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Rough Week


Published on 1 week ago

In which John talks about cancer, humor, and accompaniment through a rough week. Thanks for being here with us.
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Katie Segura

Katie Segura . 21 minutes ago

"Kirkland brand Hank Green" is a hilarious way to describe yourself, John. I hope Hank also refers to himself as "Kirkland brand John Green" because its equally as funny.

Your love for your brother is palpable through this. We love you both, and know you guys will make each other smile and laugh through all the hardest parts of this. ❤
Veronica Tonus

Veronica Tonus . 4 hours ago

Does anyone else hear the “can it Kirkland” theme when John says this?

Jokes aside, I feel for your families and the community at this time. Thank you for helping us process even as you are processing yourself.
Joie Young-Broin

Joie Young-Broin . 14 hours ago

John out here proving humor has a place in brown with his “Kirkland-brand Hank Green” comment, helping me laugh even when I don’t feel like it.
Rob Hastings

Rob Hastings . 16 hours ago


J P . 17 hours ago

Hank, you can do this. Can't wait until you are cancer free and making videos again.
Sarah Macintosh

Sarah Macintosh . 19 hours ago

"If I can laugh at it, I can deal with it"

As someone with serious (fortunately not life threatening) ongoing health conditions, this is the motto that gets me through so many days. So much of what you go through with this stuff has absurdity somewhere in the situation, and I can only imagine this is magnified by thousands by being in the public eye.
Wal Williams

Wal Williams . 21 hours ago

Nicely-expressed, Sir. Compassion, humor, and understanding are the bedrocks of COMMUNITY.
Bob Smith

Bob Smith . 24 hours ago

I'm still riding the high from "A Sidewalk Egg". Hank is guaranteed to keep going even after he stops going, and tbh, I don't think the cancer will get him. He's got too much fight left in him. We're rooting SO hard for you Hank, you'll get through this!
Katiecakes L

Katiecakes L . 1 day ago

When i lost my first ovary to cancer my cousin showed up at the hospital with a plush ovary "for the one youre lacking" and honestly it made me laugh so much and i needed that

Goldberry . 1 day ago

Thank you to both you and Hank for modeling what being vulnerable, strong, brave & funny humans can look like. You’re both awesome & I want add my voice in agreement with your prayers, John.
Laura Davis

Laura Davis . 1 day ago

As a 34-year survivor of Hodgkin’s, let me welcome you to the land of Gallows Humor where joking around makes you feel somewhat in control in an otherwise out-of-control-on-a-cellular-level situation. What I can laugh at, I can manage. Also, John, as the (former) patient, I must tell you at least we know how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes there are no words to describe that which makes it hard for our brothers and parents and loved ones. Your role in Hank’s journey is also very difficult, for that reason. Cancer, even the Cadillac of said disease, is an epic journey into a pretty sacred place where priorities shift and truths are revealed and love reigns. In between treatments and feeling lousy, there will be great explorations for Hank and the whole family. God speed to you all on this journey back to wellness.
Nome Ayano

Nome Ayano . 2 days ago

Thank you, Green brothers. I am on the cusp of finishing my degree in Natural Sciences at my lifelong dream uni and starting a job doing research on cancer immunotherapy. Things have been up and down for years, but somehow through unrelenting depressive moods I have proved unrelenting also, unbeknownst even to myself. And I love science and God knows you two helped me realise that in the first place, but work can treat you roughly even when you love it. So thank you for reminding me why I do it and how much I love it. Thank you for reminding me to look at science and pay more attention to the curiosity that started me on this path, and mind less the caprices of the job market and stakes and odds.
Finals on Thursday, wish me luck.
See Saw

See Saw . 2 days ago

Awe. The last line got me. Onions darn onions.
Kristen Cox

Kristen Cox . 2 days ago

LOL at Kirkland brand Hank Green. We'll all be ok.
Kani Ou

Kani Ou . 2 days ago

I had a large tumour removed coming up 6 years. to you. Xxxx
Heather DeWitt

Heather DeWitt . 2 days ago

Keep moving forward with hope in your heart and a laugh in your soul... Hank is lucky to have the support of his brother and family. Keep it up John.

Jo . 2 days ago

You know, there will probably be a point in the future where some people will believe “The Fault in our Stars” was inspired by Hank’s experience with cancer
Christina Galarza

Christina Galarza . 2 days ago

You are an amazing brother. I mean, I know your a great person, but you’re an amazing brother! You always make me smile. ❤you and just hugs…all the hugs.

chocobrowny93 . 2 days ago

I mean Kirkland brand hummus definitely slaps so I think you’ll also be better than you think John 😉

Mamasoto . 2 days ago

Sending you much love, support in thought, wishes and prayers for nothing but good throughout all this, for you and your family, and your team as well
Linda Noble

Linda Noble . 2 days ago

This is the most John Green video that ever John Green-ed. You are brilliant and amazing in your own right, and the world would be less bright if you were a carbon copy of Hank. That said, "Kirkland brand Hank Green" is one of the more brilliant quips you have ever made. Hang in there, we're with you all!
Arjun Sandhar

Arjun Sandhar . 2 days ago

Never lose hope ❤😢 hope the chemo goes well

childofthemoss . 2 days ago

My dad was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, and I agree with this tenfold. One thing that he does is excitedly talk about getting a “breaking bad hat” because we laugh about him being in his “Walter White era.” While cancer is serious, it does not overcome laughter and joy.

deoyx . 2 days ago

Laura Garrett

Laura Garrett . 2 days ago

John as Kirkland brand Hank 😂
In all seriousness, Green brothers, I’m praying for y’all every day❤
yobros, hows it goin?

yobros, hows it goin? . 2 days ago

hank and john are two of my most favourite people. lots of reasons including their ethic and charity, but also because of their general well rounded good takes on everything. they are the faith i have in humanity.

