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I'M LIVE with John Rich!
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 2 months ago

Download "End Of The World" HERE: http://linktr.ee/hangovergang

Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald . 2 months ago

What a great live stream! If y’all wanna help us out - please download “End of the World” on iTUNES or Amazon!

iTUNES: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/end-of-the-world/1676982107?ls=1&app=itunes

AMAZON: https://amazon.com/music/player/albums/B0BY9Q8Y7X?marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER&musicTerritory=US&ref=dm_sh_MmXIgS5pah7iztrVmOnHaeWJU&trackAsin=B0BY9P81VG
Lynn Risor

Lynn Risor . 22 hours ago

Cowboy Hats Face Tats and Screen Cat. - how about that for podcast??
Lynn Risor

Lynn Risor . 22 hours ago

Sorry I caught this 2 months late but glad I caught it. AWESOME interview - love to you both and love the idea of Cowboy Hats and Face Tats podcast !!!!
James Pierson

James Pierson . 2 days ago

I missed this but this was awesome because the system only recently put your content out on YouTube as a short
Eugene Vinson

Eugene Vinson . 4 days ago

I would love to see you guys do a concert together along with Kid Rock Toby Keith
Rebecca Ennis

Rebecca Ennis . 6 days ago

Why is John Rich still so beautiful? Lol. Love both these men and NOVA!

gstrick . 6 days ago

Love that you both are telling the truth. That is what draws people to you and your music. Keep up the awesome work guys.

Solanaceae . 6 days ago

Tom MacDonald and John Rich, two great dudes.
Edward Cooper

Edward Cooper . 7 days ago

When John Rich said you need to do a song with Aaron Lewis, it would be awesome!!
Debbie Phelps

Debbie Phelps . 7 days ago

Love you guys. Hope you make more songs together
Bryan Gibson

Bryan Gibson . 1 week ago

You two are on the front lines im my mind. Awesome work gentlemen. 👏
Bryan Gibson

Bryan Gibson . 1 week ago

LOVE what John said about men in a battle not caring what each other looks like, comes from etc. Good WILL prevail in this battle!

Pamala . 1 week ago

We pledge allegiance to the flag of the Corporate States of America, and to the Congress for which it stands, one nation under debt, easily divisible, with liberty and justice for Oil.
harold chase

harold chase . 2 weeks ago

I hope my nephew, watch’s y’all’s stuff I sent him . He is a young artist . I hope he goes the course . Blessed be
Bella 7

Bella 7 . 2 weeks ago

Love this👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇺🇸
I read my bible like that too👍🏽

Gretchen . 2 weeks ago


No . 2 weeks ago

I’m curious does John rich consent to all YouTube users using his music for their videos, such as gamers like myself ?
Kelley Conner

Kelley Conner . 2 weeks ago

I'm a 62 year old woman and if it weren't for these men most of the people wouldn't know what the mainstream media doest want you to know . Hate is an awful feeling and the mainstream media wants us all to just shut up and believe the crap they spew . Love and love one another is no bs
We all just need to be accepted and loved by one another. I'm praying 🙏 before I die this great country returns to the America we all love

kratomslave . 2 weeks ago

the more i learn about tim the more i love him
valerie avellanet

valerie avellanet . 2 weeks ago

Damn, 35:55 I am so impressed by their love of our country and their willingness to express it.

GrammaPatriot . 2 weeks ago

One more thing about the “industry”, they want all entertainers under their thumb, under their control because if you’re NOT being controlled by them, THEY’RE not making money! God bless you both 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

GrammaPatriot . 2 weeks ago

I love you guys! John are you smoking? Take care of yourself…!! Thank you both for doing what you do!
John the same thing happened to me. Accidentally found one of Tom’s videos (Bad News), loved it so listened/watched another one. I dont binge watch a lot of things at all but I have been Tom’s videos. God bless and protect you both. The world loves you guys!
(John please stop smoking…we want and need you around for a long time!) 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸
BeautifulBlooms Seeds

BeautifulBlooms Seeds . 2 weeks ago

Wow, no clue you were canadian. Don't blame you for jumping ship, wanting to do it myself. This is not my country, canada is a shit hole now. I ain't flying a flag for communism!
BeautifulBlooms Seeds

BeautifulBlooms Seeds . 2 weeks ago

Excellent interview. Thank you.
chris wallace

chris wallace . 2 weeks ago

Epic collaboration
Jesus Rocks!

Jesus Rocks! . 2 weeks ago

Regarding Tom's vocals... "Fighter" is OFF THE HOOK!
I KNOW Tom loves America and I'm pretty sure he loves God. IMHO, I think that if he'd just clean it up just a little, he'd be a real force in building the Kingdom of our Lord. We're at the end of the age and THAT is the most important responsibility.

