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THE ROCK RETURNS TO SMACKDOWN! | WWE SmackDown Highlights 9/15/23 | WWE on USA


Published on 1 week ago

THE GREAT ONE RETURNS! WWE SmackDown Highlights 9/15/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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AARON coggins

AARON coggins . 38 minutes ago

He threw that’s man’s shoe in the crowd
Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith . 2 hours ago

The people's elbow is by far the most entertaining and funniest special move of all time. I can't stop laughing every time I see that move.

DEVILDOG8785 . 2 hours ago

you are woke!!! it doesnt matter what you think!!
Josh Smith

Josh Smith . 2 hours ago

That Austin guy has got to be the worst on a mic in a decade

Eazy____ . 2 hours ago

little girl taking a selfie with the rock she gonna cherish it for life!

Barry . 3 hours ago

Admitted Satanist

YaBoiiTyy . 3 hours ago

At 13:25 you can see The Rock mouth the words "Hit me."
ShadowGamer _X

ShadowGamer _X . 6 hours ago

Rock vs Roman please 🙏

CH653 GAMING . 6 hours ago

I'm 44 and this pop gave me chills, even knowing what it was. It's crazyyyy

odsickson1 . 6 hours ago

This is LEGENDARY!!💯💯
charles fountain

charles fountain . 7 hours ago

Merchandising memorabilia and such other B*** S***... A bunch of goofballs making money all the way to bank off the suckers who pay big bucks for tickets to watch this make believe gymnastic shenanigans ...
George Korakas

George Korakas . 8 hours ago

Making movies is expensive
Orange Crate

Orange Crate . 8 hours ago

He kinda looks like Nikko Jenkins with the su glasses on.

UNVCHT . 9 hours ago

This was to try to make up for what he did with Oprah and these sheep of people eat it up
Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper . 9 hours ago


JediNxf7 . 9 hours ago

lol even the guys in the ring are fanboying
Cool Like Dat

Cool Like Dat . 10 hours ago

“The People’s Elbow” 😅😅😅😅
Sheila Rivers

Sheila Rivers . 12 hours ago

Thank you WWE love the Rock lol sheila xoxs

USA BORN . 13 hours ago

I'll never watch a movie of his again.

jjose93 . 13 hours ago

Rock be doing sum PR to the people, after seeing him n Oprah asking for Donations for victims of Hawaii fire !🔥he clearly knows he screwed up!!🔥🔥
Jay Hu

Jay Hu . 14 hours ago

That was a great sell!! Loved how one shoe came off from the People's Elbow. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall . 14 hours ago

I miss camera flashes during entrances

hjq0023 . 15 hours ago

I like theory. He talks so much s***
Brian Herald

Brian Herald . 15 hours ago

How awesome would it have been if stone cold come out

P1G . 16 hours ago

Jeff Piaskowski

Jeff Piaskowski . 17 hours ago

Attitude Era was the greatest. Kids today will unfortunately never get to experience the anticipation everyone had to see what was going to happen or be said week after week.
Viszario Gullini

Viszario Gullini . 17 hours ago

You know I saw this randomly and haven't watched any of this stuff since my youth. Wrestling is still the greatest show on Earth 😂😂😂😂😂
Marty McFly

Marty McFly . 17 hours ago

That Rocky chant just hits different…..literal chills. Let’s just say Austin Theory is lucky this ain’t the old rock with the Versace shirt and gold Cuban link chain with the $500 glasses and shoes 😂😂
Marty McFly

Marty McFly . 17 hours ago

Let’s be honest the rock only showed up cause of the Hollywood strike so he had time to pop out I doubt he would’ve came cause his schedule so crazy. But that was one crazy pop I haven’t heard in so long

Scrambledmind . 18 hours ago

The Rick is my idol

Whodunnit . 18 hours ago

Love tue rock but let’s be real the peoples elbow is the worst finisher of all time
Patrick Cooper

Patrick Cooper . 21 hours ago

this made me very happy. Thanks
Jennifer Abella

Jennifer Abella . 21 hours ago

He’s the most toughest guy
sean kelly

sean kelly . 21 hours ago


Whoashutitdown . 22 hours ago

When Rocky threw Theory’s shoe in the crowd I lost it lol
Alex Nava

Alex Nava . 22 hours ago

Goes to show how important and huge, the attitude era main event characters were/ are / always will be.
Kiko show 4k

Kiko show 4k . 23 hours ago

Follow us 😂🎉😮

BR3THR3N . 1 day ago

Good to see the rock was able to put aside the Maui fund raiser scam with Oprah to make a smack down appearance 🤡

m . 1 day ago

13:25 you can see the rock say "Hit me"
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

Repent and believe in Jesus Christ . 1 day ago

Repent to Jesus Christ “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

MichiganJack . 1 day ago

Who is this staff? I seen a hipster with a cell phone in the shot during the entrance, the cameramen tripping over themselves and getting in the way.
Vorian {Sword of the Evening} Dayne

Vorian {Sword of the Evening} Dayne . 1 day ago

Be nice if he was helping out Hawaii
Heb M

Heb M . 1 day ago

he came to ask for donations for Maui??
Knight OfWind

Knight OfWind . 1 day ago

i miss the days when the wrestlers didnt look like any average guy, they were unique, who the heck are these guys
Sonny Dellacroce

Sonny Dellacroce . 1 day ago

Lost all respect for the Rock

treadmenot . 1 day ago

He sold out. Was told who to vote for how to get Vaccinated and hangs with the blue roofs
Noah Magana

Noah Magana . 1 day ago

did the audio cut out for anyone else ?
PhillyRyker DaGoat

PhillyRyker DaGoat . 1 day ago

The most amazing part of this SmackDown 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
the true world order

the true world order . 1 day ago

Doesn't hit the same without the camera flashes during the turnbuckle pose in the enterenace

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