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Shadow VS Ryuko (Sonic the Hedgehog VS Kill la Kill) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 3 months ago

The duel of ultimate hybrid alien lifeforms! (With similar fashion sense!)

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Comments :

ThatboiDarius 7

ThatboiDarius 7 . 2 hours ago



Azeral . 8 hours ago

The heck was this sponsor 😭😭😭


MadMaxim . 12 hours ago

I gotta say they did the kill la kill transformation animation justice and her dub voice actress it sounds just like her lol

cattata01 YT-_-

cattata01 YT-_- . 2 days ago

Lets go dooms back!!!!

Saladine Sweets

Saladine Sweets . 2 days ago

I still say 2 diss day...Sonic and Shadow are like Super Saiyans...

Gigan Overlord

Gigan Overlord . 2 days ago

wait if only the scissor blades could cut the life fibers then how could shadow injure ryuko since she is infused with them

Chris Mcdermott

Chris Mcdermott . 3 days ago

I like the chaos unraveled music video

Nick Montes

Nick Montes . 3 days ago

Finally Shadow gets a win.

Nithin Rocks

Nithin Rocks . 3 days ago

Why do this season’s battles have the lowest views, even though they’re really good 😢


JUAN BRUNET . 4 days ago

AND finally he win

the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd . 4 days ago

Do you guys think this was a fun Battle match up? Lol I think!!

curly dude

curly dude . 4 days ago

Good lord she is the hottest anime protagonist ever created. Anime tomboy super hero highschool japanese schoolgirl fanservice YESSSS

Viergeta Woodside

Viergeta Woodside . 4 days ago

Shadow:I'm the coolest😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

for no apparent reason

for no apparent reason . 4 days ago

pfft, lets be honest we all knew shadow was gonna win you know how dumb sonic characters are.

Wally Higgens

Wally Higgens . 4 days ago

There's could easily have been a subtle joke at 7:53 but alas, was not to be.

After World

After World . 5 days ago

"Hm. I'm the coolest." Damn right.


Tiny . 5 days ago

Total hype when Shadow took off his rings

Viergeta Woodside

Viergeta Woodside . 5 days ago

Boomstick:is that a ring on your robot arm? Wiz:it was a gift??

Jax Schmidtlein

Jax Schmidtlein . 6 days ago

Finally! Shadow has been in 2 death battles before this and lost both of them he deserves this.

Niall Shea

Niall Shea . 7 days ago

No performance enhancers? What about bane vs venom?


AceYT . 7 days ago

He should have asked for an autograph before fighting

Jarl Dakcka

Jarl Dakcka . 1 week ago

Death battle isn’t always my favourite, but I really can’t deny the quality of the battles themselves. The voices and animations were clean af.

Matt Lee

Matt Lee . 1 week ago

both of them have the same hair style, black, with red streaks. It feels like one of them is ripped off of the other

B-will for real

B-will for real . 1 week ago

Beware weebs are on the attack

Kimberly Loofierro

Kimberly Loofierro . 1 week ago

Plssssssss do silver. and trunks

Jonathan Mendez

Jonathan Mendez . 1 week ago

So edgy they had to play Andy James killing engine

Cross Sans

Cross Sans . 1 week ago

Shadow really is the god of Chaos.


PhantomMissles . 1 week ago

Shadow:"Im the coolest" shadow never said since he is an emo boy.

Captain Cortez

Captain Cortez . 1 week ago

And now, for completeness, BLACK DOOM versus RAGIYO KIRYUIN (or however Ryuuko's mother's name is pronounced)

Layton Glover

Layton Glover . 1 week ago

I liked this battle more than I liked kill la kill


MauiWowieOwie . 1 week ago

sonic-chu would beat them both.

Green Mask XRGM1267

Green Mask XRGM1267 . 1 week ago

You kidding me? Shadow fights his favorite anime!?

Seth Kunert

Seth Kunert . 1 week ago

You guys brought to my attention how character change unexpectedly even for their author. Thank you

Seth Kunert

Seth Kunert . 1 week ago

Before you use alumni mode in calculation, it is moving under its own will. this reduce stressors on the subject ryouko significantly. This reduces the maximum potential for the form. Supposing the sword lifted itself using her blood. Subtract her visible mass from the form and you have the true potential for the fight.


nedtroche . 1 week ago



nedtroche . 1 week ago


Mason McNair

Mason McNair . 1 week ago

Can someone tell what this songs name is?


TheOfficialPSI . 2 weeks ago

In this video, neither character was careful enough. They both got cut by all that edge.

the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd . 2 weeks ago

Ryuko vs vegeta who would win?

Mystic Zufky

Mystic Zufky . 2 weeks ago

Wait. Did they use the potential for the emeralds power for mario v sonic 2?

Крейзи Бомба

Крейзи Бомба . 2 weeks ago

it's strange that anime did not win, because in Death Battle they usually win for no reason


Virus . 2 weeks ago

Yes lets go!!!! Shadow is the coolest.


Titan . 2 weeks ago

Anyone know the song @7:46?

Hee Choon Yeo

Hee Choon Yeo . 2 weeks ago

Just one question, why be is ryuko's stomach exposed? That's just kinda dumb and exposing herself to like, a lot of attacks.

Trace Antonacci

Trace Antonacci . 2 weeks ago

When life hands you lemons, eat them.


HyperSpeed . 2 weeks ago

17:06 Flashpoint music starts playing Lol

Daniel Ferrieri

Daniel Ferrieri . 2 weeks ago

Shadow vs Ryuko: Hedgehog vs his Waifu. Jenuuna Knnight (MUC) vs Stella (MUC): Sassy vs Spoiled

Danny Parks

Danny Parks . 2 weeks ago

Good, he won, now stop bringing him back

Dragon Von Ashe

Dragon Von Ashe . 2 weeks ago

tbh i would of expected shadow to win

Isaiah Keene TV

Isaiah Keene TV . 2 weeks ago

The makers chose lizard first because lizard/dragon but then they thought well that might not look as cool so then they chose hedgehog like hey it’s a unique animal and the spikes on the back like spiky hair i.e. super Saiyan dragon ball Z they were inspired by dragon ball Z LOL yeah

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