Dear Hank and John,
you guys do the best you can with what you have to create the biggest positive change in the world possible. praise can be hard on such a big scale, but we all see the good in you. you are showing the world how to do the best you can, and we all should follow suit. we recognise the hard work it takes from both of you and all the projects you manage. much of your customer base would be long time fans, so im sure your request for patience will be respected.

i wish the best for both of you, and for hank to have the best luck with side affects/symptoms. ❤❤ all the love from me and fans.
White Flower Crown

White Flower Crown . 2 days ago

thinking of you both 🤍
Leo Gama

Leo Gama . 2 days ago

It'll be a tough ride, but you need to cross the mountains to reach the sea 🌅
Tosha Delfeld

Tosha Delfeld . 3 days ago

That's what humor is FOR: to help us cope with uncontrollable situations. It's like the pressure valve, keeps us from exploding.

yorusama5011 . 3 days ago

Wait... you're his brother?! Holy. Cow. You are TOTALLY bros. Wow!!! Love y'all!!!
James Canada

James Canada . 3 days ago

"May we be Justified in our hope and not alone in our sorrow" well said!
Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis . 3 days ago


Zachary . 3 days ago

Get well soon John and Hank!

Lizzymoore54 . 3 days ago

Amen. 🙏👑🙏
Cam Dunson

Cam Dunson . 3 days ago

1. I noticed this when I first got sick with RA a few years ago. I slowly lost the ability to walk (after symptoms, before meds) and I would fall down and just laugh about it. Sad and scary and humiliating, but hilariously funny at times. 
2. We're not in the All Star times still? Why not? I still am, FWIW
3. He's okay with prayer?! GREAT! I'm on it.
4. My son said, "He's like an uncle, really..." You guys helped us through homeschooling years, and that was before Crash Course...
Thanks for being awesome and showing us how to be awesome, too.
Havva Gokce

Havva Gokce . 3 days ago

nassima BK

nassima BK . 3 days ago

hank will always be the explain my entire semester in one video guy, thanks bruh

Kman . 3 days ago

I'm a medical doctor who has written a book for people newly diagnosed with cancer that covers all aspects of fighting the disease. PM me and I'll send you a copy either electronically or hardcopy if you like to aid in your fight.

You're going to do great! Hang in there.
Malaina Karpinski

Malaina Karpinski . 3 days ago

It's like when my bf had his first surgery for his lung cancer. Me and all the nurses lightly teased him because he said, and I quote "the aliens took my lungs. I didn't know you could breathe without lungs. They are lung-fu masters"
He did say all of this under anesthesia, but it was hilarious. Sometimes you need humor in those hard times and aliens stealing lungs is a funny image
Malaina Karpinski

Malaina Karpinski . 3 days ago

It's like when my bf had his first surgery for his lung cancer. Me and all the nurses lightly teased him because he said, and I quote "the aliens took my lungs. I didn't know you could breathe without lungs. They are lung-fu masters"
He did say all of this under anesthesia, but it was hilarious. Sometimes you need humor in those hard times and aliens stealing lungs is a funny image
Edwina Caparelli

Edwina Caparelli . 3 days ago

Hank you are awesome!
Alexander Locke

Alexander Locke . 3 days ago

John, you'll be fine as a CEO. Hank has given you a great example to follow.
Megankelly Skies

Megankelly Skies . 3 days ago

I can picture the people running the days since hank green started a new thing website in a group chat being like "okay...we have the opportunity to do a funny thing"
David M

David M . 3 days ago

I know you aren't twins, but you're so much alike its awesome!
Much love to you both! 💖
beep bopp

beep bopp . 3 days ago

Don’t worry guys, I’ll always remember you guys as the two greatest folks who helped me get through whatever AP class I regretted enrolling in during the Covid school year.
angeline nzuki

angeline nzuki . 3 days ago

My weird first thought about all this was, as a reader of The Emperor of All Maladies, I cannot wait to see what new insights and scientific info Hank shares with us on Cancer. Walking with you Hank, sending prayers your way.
To me Hank will always be John Green's brother (i first discovered John's World History and fell in love: not with John, but with his teaching method)❤
The Liquid Remix

The Liquid Remix . 3 days ago

Why is his head so big?

iStillMissTonyStark . 3 days ago

I love you guys.

LokiTrousers . 3 days ago

I love that you didn't sell yourself short by saying you're a Dollar Tree brand Hank Green, or even a Target brand Hank Green. Kirkland is still some good stuff. You got this. 💜

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