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ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)


Published on 2 weeks ago

ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)


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MelOn kko.to/yBIq-NQDo
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Spotify http://open.spotify.com/album/1PKhKkeCqANY5E9RGcUWUX

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Comments :

•Zeynep Su

•Zeynep Su . 1 hour ago

Lia'yı türklere benzetiyorum birazcık bana benziyor gözleri falan da çok çekik değil ya o yüzden böyle düşünüyor olabilirim
Thikra Majali

Thikra Majali . 1 hour ago

احلا اغنيه ليهم استمران😊😊😊

Isabelle . 1 hour ago

Ree 7

Ree 7 . 1 hour ago

If the camera stop moving it will more fun to watch.
shawn johnson

shawn johnson . 1 hour ago

my knees dear god

Coldmir . 3 hours ago

excuse me but Chaeryeong?? is so?? beautiful and talented?? y'all are sleeping

eu,Kushina . 4 hours ago

The “steal, steal, steal” part is so captivating, I keep repeating it all the time.
Vanesa Huamani

Vanesa Huamani . 4 hours ago

Buse ve Rüya'nın Hayal Dünyası

Buse ve Rüya'nın Hayal Dünyası . 4 hours ago

türk yorum arayanlar burda mı türk yorumunuz burda video müq bb
Anagha Rajan

Anagha Rajan . 4 hours ago

ot5 fans 👇👇
Quỳnh Hương Phạm

Quỳnh Hương Phạm . 5 hours ago

Hello guys! We are ArTeam Dance from Vietnam. Hope you guys watching our dance cover video of “마.피.아 In the morning" here: https://youtu.be/b7J3Dk510LM

jyuli . 5 hours ago

They are best dancer
goro adachi

goro adachi . 5 hours ago


Isabelle . 5 hours ago

Y/N in every Fan Fics

Y/N in every Fan Fics . 6 hours ago

Yeji,Ryujin,Lia, Chaeryoung and Yuna There chrisma is on another level😩 I'm 0t7 stop bias wrecking me 😞 Also I heard that Yeji's fancam got reported because of 0t7 stans she got hated by her own fandom I'm really sorry Yeji you deserve better

Anfisa . 7 hours ago

Yiağğ tm anlıyorum antisiniz de bari kendi kendinize olun niye ya niye dislike atıyorsunuz izlerken bile moralim bozuluyor!!..
Psng Kamchi

Psng Kamchi . 8 hours ago

I'm freaking confuse where to keep my eye on while everyone is slay it
tri utami

tri utami . 8 hours ago

Itzyy you look tired :( plis rest
Nrsyzwanidah mslan

Nrsyzwanidah mslan . 8 hours ago

Even just practice dance but still trending for music... Slayed girls
anne kai

anne kai . 8 hours ago

ri ding ding ding my fav part
Nikki Esmeralda

Nikki Esmeralda . 9 hours ago

ITZY: Monster Rookies before, now Queens/leaders of 4th Gen in a span of 2 years! - Rookie of the Year at the 34th Golden Disc Awards 2020 - Best New Female artist at the 2019 Melon Music Awards - Best New Female artist at 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards - Best New artist award at SMA.. and basically most new artist/rookie award! - Next Leader & Best Performer at Fact Music Awards. - Digital Bonsang Award, GDA 2020 = 21 Award show wins, 62 nominations - 39 music show wins.. and counting! - fastest girl group to achieve their first music show win(6 days) = Most viewed 4th Gen group in YouTube - fastest to reach 300M YT views in 4th Gen - fastest girl group to achieve a show win(3 days tracking) - Billboard #148 (only 3rd group from 4th Gen); #1 US heatseekers album chart - All albums landed on top 3 (two #1s) in Korea charts = Almost 1million album total album sales!!! - Most viewed video of all time in StudioChoom - Most viewed dance practice video for 4th Gen - Most viewed Kpop Group video of 2021(as of May 17,2020) - Most streamed 4th Gen Gg on Spotify - 5M YouTube subs(most for 4th Gen GG) - 5.3M monthly listeners on Spotify And so many too mention! #ITZYnoLimit
Uma garota comum

Uma garota comum . 9 hours ago

The hair: ⬅️➡️🔽🔼◀️⏬⏫⏪⏩⬅️➡️🔼🔼⏬⏫⏩⏬◀️🔽⬆️⬇️↗️↙️↖️↕️↔️↪️↩️⤴️⤵️🔀🔂🔄🔃
Aiur Rezz Macalisang

Aiur Rezz Macalisang . 9 hours ago

Ryujin the best
Regina Hanna

Regina Hanna . 9 hours ago

lets be honest, its all good nothing miss unless the camera/ screen movement :(
titi kamalya

titi kamalya . 9 hours ago

Ryujin yeji😭💗

s . 9 hours ago

I just noticed that their hair is literally an ombre. Ryujin - blonde Yeji - medium orange Chaeryoung - darker orange Lia - brown Yuna - black
Julia Rodrigues

Julia Rodrigues . 9 hours ago

Trung Quốc

Trung Quốc . 10 hours ago

sunday melody

sunday melody . 10 hours ago

Can't stop looking at Yuna
sunday melody

sunday melody . 10 hours ago

Ryujin charisma🔥
sunday melody

sunday melody . 10 hours ago

Chaer&Yeji are really great main dancer
anan bacın 31

anan bacın 31 . 10 hours ago

dislike atanlar hangi kafayı yaşıyo acaba
dd dd

dd dd . 10 hours ago

lia trying hard
Eylül Doğa

Eylül Doğa . 10 hours ago

I love you YunA🥰

JOY SHIE . 10 hours ago

Lia 😍
Chelsea Andco

Chelsea Andco . 11 hours ago

They are better than other girl groups through dancing
Jo Ji

Jo Ji . 11 hours ago

2:35 Love that part!
Teudoongie Nabongs

Teudoongie Nabongs . 11 hours ago

They have the best stage presence FIGHT ME
Zaara Khan XII-E

Zaara Khan XII-E . 12 hours ago

Yeji and Ryujin's expression when they do Im The Mafia step😳🛐

ITZY QUEENS . 12 hours ago


ITZY QUEENS . 12 hours ago

Abad Diana

Abad Diana . 12 hours ago

Yuna's part is so addicting 💕
syarifah awaliah

syarifah awaliah . 12 hours ago

the next Blackpink
Lila Kim

Lila Kim . 12 hours ago

Speed up the video x2 video rap mafia
Aulia Ayu Andini

Aulia Ayu Andini . 13 hours ago

Omg!! Like mafia!! <3333
Bhella Mutiara

Bhella Mutiara . 13 hours ago

Yeji is the best! She is a leader who doubles as a rapper, vocalist and main dancer. She is very talented and also very beautiful❤️
Army BTS

Army BTS . 14 hours ago

Ya bu kameraman neyin kafasını yaşıyo
My Candys

My Candys . 14 hours ago

اتزي وي لووف يووو

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