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quarantine with me. *fighting with my ex, our new puppy + a LOT more*
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 7 months ago


MY CHARITY ORGANIZATION/COVID RELIEF FUND:https://theelevenelevenproject.com/

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GETTING KYLIE JENNER BUTT SHOTS: https://d-yt.com/watch/z9eXPVs6cek
CHAOTIC QUARANTINE CHILI’S MUKBANG: https://d-yt.com/watch/n7UnR02sk9U

Filmed & Edited by: Ieuan Thomas (https://bit.ly/2X6b2ca) & Tana Mongeau

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MY MOST RECENT MUSIC VIDEO...: https://goo.gl/sP3fpG


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my social media:

twitter: https://goo.gl/XPzcWm
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business inquiries ONLY: [email protected]


Comments :

Cloutless Mouse

Cloutless Mouse . 7 months ago

“We have nail supplies” *shows an empty table with a bottle of Sriracha*
Allie Buffy and frogs

Allie Buffy and frogs . 3 days ago

My besfiren forced me watch her and now I’m low-key obsessed
Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera . 5 days ago

Tana in this video looks so beautiful
Lacey Hogue

Lacey Hogue . 7 days ago

Uhm is no one going to mention the fact she said the state of Los Angeles
Ashlyn Thompson

Ashlyn Thompson . 2 weeks ago

15:25 are we not gonna talk about amaris long ass toe nails 😳
Magdalena Kokott

Magdalena Kokott . 2 weeks ago

what's the name of the song 8:58?????
Delena4ever #TVD

Delena4ever #TVD . 2 weeks ago

i’ve said it a million times and i’ll keep saying it, i will always stand by Tana bc she is fucking REAL. like if she does something bad she’ll say it. if she’s doing something for money, she’ll say it. if something like her hair, lips, ass or nails are fake, she’ll be open about it. like idk why y’all hate on her so much this is just her life and she’s just being real. if you don’t like her, or agree with the things she does, stfu and go pay attention to something you like?

E T . 2 weeks ago

That’s kians and jcs old house 🤠

E T . 2 weeks ago

I can never perfect my pancakes they all taste shit how tf did she do it
Sim Poole

Sim Poole . 2 weeks ago

is this the dog that she gave a skin disease and gave away immediately?? somebody call PETA
Ella Morgan Edgar

Ella Morgan Edgar . 2 weeks ago

How do you think I feel 😂 I was Tana’s colour at the start of quarantine then my roots grew out and now I’ve just got this weird looking ombre 😂
Nicole Loca

Nicole Loca . 3 weeks ago

Why is tana such a vibe right now ?! Living her best life and i am here for it !
Micheladaaa G

Micheladaaa G . 3 weeks ago

You meant tatcha dewy moisturizer
C Donovan

C Donovan . 3 weeks ago

State of Los Angeles

Lalhumhimi . 1 month ago

I am living for this hair💕

Bluebird. . 1 month ago

Natural Tana izz cute

Byahernandezz . 1 month ago

I’ve never felt anyone more than when she was talking about some people have better blackheads than other lmaoooooo
Lamiya Owens

Lamiya Owens . 1 month ago

Why isn’t it tana paul
karli rice

karli rice . 1 month ago

“ omg wifey” not but 2 seconds before “the bane of my ex husband”
Elizabeth Barbee

Elizabeth Barbee . 1 month ago

Tatcha dewy skin cream 😉
Ayana Watson

Ayana Watson . 1 month ago

you beautiful bitchhh
Khan Akram

Khan Akram . 1 month ago

winndee wonderland

winndee wonderland . 1 month ago

Hmmmmm.....🤔🤔🤔 Doesn’t sleep much right? Sounds like Meth maybe playing a part in this???? Literally 5:13 “because I’m a tweeker!” YAH......NO DUH! I already clocked you!
Laura Woomer

Laura Woomer . 2 months ago

i miss this style of vlog:/
Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith . 2 months ago

The way amari says “ do it again, do it again “ lmfaoooo his voice 🤣🤣
Christopher Varela

Christopher Varela . 2 months ago

Who the hell watches her videos... so cringe
Dave Saunders

Dave Saunders . 2 months ago

You are soooooo white, literally.
Grace Brockmann

Grace Brockmann . 2 months ago

the state of Los Angeles😎

misssnicole . 2 months ago

Honestly I think you look more beautiful than ever lately, the natural look definitely suits you
صلاح عباس عباس

صلاح عباس عباس . 2 months ago

روعه حلوووه للغايه
Alyssa Walter

Alyssa Walter . 2 months ago

The state of Los Angeles
Rychael Rose

Rychael Rose . 2 months ago

Everyone sits in the showwwweer aha love u tana
Hannah B

Hannah B . 2 months ago

Shit and I use to think jake Paul was the ass hole for breaking ur heart aww how insensitive of me😭😭idk who could ever love u
Zaim Sofia

Zaim Sofia . 2 months ago

Damnnn u look fucking good without extensions
Iam Christeen

Iam Christeen . 2 months ago

not gunna lie...I'm SUPER LATE on watching your videos (almost like your always super late at uploading videos frequently 😉😘) but HONEY your face has cleared up so beautifully and we the children aka Your Fans would lovvvvvvveeeee an updated Skin Care Routine!!!! Your still gorgeous with or without pimples but just thought I'd let ya know your faces is literally the faces of a babies ass!!
Christina Manweiler

Christina Manweiler . 2 months ago

Seriously Omari's toe nails though.
Kamille Gordy

Kamille Gordy . 2 months ago

pancakes look good doe
Kamille Gordy

Kamille Gordy . 2 months ago

yo did she just do a line ?
dénise projectone

dénise projectone . 2 months ago

isn’t this guy the junkie ex from bella thorne ?
j q

j q . 2 months ago

tanas repeated laugh when irmani had the airpod pros on

Zariii . 2 months ago

18:23 tana literally looks so innocent and im absolutely living for wavy hair tana
karan Jagdish

karan Jagdish . 2 months ago

Elyas Mehdar

Elyas Mehdar . 2 months ago

state of LA?
Mikayla Ehrsam

Mikayla Ehrsam . 2 months ago

Never leaving your house again welll that lasted like 2 weeks lmao
Man Hat

Man Hat . 2 months ago

xnet tius

xnet tius . 2 months ago

shana marie

shana marie . 2 months ago

bruuuuuuuhhhhhhhh i totallyyyy feels you when you said you aint understand the whole shower hygiene shit cause thats so me right now!!! but tana you've came so far and I'm so proud of you are definitely someone I look up to right now in this dark time in my life so thank you !!!
Christi Martel

Christi Martel . 2 months ago

“The state of Los Angeles” LA isn’t a state babe
PATRON Andress

PATRON Andress . 2 months ago

Je t'aime

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