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Indiana Jones 5 Destroyed - The Final Nail In Lucasfilm's Coffin
The Critical Drinker

The Critical Drinker

Published on 1 week ago

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was the final gamble for Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. With every other franchise and property already sunk, it was their last shot at success. And if the first batch of reviews are anything to go by, the gamble didn't pay off.

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Rick T. Lopez

Rick T. Lopez . 10 minutes ago

Stop having expectations that with each film the series gets better and better. I believe that as movie goes, many - not all- of us are too jaded to appreciate a film for what it is. Alot of people are so freakin' entitled because they are so invested in the movie that they just expect the best of what they want the best for them to be. Seriously, get over yourselves and your high ass standards. Stop being a film snob, get your popcorn & soda and just lose yourself in a movie, kill the critic within u and just watch what's up on the movie screen.
Jeffery C

Jeffery C . 16 minutes ago

All they're making his privates privately-funded movies by...
Joseph Drummond

Joseph Drummond . 18 minutes ago

It really is Horrible how a once beloved company (Disney) has fallen so far and taken so much of our Great stories with them. 🤨 Oh Disney what has become of you?
Light Vaj

Light Vaj . 33 minutes ago

He did this after he killed Solo.. 🐸🍵
Simon Young

Simon Young . 37 minutes ago

I was inspired to watch the 1st 3 recently and holy hell, they hold up. Really great films. I'll never watch this Dial of Dogs$^t and pretend it doesn't exist, same with the crystal skull.

wildsurfer12 . 48 minutes ago

They should find every copy of this film and burn it before it’s even released.

Some_Cool_Guy . 57 minutes ago

You know the sad part is I kinda want it to fail at this point since I have no faith that they’ll even fix it, let alone come up with something creative and new we’ve never seen before. Then at least Disney will no longer have options when it comes to ruining franchises.

naughtilus . 57 minutes ago

Being an 80s kid nowadays just means having to watch every single piece of film and tv you grew up with and loved being destroyed. It fucking sucks...

Sharkboy_Twentytwo . 2 hours ago

50% correct. 50% incorrect on all topics. For typical hater-aid swill, I suppose that’s acceptable. We all feel the pain of Lucas selling out to the great Satan, but it’s not all been bad. The occasionally got things right.
Billy Bobby

Billy Bobby . 2 hours ago

I used to be a HUGE movie fan. I went to opening night for hundreds of movies, collected DVDS and merchandise, the whole bit. Then about a decade ago, with the new Star Wars garbage, I realized that ALL movies are crap. The "good ones" are just clever enough to dupe you into wasting time and money on them.

ALL MOVIES ARE GARBAGE. Wake up, people, and get a life. Stop wasting your life chasing after these phantom fantasies. It just isn't worth it. Spend some time outside. Learn how to scuba dive or fly an aircraft. Start a business. Do anything but sit on your a$$ and watch this dreck.

J. . 2 hours ago

Ford was just about past it at 65 last time,in fight scenes it looked like an old guy getting mugged.But at 80?Come on,get real.NO-ONE is ever going to accept a scrawny bint as replacement.

J. . 2 hours ago

Ive no idea why plummy Phoebe Waller-Bridge is seen as essential in a movie or writer.She had one half successful show on UK late night TV,and next thing shes writing one of those "spy" movies that had Daniel Craig in it.James Bind or Blond etc.
Richard Warren

Richard Warren . 2 hours ago

And??? Your movie that you directed and produced is??? Hmmm?

blumenthol . 3 hours ago

Hollywood trash - with Hollywood's usual Disneyland political flavor
H McNamara

H McNamara . 3 hours ago

So true. So true.

Oswald . 3 hours ago

The plan IS to destroy the legacies
AdamIs2Cool Games

AdamIs2Cool Games . 4 hours ago

wish they made a movie set in the present where Indy basically time traveled there with some macgufffin and the plot was to find the device to send him back where he belongs. on the nose and a proper sendoff with the payoff that Indy learns the future which is funny for a historian
Bilbo Beggins

Bilbo Beggins . 5 hours ago

I grew up in the Indiana Jones/Star Wars era, and I have watched as Disney single-handedly ruined both franchises…. Greed and woke agenda will do it every time!!
Concerned Human

Concerned Human . 5 hours ago

If Hollywood is destroying itself with its warped sense of political correctness.
Noah Shirley

