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dad life


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Gage Halstead

Gage Halstead . 14 minutes ago

I knew he would be a great dad I can wait for his son and him to make reaction videos 😂
stvn 037

stvn 037 . 21 minutes ago

lovely spot! thanks for sharing

Jos . 1 hour ago

It's so sweet seeing how far Felix has come. They definitely deserve the happiness and tranquility. Best wishes and a happy and healthy life with your new baby <3
Davin Williams

Davin Williams . 2 hours ago

Damn imagine in 16 years pewdiepie's son will be playing subnautica 4.
Rizki Dwi Putra

Rizki Dwi Putra . 2 hours ago

Question, is the babysitter a nihonjin or a gaijin 🫨
koren gabriel

koren gabriel . 3 hours ago

bro i love u sm glad to see u like this

JiMoMin . 3 hours ago

Truly winning in life
Ecuador Ball

Ecuador Ball . 5 hours ago

Japanese Italian 🤨 nah I’m just joking love you guys
Faded Ace

Faded Ace . 5 hours ago

Pewdiepie looks like a dad now too. wtf. how

Adagio . 6 hours ago

marzia and pewds for best couple/parents
Khalil Alhebshi

Khalil Alhebshi . 7 hours ago

why does he acc started to dress like a dad 😭

haru . 8 hours ago

العقيد معمر القذافي

العقيد معمر القذافي . 9 hours ago

this shit is depressing
Juan Pablo Rico

Juan Pablo Rico . 9 hours ago

Its crazy how i grew up watching Felix and now we have kids thats are the same age
perc man

perc man . 11 hours ago

play minecraft in 5 months 17 days
Mohak Arora

Mohak Arora . 12 hours ago

Wondrous Pewds

darko6977 . 12 hours ago

You guys are gonna be a great family. And OMG Edgar is still around ? I love that guy
Katelyn the White Werewolf

Katelyn the White Werewolf . 13 hours ago

This is so heartwarming it's amazing PewDiePie has become a dad and the baby is so cute
blind touch

blind touch . 14 hours ago

Why don't all the world's famous people just live in Japan?

OGkristoff . 15 hours ago

It always warms my heart seeing felix so happy. I remember watching him during his amnesia days with stephano and BARREL. And now a dad with a beautiful wife. Im so happy for you bro. You deserve the best
Noah Schreiber

Noah Schreiber . 18 hours ago

You should do a collab with Magnus Midtbo!!

Leighdren . 20 hours ago

Wow Björn’s growth can be seen a lot in this video

Expander . 21 hours ago

All of this is just so perfect. I want just this for myself one day.

TinoBear . 22 hours ago

10:52 🤣 that fish really spot the speaking moment

khalianime . 22 hours ago

10:51 perfect lipsing doesn't ex...
Kim Jenny

Kim Jenny . 22 hours ago

your video is cozier,brighter and more vivid than tiktok😂❤😮😊
Very Berru

Very Berru . 24 hours ago

Wait, gambling is illegal in Japan? Then why all the casinos in Japanese video games like Pokémon and Dragon Quest

RealVentures . 1 day ago

That's accurate 😂 Japan people did not like the Barbie movie. I get it.
Din Dong Din Dong

Din Dong Din Dong . 1 day ago


ProdByJoost . 1 day ago

felix out here living the best dadlife we all want
King D117

King D117 . 1 day ago

Pewds living hes best life
tristan marshall

tristan marshall . 1 day ago

Kid is gonna have a Batman origin story, but in japan
The Baker Zen

The Baker Zen . 1 day ago

"I'm starting to like the little guy" - Felix to HIS SON

izzy . 1 day ago

I didn't know Marzia was editing ! She does such a wonderful job - the tone and pace and vibe are all so soothing and calm. Brava 👏
Francisco Gomes

Francisco Gomes . 1 day ago

This is super gay
Chimchim Cabanog

Chimchim Cabanog . 1 day ago

love the Barbie movie!
Homesick Alien

Homesick Alien . 1 day ago

Damn this is how rich people live their lives hu
Shawny Morgs

Shawny Morgs . 1 day ago

Japan looks Cool

nandenayo3sma . 1 day ago

08:09 cake is dangerous for animals plss

Alyssa . 1 day ago

I’ve been watching this man since 2017 when I was 8 can’t believe he’s a dad now it’s so weird and wholesome so proud

Cassie . 1 day ago

when felix kissed bjorns forehead i teared up

blade . 1 day ago

Be careful Edgar and or momo don't hump Bjorn.

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