Sarah . 2 weeks ago

Mike Finnis

Mike Finnis . 3 weeks ago

Tom MacDonald, like Jordan Peterson and the Daily Wire Plus platform, Graham Hancock and friends work on ancient civilizations, Lex Freidman, Joe Rogan, Gabor Mate, Andrew Huberman and many others, I dont have time or space to name them all, John Rich now I know, you guys are all knights in the war against the woke. Empowering people with truth and knowledge. I will be following all of these stories intensely. This is my news ❤ screw legacy news i havent believed them since 9/11 and i found out about building 3 that fell. First class 1 structure to collapse from fire in history. No plane hit it. Reinforced rebar concrete doesnt collapse from fires. Firemen are all trained with this knowledge. Magical physics, Einstein would have called it the 9th wonder of the world. 8th being compound interest.
Carolyn Costner

Carolyn Costner . 3 weeks ago

Tom, I am 63 years old and consider myself very eclectic when it comes to music. I was young and lived in the greatest era of music(IMHO). I ha e never developed an ear for hip hop/rap. You ha e changed that. I enjoy your music and love your content. God bless you, Nova, and Jogn
Mama Todd

Mama Todd . 3 weeks ago

This was awesome! John Rich full of such wisdom and faith really enjoyed it! Cowboy Hats and Face Tats sounds great as a weekly podcast!
Bob Dobalena

Bob Dobalena . 3 weeks ago

Big fan, love you guys! HOG! Just wanted to say I’ve listened to music for 41 years and it never makes me emotional, at least not to tears. I went down the Tom rabbit hole the other night and cried like 10 times. What these guys do is what music is supposed to be.
Synthel Epathy

Synthel Epathy . 3 weeks ago

Keith Gordon

Keith Gordon . 3 weeks ago

I was a pipe fitter/underground tank installer for nearly 30 years (fuel systems). Now I build houses and do remodeling. Blue collar with some college. 52 rotations around that big Ole yellow thing in the sky.
Keith Gordon

Keith Gordon . 3 weeks ago

Tom and Arron Lewis would be cool

Rogue . 3 weeks ago

Love this, please do this again
Billiam Comminski

Billiam Comminski . 3 weeks ago

💫 💽🧡 💫🧡💽 💫🧡💽
Success & Prosperity to both of you, and your teams…💫💽💽💽
Cal Bowman

Cal Bowman . 3 weeks ago

These two men are so different in their looks and style but so in sync with their messaging in their song writing. Their colaboración in this tune was great
Jeremy C

Jeremy C . 3 weeks ago

This is the best thing I have seen and heard. Thank you both for arming me with words to combat others.I don’t want combat, but now I have inescapable words to use!
Jeremy C

Jeremy C . 3 weeks ago

It would be great if you two guys do this once a month!
Jeremy C

Jeremy C . 3 weeks ago

My goodness! How have I not heard about Tom since today? I know John, but I am so glad I clicked on this video! I’m about to increase my music downloads as soon as I’m done watching this. I’m not going to pay for his music only for the reason I want to hear it, not because I want Tom to make money, but because I want to be part of something which is needed!
Terri Cavoli

Terri Cavoli . 3 weeks ago

Who can forget 4 dead in Ohio?
Silvia Voss

Silvia Voss . 3 weeks ago

You guys are singing the honest truth that resonates with me in all area's Ive heard! Great respect for you both and doing it independently thru music is the best platform. IDK why but it seems talking the truth, singing the truth sharing your opinion has become an issue, we have freedom of speech although it seems to be tested and or stopped which is insane, I'm so happy to be a part of your journey, Thank You both, love your message, music and passion and I love America and seeing the destruction is mind blowing, yes government is attempting to divide us via controlled msm, and like you both I'm a free spirit interested in positive change not all the theme of lunacy created to divide us. Bless you ❤
Silvia Voss

Silvia Voss . 3 weeks ago

I think I downloaded End of the world, I copied the link, Im not on twitter and have FB but don't use it, been in their jail to many times, anyway hope I have it, Im a baby boomer that loves your music, learning how to do this, Cowboy hats and Face tat's sounds perfect!!!

. 3 weeks ago

You guys are great. Thanks for collaborating. Thanks for speaking out.
Barny du plessis

Barny du plessis . 3 weeks ago

Brilliant stuff guys!💪
Laser Diffusers Int

Laser Diffusers Int . 3 weeks ago

I bought it just in time. The entire Western World has been waiting for you guys & Trump. God bless you all & Jennings Dax also👃🇺🇸 😚
Edward Herbst

Edward Herbst . 3 weeks ago

Shout out from South Africa.
Love your music

Luminous . 3 weeks ago

I had never heard of John Rich until the song with Tom. I am new fan! This city girl has a new appreciation for country music.
ian gillon

ian gillon . 3 weeks ago

This is beyond me. Just within this conversation. We have another Song.
StacyFaye Blum

StacyFaye Blum . 3 weeks ago

You Two Men are nothing less then pure Raw TALENT! GOD BLESS!❤

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