Lee bigger than life. One of the best...yes. Another Cael or Gable....no.
nieooj gotoy

nieooj gotoy . 6 days ago

My name is Rob Rohn from Lehigh. I won a NCAA championship in wrestling. Some consider it the greatest upset win in NCAA wrestling history. I will tell you right now, this one
Johnny Cowden

Johnny Cowden . 6 days ago

If Lee had won the match against Ramos would he have forfeited the final due to medical, probably not. It wouldn't have mattered, Glory would have beaten him anyways.

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