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Published on 1 week ago

If you support comedy and free speech, buy The HAIYAA Special, dropping June 4th: https://www.moment.co/mrnigelng


mrnigelng . 1 week ago

Uncle Roger social credit score -999
Support Uncle Roger, buy the HAIYAA special now: https://www.moment.co/mrnigelng
Devin Ledesma

Devin Ledesma . 7 minutes ago

I’m surprised they didn’t praise you for the not a real country joke
Yumi Y

Yumi Y . 10 minutes ago

我不觉得你说什么了呀😅 为什么封杀 搞懂

陳威威 . 23 minutes ago

There’s no June 4th in China. Insulting again 😂😂😂

BrightFrost . 24 minutes ago

Respect is a common sense.

RJ . 33 minutes ago

Even the Taiwanese celebrities are very careful what they say about the government. Either way I’d still become Uncle Rogers next ex-wife! That sexy orange polo!

天佑民安 . 50 minutes ago


Lesevesel . 1 hour ago

The Commies in China are as sensitive as their genitalially confused counterparts here in the States. Shameful.

Nexus6 . 1 hour ago

At least you're not begging for forgiveness like that Money-Whore John Cena

JSS . 2 hours ago

0:36 💯
Cassiboy Adelbai

Cassiboy Adelbai . 3 hours ago

Wait...... what happened to the sliced green onion??? HAIYAH
Jimmy Bowling

Jimmy Bowling . 3 hours ago

We need to see Auntie Evelyn again.
YN Nee

YN Nee . 3 hours ago

June 4= 6/4
Great job Uncle roger !
Sakura shirakawa

Sakura shirakawa . 3 hours ago

OH NO!! Now you can't tour to Mainland China!!!! However will you survive?? It isn't as if you are beloved all over the world and people would literally line up to see you perform.

Who would have ever guessed that "Haiyahhh" and "Emotional Damage" Would have become international catchphrases and heralded in the crowing of two great kings of Asian comedy. I am so proud of you.
Lawrence Grace

Lawrence Grace . 4 hours ago

Poor Uncle Roger. Rap Battle: Uncle Roger vs The World. 😢😅
You're great and respected in Lima , OH! 🍚
Account Deleted

Account Deleted . 4 hours ago

Definitely buying this. Uncle Roger is a treasure of Planet Earth
Junko Natsumizaka

Junko Natsumizaka . 4 hours ago

Goodness that's so stupid. It's comedy. It's a joke.
Austin Yang

Austin Yang . 4 hours ago

0:12 this emotion lol
H Woods

H Woods . 4 hours ago


trigunvash10110 . 4 hours ago

this can only mean one thing, taiwan is a real country

4mp3d . 5 hours ago

I stand with Uncle Roger
phong Wong

phong Wong . 6 hours ago

Shut up bro… you didn’t even have this same energy when you collaborated with MikeC.
Thanzeem Rawther

Thanzeem Rawther . 6 hours ago

LOL I watched this show live in Toronto. We were like OMGGGG THIS GUY IS GONNA GET IN TROUBLE FOR SAYING THAT...We all were in orange polo shirts haha, and sat 2 rows behind the Chinese boys he was pointing at!! Imagine my surprise when he actually did get cancelled for it!! Oh well, free publicity Uncle Roger!! now everyone wants you cos China doesnt hahaa!!

CallmeJeff . 6 hours ago

Free Uncle Roger
Saltine Bae

Saltine Bae . 7 hours ago

American dad?
Artists of Lisbon

Artists of Lisbon . 7 hours ago

Bro, keep going!!! 😂😂😂

S A . 7 hours ago

Uncle Roger where do we submit our q:a? Niece here wants to know if Uncle Roger asian why his name white people haiyaaah.

notytgames . 8 hours ago

LMAO uncle roger be like : "canceled? okay. hello niece and nephew uncle roger got canceled for talking too much shit but you must watch the HAIYA show go buy the tickets now :D"
everyone: of course uncle roger.
Jack Black

Jack Black . 8 hours ago

I support free speech, but also, consequences for your actions.
Talk shit = get hit.
Henry Siegertsz

Henry Siegertsz . 8 hours ago

YT Cucking for the CCP! I'll buy it not because I like you, I do, but it's the principle of the thing!
Dharc Charmer

Dharc Charmer . 8 hours ago

I love that he's still sitting on Jaime Oliver
Hegemoner Smith

Hegemoner Smith . 8 hours ago

Well it’s true. Taiwan is NOT a real country, is it?Just look up the facts on this.
And China IS a good country. Certainly compared with the likes of Malaysia, the UK or the US.
Tang Zongyuan

Tang Zongyuan . 8 hours ago

I'm from Shanghai and I think this suspension is totally rediculous. I'm not a critic of CPC government, but this absolutely disgusting.

GenesisOne . 9 hours ago

I think getting banned is a good thing. We need more people talking shit about CCP so the entire world can all get banned from China.
Clay Gross

Clay Gross . 9 hours ago

We need a "I'll send you to Jesus" shirt 😅
sao258 chuan

sao258 chuan . 9 hours ago

The government didn't ban you, just some social network patents banned you. Meanwhile, some other social network patents didn't ban you. This is not a government action. If it is a government action, the Chinese Internet will not be able to search for any information about you except the reason why you were banned.

TheGent . 10 hours ago

Man you and Lewis spears know hot upset entire communities of people, you two should get together.
Patrick Daniels

Patrick Daniels . 10 hours ago

I like it when you talk so much sit!

Skylar . 10 hours ago

Sorry Uncle Roger but that Social Credit Score needs to go up before I can, once it gets there… theeeeennn we’ll see what’s up.
Ching Ching

Ching Ching . 10 hours ago

Ty Goldizen

Ty Goldizen . 11 hours ago

Cancel? No hiyaaaaa promotion instead!
Kanobin Troll

Kanobin Troll . 11 hours ago

I love this dude LMAO
Leila Veera

Leila Veera . 11 hours ago

Uncle Roger fucked up

目男㋱㋱面 . 12 hours ago

The sub 'woos in sovereignty' is why you are being cancelled in mainland. This is a political statement, not a joke. You won't say N-word in US right? Be nice don't be jackass.
Kevin Dawn Su

Kevin Dawn Su . 12 hours ago

the Taiwan joke really got me in the face XD

love from Taiwan~

生田マヨネーズ . 12 hours ago

Well, as a Chinese, I thought uncle Roger said something really terrible at the beginning, then i found out it was just a little, what da hail is going on
Andrius Dzidolikas

Andrius Dzidolikas . 12 hours ago

Putin is still up for debate fuuyyya 😂😂😂

Dumbassery . 13 hours ago

as a person who grew up in taiwan, i can confirm that we do not exist.

Rantaro . 14 hours ago


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