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FDU vs. Purdue - First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights
March Madness

March Madness

Published on 1 week ago

FDU shocked the world and took down top-seeded Purdue, becoming just the second 16 seed to pull off the feat in NCAA tournament history. Watch the extended highlights from FDU's historic upset here.

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Angel . 4 days ago

It's obvious they went into this game thinking already about the next. The lack of respect for a low ranked team and look what happened..... smh.😂😂

Multiyapples . 5 days ago

What an upset.

J_Stape740 . 5 days ago

That 7'4" guy is so goofy and uncoordinated
Paul Arvin

Paul Arvin . 6 days ago

seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 6 days ago

Purdue: We're No. 1. We'll find a way. FDU: We're not afraid. We're No. 1 in our heart. We'll find a way Result: Heart wins over Mind.
Christopher Gargaro

Christopher Gargaro . 6 days ago

This loss for Purdue was WAY worse than Virginia vs. UMBC. FDU had already played two days prior in the First Four & as everyone knows is the shortest team in the country.

Even watching UMBC & Virginia back, UMBC hit some incredible shots they normally wouldn’t. Virginia wasn’t even that bad on offense either.

Purdues offense this game was hideous in the second half. How Edey got one shot attempt in the final 12 minutes is unreal.

All hail FDU! So fun to watch celebrate🎉
Joshua T

Joshua T . 6 days ago

I'm a indiana native. But I just like watching great games each March madness. So not mad they lost. But I didn't understand that call to go for a layup at all. You should have went for a three to time the game and get the rebound if the 3 gets missed? Was too little time to even attempt a 2 pint layup play. SMH don't understand that at all.

2VIEWZ SPORTZ . 6 days ago

Tre W

Tre W . 7 days ago

goddman that MFER out here looking like Yao Ming my goodness
Tre W

Tre W . 7 days ago

My goodness, LETS GO FDU what a fantastic display. This is what March Madness is all about
qopoy dnon

qopoy dnon . 7 days ago

as 16 seeds to beat a 1 seed (:
Chris Shye

Chris Shye . 7 days ago

@8:56 that was a statement 😯
Richard Tibbitts

Richard Tibbitts . 7 days ago

Purdue just wasn't good enough. Sorry, guys, you're going home. Good thing it isn't that far away...

KLUTZPAYASO . 1 week ago

Theeee Maaaaaaadnesssssssssss
Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin . 1 week ago

Purdue is overrated, they're sore losers, and I don't see them ever advancing in the tournament again
Justin Llamas

Justin Llamas . 1 week ago

purdue ? more like perdu. perdu(e) literally means ‘lost’ in french
tray rozier

tray rozier . 1 week ago

They pick and rolled the big fella made him look like pre schooler
tray rozier

tray rozier . 1 week ago

They ought to fire purdue coach he has only 1 speed no backup

Brock . 1 week ago

I think this video should not have cut out as much as it did in the 2nd half. Shots such as the airball by Gillis and some of the missed shots show a critical juncture of the game where it was very clearly in Purdue’s head. They may not be flashy plays but they tell the story of a game that Purdue really should’ve won but lost because they were so rattled at the fact FDU didn’t back down
Mitchell Kaplan

Mitchell Kaplan . 1 week ago

Way to go FDU!!!!👍🏻👍🏻

arizjones . 1 week ago

Zach Edey is so slow and late getting in position on both ends of the court. He looks like a frozen statue on defense. And the Perdue guards were turnover machines on offense and matadors on defense. And did I mention the bricks? Wide open missed shots, over and over again.


So exciting ❤❤❤

Joanna . 1 week ago

Close ending. WCU lost 73-71. Purdue wouldve been the First 1 seed ever to lose. Well, they are now the 2nd ever 1 seed to lose. Very very interesting!
Kimya Norene

Kimya Norene . 1 week ago

Jersey in the house!!! Yay!!!!

