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Why Sudan is on the Verge of Civil War
Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris

Published on 1 week ago

The Conflict in Sudan, Explained
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Sudan looks like it’s headed for civil war. The current conflict is centered around two generals, two men who are fighting over control of the countries’ future. But their battle has the potential to spiral into a civil war that could engulf the entire region.

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Jordan Hernandez

Jordan Hernandez . 2 hours ago

Wait for the peace makers to enter, The USA .
Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain . 2 hours ago

As an arab...ill say this ...arabs..
Dmytro Danilenkov

Dmytro Danilenkov . 5 hours ago

Crimea isn't Russian jfyi. It's occupied territory like Donbass, Kherson and Zaporizhya regions

D.A. . 6 hours ago

I never knew any of this, I had heard of some of these events but I didn’t realize the extent of how horrible the issue is
Ayup Nur

Ayup Nur . 7 hours ago

Malik Shabazz

Malik Shabazz . 7 hours ago

johnny with another bad, late take. great job! :-)
Rahul Shivaram

Rahul Shivaram . 9 hours ago

Spectacular reporting, thank you Johnny - your reporting has become so concise and yet moving. Love watching this channel grow.
Glyn david

Glyn david . 9 hours ago

Are the Americans still bringing in democracy for gold
Amadeu Alexandre

Amadeu Alexandre . 9 hours ago

Thanks for sharing, I haven't been following the main stream news lately. Every wars is all about business unfortunately, while some are dying the devils are making money.
IFS Yadav

IFS Yadav . 9 hours ago

7:21 Congratulations Indians now the Bollywood actor from China gate Dannny zongonapa, is Sudanese dictator
Just My Opinion

Just My Opinion . 10 hours ago

My heart goes out to the people of Sudan; especially the children. Praying for peace in Sudan. 🙏🏽
Poop E.pants

Poop E.pants . 11 hours ago

Africa is never short of warlords and neighbors willing to fund them.
Practical Living

Practical Living . 11 hours ago

I thought it was already in war
Gtui Biwoy

Gtui Biwoy . 11 hours ago

As an Eritrean, I wish peace to Sudan, Sudan has been our shelter and helper for us Eritreans since the time of the armed struggle
Srikrishna Panchamukhi

Srikrishna Panchamukhi . 12 hours ago

When showing the countries that want to intervene for the sake of their own interests, the USA and EU is missing in the map. Maybe you are CIA
Asimo FORD

Asimo FORD . 13 hours ago

Whoa, I have a request... Could you kindly make a video about Palestine & protests in Israel.....?

S . 13 hours ago

They revere a pedophile. Not surprising
Nabeel Ahmed Khan

Nabeel Ahmed Khan . 13 hours ago

Very insightful take on the topic. Kindly make a detailed video on the political tussle going on in Pakistan as well. Pakistan is on verge of civil war due to ensuing fight between Govt and military versus former PM Imran Khan.
Ян Цимбалюк

Ян Цимбалюк . 15 hours ago

Why you are showing Crimea as russian territory? This shouldn’t be happening in such a high quality materials. Crimea is Ukraine
Live in Da flesh

Live in Da flesh . 15 hours ago

Fakest civil war known to man. What’s the motive behind it ? we all know America are involved somehow smh 🤦‍♂️
Esquare World

Esquare World . 17 hours ago

All seeds sown by America everywhere

無理だぞ . 17 hours ago

It wouldn't have nothing to do with Russia making a military alliance with Sudan, then the US freaking out about it? No no. It could not be. Surely the west will never do that.
Himanshu Bhanot

Himanshu Bhanot . 17 hours ago

In the end, it always boils down to civilians. Why those innocent people are paying the price for the seed which they haven't sown 😢
chris corvino

chris corvino . 19 hours ago

Love how Mr phony white savior douche takes the time to promote an advertisement all the while feigning concern over Sudan. This just goes to show this is less about caring for Sudan and more about how much money he make for every video posted.
Blarb Kanopcious

Blarb Kanopcious . 21 hours ago

This video has an AGGRESSIVELY Vox style, and I love it!!
neel mishra

neel mishra . 21 hours ago

Seems like bashir tried to create his own IRGC like Khomeini in Iran
Tayyab Javed

