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Health Kols

Published on 4 months ago

Discussing the viral 12-3-30 method on the treadmill and how you can modify it to help you lose weight and grow muscle. Follow along for weight loss tips with a focus on mental health!


Habiba . 2 weeks ago

Incline 10
3 speed
30 mins

Edwin_Marcia . 2 weeks ago

the show tip goes crazy, I started doing that and I've gone everyday for the past 2 weeks

NaughtyB . 2 weeks ago

Great advice! I started a week ago at 3-2-30 and just added a bit more when I could…today I’m at 9-2.5-30…and no hands…I see so many people on 12 literally holding onto the treadmill screen holding their weight up defeating the purpose 🫣….when I’m done I literally have so much sweat on back of my shirt…and my back, waist, and booty already feel more toned 😂
Caryz Fitness

Caryz Fitness . 2 weeks ago

great advice thanks for being so real
Ingrid Thomas

Ingrid Thomas . 4 weeks ago

I love this!! Thank you ☺️
ssdd Kar

ssdd Kar . 4 weeks ago

Stop complaining I did 12-3-30 did 20-25 minute for first 3 days, and hit 30mins everyday later on. I’m 5’11.

YI . 1 month ago

W Advice

CHITRA . 1 month ago

It's been 3 months since I joined the gym, but I never really did this workout before today. I saw it on my insta explore and wanted to try. I was pretty much inactive before joining the gym and had little to none physical activity. But today when I did this workout, I could complete it ( with a little pushing myself off limits). I feel if I were to do this on the first day of my gym, it would've been impossible for me to complete and I'd never step in another gym ever again 😂 but I'm glad that I could complete this!

abjkl . 2 months ago

Great video - thanks! And congrats on your success!!
Stanley Eaton

Stanley Eaton . 2 months ago

🎉 "Promo SM"
Tom Van Loenen

Tom Van Loenen . 2 months ago

Just walk 10k steps every other day
Arleth Rivas

Arleth Rivas . 2 months ago

But, what if my treadmill only gets to 10 incline?

Sophia . 2 months ago

I build up the speed during the process and that really worked for me, I started at 4km/h and added 0.2 or 0.3 km/h and now after almost 2 months I do 4.8km/h (3miles per hour) and it is still hard but I can do it in one try now :)

Demetter . 2 months ago

I think you mean if you're morbidly obese it will be hard. Anyone with an average fitness level will be able to do this.
Stephanie Stance

Stephanie Stance . 2 months ago

But how often did you do the 12-3-30 weekly
Kay La Soul

Kay La Soul . 2 months ago

I just redid this challenge yesterday since I’ve been consistently working out and i agree. I tried when I first started and I was STRUGGLING. I can now do it. It is not for the weak.

Alexia . 2 months ago

I love your energy! And you’re totally right about working your way up. Also love your progress, slay bb

Cairo . 2 months ago

Thank you so much for keeping it real🎉 I am so proud of your amazing results 😊 yup I’m gonna do it 🙌🏽

jabvillacarlos . 2 months ago

Yes! I adjust my speed and time cause the incline feels fine (I used to live in a mountain area) and I can finally do the 30 minutes, 12 incline, but my speed is currently at 2. Which is totally fine cause I started at 1.5! I'll be happy if I even reach 2.5 speed, honestly. I even thought it was 3 kilometres and not 3 miles at first and I thought it was easy...until I did the miles and died.

I also watch my favourite videos and time flies (sometimes lol).
Laurie Morales

Laurie Morales . 2 months ago

There is no way at 58 years of age and in my current health state that I would be able to even consider this treadmill challenge. I am just in the beginning stages of trying to get myself into a healthier place so tonight I went down to the small gym in our apartment building and I walked for a total of 30 minutes at a speed of 2.2 and I was ready to be done by the end. And twice throughout that 30 minutes I bumped up the incline to 2 for 1 minute intervals. Personally I think "challenges" like this set a lot of people up for failure because when they step on the treadmill and try to do this right from the get go and realize that they can't, defeat begins to creep in and we get down on ourselves and we end up giving up. I think it is far better and far more important to set realistic goals based upon many factors and then make modifications and adjustments over time to improve one's odds of long term success.