Vierce . 1 week ago

very shocked about this game honeslty
Andrew Hazen

Andrew Hazen . 1 week ago

My parents went to Purdue, but I'll admit that this was cool to see. Loved the celebration at 9:24! Congrats to FDU! Too bad they lost last night.
Marquis Kelly

Marquis Kelly . 1 week ago

FDU #11 a dawg
Marquis Kelly

Marquis Kelly . 1 week ago

FDU got some dawgs
Scott Lauzon

Scott Lauzon . 1 week ago

The ads on this video are a bit much MM

Joe "the trick-ster" Odhiambo . 1 week ago

March Madness is a guards party with bigmen manning the gates. FDU tallest player is 6'7" and Purdue could not dominate them in the paint with a 7'4" Edey. Here is why; Edey cannot create his own shot, thus FDU played tough on the guards and challenge Edey to go get the ball and make his nonexistent moves. At the end of the day, the NCAA champion will come from a guard oriented team with bigmen playing defense. When you have a player like Edey who has everything a player needs to be All-World in every aspect of the game, you teach him how to use one move with one or one or two options to dominate the game on offense. He cannot shoot or dribble, however, he can use the Side Reverse Dribble with a jump hook shot to dominate the game. I noticed he has small hands, thus he cannot develop the sky-hook shot.
Michael Co Del Mar

Michael Co Del Mar . 1 week ago

That's why I don't like a 1 game winner take all set up...really does not judge whose the better team..A best of 7 is still the best to gauge such

VULGARxRM . 1 week ago

lost an 8 team parlay because of this game

Jcherry . 1 week ago

this is obviously impressive…. but the first time a 16 seed beat a 1 seed it was more shocking than this one, because they beat the 1 seed by TWENTY POINTS.
Joy Vanlue

Joy Vanlue . 1 week ago

Didn’t see this coming
Nick Green

Nick Green . 1 week ago

Good game FDU......GOOOO VOLS
Kyle Kramer

Kyle Kramer . 1 week ago

The refs was on fdu side

Mikeyninja225 . 1 week ago

0:30 how did this man just miss the block

freshtendrills . 1 week ago

This is the biggest upset on paper I've ever seen. This team had NO business beating Purdue.

Kedo . 1 week ago

Imagine losing to a 15 seed last year and a 16 seed this year.
Two cupcake games that turned into humiliation.

Kedo . 1 week ago

FDU stuns Purdue! Let’s congratulate FDU from 4 wins last season to beating a team that was ranked #1 in the country half of the season.
Kai Thom

Kai Thom . 1 week ago

FDU got that Dawg in em
yuio rtyutle

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Tom Ace

Tom Ace . 1 week ago

After watching this video, one would think Purdue was playing in the 1st round of the 1943 NCAA tournament rather than the 2023 one.
Tom Ace

Tom Ace . 1 week ago

I think the last time I saw a 7ft slow, uncoordinated, big stiff clogging up the lane uselessly, their name was Shaun Bradley.

Surfdocer . 1 week ago

Sir Barkley said that this is really the first 16/1 upset. Apparently, Virginia was missing their best player . Didn’t check myself but Barkley speaks only truth.

V0RT3X_19 . 1 week ago

First Saint Peters and now FDU 💀💀💀
Shawny Gang Gang

Shawny Gang Gang . 1 week ago

Nope. Fixed. It's all about the money. During the regular season, you don't see a Purdue struggling or losing against FDU. You only see it in March because of the amount of money involved. Purdue didn't underestimate them not were they overrated or not prepared. This was done for Vegas and for ratings. If none of that wasn't a factor, then Purdue would've smashed them
Christopher Willams

Christopher Willams . 1 week ago

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Cedric R

Cedric R . 1 week ago

Saw this coming. Similar to UVA upset in 2018, they lacked an experienced PG. guaranteed they’ll be back next year for a deeper run
Jim Gray

Jim Gray . 1 week ago

A team full of white guys loses a basketball game? I for one am very shocked...

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