Tayyab Javed . 21 hours ago

Please do a story on the current situation in Pakistan!!!
ikrima salih

ikrima salih . 21 hours ago

Am a sudanese still living in sudan , just moved out of Khartoum ten days ago due to this was , i appreciate your help, but i think you missed a few details
Aaryan Qureshi

Aaryan Qureshi . 23 hours ago

I know it is very hard but i wish my Sudanese brothers won and make a democratic govt 😢 may allah jelp them

EdgarAndEdgar . 24 hours ago

do a video on Kosovo cus I don't understand what the hell is going on there


Once many great leaders from Islamic world make this region more rich, now Islamic leaders are busy with their internal wars.Sigh for Muslim leaders .
Your Fan

Your Fan . 1 day ago

Let me guess... USA, England, Nato, Soros....
RPG Prime

RPG Prime . 1 day ago

I see a Johnny Harris video, I click.
Advaita Manta

Advaita Manta . 1 day ago

ISLAMIC countries can't exist without looting and raiding non-muslims. Now that muslims can't do the raids like muhammad did, they end up fighting among themselves. they're following a militant ideaology known for it's barbaric tendencies as a "religion"

Magictooth . 1 day ago

what's new
Justin Lavoie

Justin Lavoie . 1 day ago

Every countries location is geopolitically important
jonathan wildemann

jonathan wildemann . 1 day ago

And Americans always think they have it bad. Shame on you
mavoko majiek yak

mavoko majiek yak . 1 day ago

Being S. Sudanese and witnessed all this happening, you says it all.
Raom Herloc

Raom Herloc . 1 day ago

Dear Johnny,

I’ve been watching your videos for years, and i like your content, but please stop using islamic, laws and dictatorship, these three words in the same sentence: there is nothing called islamic law, there is a shariaa islamia, and it is not laws, there are laws which may enforce islamic principles and there are scholars which dedicated and continue to dedicate their lifes study this shariaa to help us be the best versions of our selves, us muslims in more than one way. I invite your to go deeper in the history of the islamic shariaa and some of its principles, you may be surprised by what you thought having a clear opinion about.

But if you state so casually islam and laws and associate it with dictatorship, please ask yourself if you may not be doing something wrong here without going deeper in what billions pf people believe in. I don’t know this Al bachir, but if he’s done some wrong, instaured a dictatorship and hurt innocent people, that’s on him, not on islam. I was hoping to understand what is happening in Sudan through your videos but here i’am shocked but some of your statement that doesn’t seem right to me, your facts maybe biased and i may also get a biased opinion if i continue watching/following your channel..
Blueray Raptor

Blueray Raptor . 1 day ago

I’m from the UAE and idk how to feel about this
Jtrain Media

Jtrain Media . 1 day ago

I love these so much. Thank you for doing videos like these. They're important and I'm glad this channel exists.
Nara Ali

Nara Ali . 1 day ago

Thank you Johnny for educating us on such topics which tv doesn’t show us.
Esteban Zapata Wiesner

Esteban Zapata Wiesner . 1 day ago

Great video. I think it would be better if you gave a bigger part for the civil victims and the social crisis the war creates. It is not only about armies, leaders and international interests. It is mostly about the human disaster.

Becauseyousuckedmeoffi . 2 days ago

Islam doing what it does best… killing …
Hibo Abdi

Hibo Abdi . 2 days ago

As someone from Somaliland, I'm happy to see that my country is visible on the map. I wish peace and prosperity to Sudan.

DDY . 2 days ago

This is good explanatory and what is really happening- although you forgot to mention the US and Saudi involvement on this! Please also make separate videos on Eritrea and Ethiopia!
Moritami Kamikara

Moritami Kamikara . 2 days ago

Used to live with a Sudanese Arab called Malik.
When the war broke out, he headed back to Sudan to help his family.
God bless you Malik.
Davide Travelli

Davide Travelli . 2 days ago

I crossed Sudan by bicycle in 2019, I was hosted in Khartoum by one of the activist of the popular protest who was tortured (there is a video on my channel about this). It's really sad to see their dream of democracy being killed. Sudanese are the kindest and most welcoming people, their support was incredible.
Dasha Feshchenko

Dasha Feshchenko . 2 days ago

Marking Crimea as Russian?!
Woody Underwood

Woody Underwood . 2 days ago

First of all Sudan has been fighting among themselves for Generations in his Donald Trump said correctly Sudan is the epitome of a land and stan being a shit hole

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