Nini . 2 months ago

You are so right. I just started doing this workout & it's super difficult
folddeal feal

folddeal feal . 2 months ago

shes speaking facts
Kaitlin Moore

Kaitlin Moore . 2 months ago

Thank you for saying this! I feel like I'll never get up to 3! With my stumpy legs it feels like I have to start running if I want to operate the treadmill at a speed of 3 hahaha. And unfortunately I definitely cannot run for 30 minutes. I can do 12-1.5-30, sometimes 12-2-30 for short periods of time

Uniquely_Latin . 2 months ago

Your show tip was 🔥 It is such a great idea. Also, informing that legs will look awesome, gave me the motivation I needed to try it because my legs are my biggest insecurity. Look forward to any more videos you put out 🙌🏽 I enjoy a good journey story instead of an already at my destination story.
Rachel Barker

Rachel Barker . 2 months ago

Thank you for being so realistic about this. One, this isn't easy if you are just beginning. Two, if you are taller than the creator (Lauren is 5"1) you are going to need to speed up if you are looking to get some what the same results. Im 5"7 and 3mph even as a beginner was very slow for me and my legs. But fitness is an individual journey. We all start, dying, doing 10 minutes on the treadmill with no incline. Please be proud of yourself if you at that point and just know, if you stick at it, you are going to fly and smash all of your goals.
Alice Kavanagh

Alice Kavanagh . 3 months ago

This has given me motivation to workout!! I am a couch potato and its starting make me hate myself😭😭😭
Dessy Baby

Dessy Baby . 3 months ago

You really change my thought about the 12 3 30 I’m a start with the 10 3 30. I know this is probably maybe old a bit. I think it is but yeah, you gained a new follower. Thank you so much. I’m going to the gym tomorrow morning before I start my work. I was going to go hard the first time
Gabby Garcia

Gabby Garcia . 3 months ago

I love your vibes haha, totally agree tho. I used to be incredibly active as a teen and could do anything and everything but now I’m 20 and just had a baby and haven’t worked out in over 2 years lmaoo. I’m gonna get back into it but definitely gonna ease into it first
tracy pum

tracy pum . 3 months ago

Great tip with only watching the show while on the treadmill!
Xiola Red

Xiola Red . 3 months ago

I do 13-2.7-45😂😂😂😂
Nargis Chogle

Nargis Chogle . 3 months ago

I do 5-3-20 and it took me about 3 months to go to this from initially 0-3-15.

It takes time.
Alia Hatchett-Tabron

Alia Hatchett-Tabron . 3 months ago

You definitely have to work your way up. I started with 10 minutes and then would go up 5 minutes increments each week.
Gena Ross

Gena Ross . 3 months ago

Great tips!
Celestial.dreamer ✧

Celestial.dreamer ✧ . 4 months ago

Is treadmill the only thing you did or any other workouts ? Please let us know

mangopeel . 4 months ago

Love your tip about only watching a specific show on the treadmill!

Bimmerbabe . 4 months ago

i absolutely agree with you. it is not at all beginner friendly work out. I am active and work out lifting for many years off and on. I work my way from 3-6-9-12 at 5 min increments and gotta hold on after once i hit 9 incline . i hold 12 incline for 10 mins. and im dying watching the clock go by. then i work it back down from 12-6-3-0 incline. there is no way i could do a 12-3-30 truly right off bat. that would tear up my legs and be defeated. super sore for days. its a challenge to work your way up to it over 30-45 days yes but right off no. i love your hot takes

JustjeanNY . 4 months ago

I like your real talk. I, too, have been hearing about this workout and wanted to try it. Thanks to your advice, I will work up to it as well.

Crystal . 4 months ago

Love it ❤
Theresa Akinlade

Theresa Akinlade . 4 months ago

I love your treadmill show tip so smart and the tip for how to ease into it all...I wasn't sure how to work my way up to it. Thanks girl! And well done 👏🏽

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