Noah Shirley . 5 hours ago

Disney, stop. Just stop. You were popular for a few decades, up until the 2010’s. You’ve had your fun, you’ve made your money. Now like the senile old grandpa of the family, retire and live the rest of your life in the old folks home that people will revisit every now and then to reminisce. Stop before you ruin every property and title that exists.
Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher . 6 hours ago

Those farts on point 😂🤣
Lou Star

Lou Star . 6 hours ago

Please take James corden back… 😢

Z4U2 . 6 hours ago

More or less Reverse King Midas turd polishing at best.
Eugene Mason

Eugene Mason . 7 hours ago

Should have never sold to Disney I knew it was a big mistake for the beginning big business will always fuck every thing up in the movie industry they never learn so sad.😥😥😥😭😭📽😭😭

ReallyRetro . 7 hours ago

This is why I will always cherish the first 3 movies as a trilogy, and not even acknowledge that abysmal 4th movie, as well as this trainwreck of a finale film.
Guy Incognito

Guy Incognito . 7 hours ago

Imagine, some capitalist, certainly somewhat racist, but certainly sometimes misogynistic and misanthropic antisemite white man from 100 years ago (Like Disney)had a greater vision and more fantasy than...what ever this crap they produce is...
Christ loves you

Christ loves you . 8 hours ago

Jesus Christ loves you all
Onion Savoya

Onion Savoya . 8 hours ago

I got into Solo for free.
The theatre gave me a free ticket for sighning up to joining a theatre club
Clifford Terrell

Clifford Terrell . 8 hours ago

I wasn't expecting to watch anyway. I am done completely with lucusfilms. However I did notice that in the mandoran I seemed like nobody really wants to be there. Nobody wanted to be there from the writing to the acting. I have been in a toxic workplace and this one of those places.
the parks of no return

the parks of no return . 8 hours ago

De-indianised Jones and the last franchise
Nathaniel Weir

Nathaniel Weir . 8 hours ago

Trust me I love a good Indy movie but did we really have to make another one?
Wanker Tanker ⅖

Wanker Tanker ⅖ . 9 hours ago

The movie's not even out yet

gismo130 . 10 hours ago

chatgpt could write a better script than these hollywood writers
Rugby League History

Rugby League History . 10 hours ago

It is sad to see Star Wars the way it is now like.
Jamie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😃

Jamie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😃 . 12 hours ago

Kk is to blame
Sneed Badguy

Sneed Badguy . 12 hours ago

Just another franchise going to the gutter. Modern Hollywood sucks
JD Zen

JD Zen . 13 hours ago

Me when the when

Me when the when . 13 hours ago

At this point KK’s decisions have created more nails in the coffin than any hardware store can supply.
a clockwork korova

a clockwork korova . 14 hours ago

Going to make Kingdom of the Crystal Skull look like a masterpiece, huh?
Travis Wheeland

Travis Wheeland . 14 hours ago

Unpopular opinion I guess—Mandalorian, Boba Fett, and Obi-wan are the best Star Wars content since the original trilogy.
MichaelAngelo Taylor

MichaelAngelo Taylor . 14 hours ago

Completely overdid it with the comedic inserts
Brandon Fauls

Brandon Fauls . 14 hours ago

Any company thats OK with teaching little boys oral sex is bound to be a failure...
Disney is the scum of the earth. A bottomless cess pool.
Luke Bellanger

Luke Bellanger . 15 hours ago

I'll believe it's the final nail if Kennedy is fired after. If not, they still have nails to go.
fred d

fred d . 15 hours ago

oh wow i'm so surprised that Indian Jones 5 is terrible with a 90 year old as the lead and when the 4th was one of the worst movies ever made

RieDubs . 15 hours ago

I just think your over-reacting

RieDubs . 15 hours ago

I love the mandalorian

lk. . 15 hours ago

To put some perspective on how unnecessary this movie is, imagine Raider of the Lost Ark competing at the 1981 box office with a sequel to Basil Rathbones 1939 Sherlock Holmes. 4 was garbage, but maybe if they try hard enough the 5th one will feature a sequence just as silly as Shia LaBouf swinging on vines with monkeys. Phoebe Waller Bridge did great stuff with her streaming show Flea Bag, but she looks like Win Butler in a dark wig, not like an movie star.
whats right

whats right . 16 hours ago

insert Ricky Gervais into films. hahahaha. would definitely watch those.

DadGad . 16 hours ago

You can spray dogshit gold , but it's still dogshit : George Washington

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