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There's an alien IN MY HOUSE!


Published on 1 week ago

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This Episode ►
A group of teen aliens must take a detour when one of them discovers how delicious human snack-food is. 3D Character Effects done primarily with the use of WonderDynamics https://wonderdynamics.com/

Created by Peter France
Produced by Jordan Coleman

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Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp . 49 minutes ago

Lol the human reflections in the painting/pclicture frames in the hallway. Great work overall!
Nandan Manoharan

Nandan Manoharan . 6 hours ago

thye have panko is my favourite line from now on

CallousCoder . 6 hours ago

Damn the outside compositing is so so soooo good!
Amit BT

Amit BT . 13 hours ago

The RPG Empire

The RPG Empire . 14 hours ago

Mind blown great job @peterfrance

Fleischkopf . 16 hours ago

that tool ist just sick

Helpyourself . 18 hours ago

This was amazing to watch for the first time and the 99999th time!
Bruno Lobregat

Bruno Lobregat . 21 hours ago

Amazing project
My Little Parody

My Little Parody . 22 hours ago

For a (very dense) week of work, the result is amazing!
Thank you so much!
Ben Robke

Ben Robke . 1 day ago

This is a neat experiment, but it looks like shit lol. Animators don’t seek to perfectly recreate human movements (not that that’s what’s happening here), because that doesn’t look good lol. It’s all about exaggeration
Andrew Ramirez

Andrew Ramirez . 1 day ago

I'm curious what the blurred-out spot in 2:11 was?

runework . 1 day ago

No way I knew about the Corridor Crew channel, but only found this one out now.. What?!?!

GFXHermit . 1 day ago


INANIS EXE . 1 day ago

2:58 reflections in images on wall XD I know He had to do it in week, just saying

Fwaankie . 1 day ago

Something about this makes me nauseous
Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken . 1 day ago

I would watch a whole movie or series of this. No even about the cgi, but the characters are extremely interesting and brilliantly performed, and the story is extremely entertaining and engaging. Brillian all round

Force STATUS . 1 day ago

Funny as story. Got me hooked 🪝 early & had to say till the end to see what happened.
Very impressive first pass with little or no iteration.
Can only imagine what’s to come with bigger crews, more dev & a team of artists 👩🏽‍🎨 artists 👨‍🎨 artists 🧑‍🎨…
Looks like corridor already coordination down pat.
Well done team
Malachi Lai

Malachi Lai . 1 day ago

VIVE Mars CamTrack

SOAI . 1 day ago

Managers: Surely AI will never replace us!?
nigel fenlon

nigel fenlon . 1 day ago

Outstanding totally jaw dropping

Gino . 1 day ago

Bro! We have been talking for AGES about how AI used right will speed up production, increase the quantity and quality of output, and give us TIME. Whatever field we are in, adapt and make yourself relevant if you need to
Sarthak Chodnekar

Sarthak Chodnekar . 1 day ago

Dennis Herold

Dennis Herold . 1 day ago

Absolutely great! In a week, wow. I do think some shots could have been locked off. Amazing stuff!
Max Hartford

Max Hartford . 1 day ago

this is amazing, and the the potential for this technology is endless. really incredible work. As someone who is driven to do everything for myself, often to the detriment of my workflow, I ironically see this type of technology as an unusual threat. As it stands the necessity of human interoperability drives people to cooperate. I have to wonder if anyone would have ever worked with Phil Tibbet in a world where they could have asked an AI to animate some monsters for them, or conversely; if Phil would have ever reached out to the industry at large w/o the necessity to do so as a means of expressing his art. Just one example out of many potential ones; but in you I see another one of those people who excels in there field to a degree that artistic isolation may seem more efficient, and I have to wonder if it's in the aggregate of human expression that the best of our work is expressed, or in the isolation of skilled focus. IDK
Syr Morrison

Syr Morrison . 1 day ago

How come the shit is gone before the 7 days is up?

Robman92 . 1 day ago

This turned out so well! Mindblowing!
Masta Blasta

Masta Blasta . 1 day ago

I wish i could be as passionate about nature as Squish. Very well done
Asali Saterfield

Asali Saterfield . 2 days ago

Corridor thank you for the sustenance,
Bartholomew Henry Allen #1 Fan

Bartholomew Henry Allen #1 Fan . 2 days ago

I officially have a favorite corridor crew recruit.
Conor Kosidowski

Conor Kosidowski . 2 days ago

The alien ragdolling back up to the ship was incredible 👌

Yann MASSARD . 2 days ago

all done in 1 week, as you can obviously see

Grant . 2 days ago

This feels like it could be a best-of superbowl commercial, probably for Doritos or something. "They've got panko!"
Joel Goodpaster

Joel Goodpaster . 2 days ago

Completely amazing! Seeing what is possible now just blows my mind!

XavierTheSlayer . 2 days ago

The mouths should move moor when they talk

dapple . 2 days ago

The fact that the writing, acting, personality, and downright fun entertainment outshined everything about this, and the animation magic being an afterthought means something truly incredible here. That you can invest dollars into the writing and talent first and let this neat animation trick cover the rest! 😄
Tatyanna Francis

Tatyanna Francis . 2 days ago

This is beautiful. She the effects are impressive for one week, but the writing and story are 👌🏻

AlexanderTheEhh . 2 days ago

My kids loved it. Lots of money can be made in kids entertainment
Dynamic Phil

Dynamic Phil . 2 days ago

Cracking up at the unfixed mirror reflection at 3:00 🤣 Seriously impressive for one week's worth of work though. Wonder Studio will not replace VFX artists, it will just make their jobs easier and more efficient, as this short clearly shows.

RIPTIDE . 2 days ago

I want squish to yell I AM A SURGEON! I am a surgeon! So bad
Lukas Sprehn

Lukas Sprehn . 2 days ago

The t shirt was only available for 6 days, not 7. Why?
Chirp Birds

Chirp Birds . 2 days ago

It looks like Xbox graphics though. You see him acting in reflections that can't be modeled over.

Moose . 2 days ago

As many others have said, These characters are awesome and deserve their own series. Also the fact this was completed so quickly with a new VFX tool is amazing - definitely something that can shake the industry and add some more interesting cinematography into future video.

Ghozer . 2 days ago

HAha, I love it!!

This needs to be made into a TV Series, has an air of "The Strangerers" about it, love it :D

soapsdopes . 2 days ago

You can see the guys reflection at 2:59 hahaha https://youtu.be/bvfSjzRUJcs?t=179
josh paol

josh paol . 2 days ago

Please turn this into a movie!
Maro Monroy

Maro Monroy . 2 days ago

It's weird, but it looks so good that it's like looking at practical effects
Abnormal Guy

Abnormal Guy . 2 days ago

Paul danne Lachica

Paul danne Lachica . 2 days ago

Very cool guys
mzi Eland

mzi Eland . 2 days ago

Nice. A little problem at 2:59...lol

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