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Loutzenheiser . 2 months ago

Season 2: Captain America and the White Wolf, featuring US Agent!

12:1 Trick Shots

12:1 Trick Shots . 2 months ago

Excellent job

Aadit Agrawal

Aadit Agrawal . 2 months ago

32:20 That's deep!

Hezekiah Alexander

Hezekiah Alexander . 2 months ago

Who did Sam call??? Because it wasn't Sharon.... Why did everyone miss the giant x-men symbol on the gate??

Ralph Carvalho

Ralph Carvalho . 2 months ago

Falcon is more like captain American falcon

Feet Friends

Feet Friends . 2 months ago

I was surprised warren wasn’t surprised when it said “captain America and the winter soldier”

Bledsoe Dominic

Bledsoe Dominic . 2 months ago

I think Sharon is a Scroll and will be in Secret Invasions

Lisa Savage

Lisa Savage . 2 months ago

CAPTAIN AMERICA and the Winter Soldier!!! I wonder if Sharon Carter is going to have anything to do with The Mandarin?


al77big19 . 2 months ago

I love Marvel series and movies. One thing I can do without is the "woke" sh*t in the Marvel Universe. I watch movies and series for a good story, action, and superheros not sh*t that has no place in movies or series like these. I'm not just talking about this series just wait and see the garbage they're going to shove in your face in the Eternals movie. I'll give you guys a hint an intimate kiss should Only be shared between a man and woman or husband and wife especially if it's going to be thrown in your face on the big screen or your flat-screen.

Jack Day

Jack Day . 2 months ago

When the new suit came on screen I was told to be quiet cause I was so hyped

Mark Schamber

Mark Schamber . 2 months ago

I'm very conflicted... I like the new suit but I was expecting it to be more "wakandan"... I was expecting it to look more like Black Panther's suit, just red/white/blue. This looks more like Caps original suit that was made by normies. I was hoping for even something that was nanotech that he could deploy at any time.

Jen - PBandJen

Jen - PBandJen . 2 months ago

The cloacking device that Sharon had was the same one that black widow used in "Winter Soldier"

Larry Smith

Larry Smith . 2 months ago

Hopefully they make season 2

Jen - PBandJen

Jen - PBandJen . 2 months ago

OMG - Congratulations on the new house!!!!

Avengemonus prime

Avengemonus prime . 2 months ago

guys does anyone notice the old man in the car who is seeing the flag smashers get blown up tell me who he is


JPValoo . 2 months ago

Did not like the way they treated Sharon... I still think there might be more than meets the eye for her to be the power broker, maybe she is one of the skrulls that will lead to the beginning of The Secret Invasion!

candice ramage

candice ramage . 2 months ago

I entered the captain America shield giveaway my Instagram is @ hawk15

Christian Aldrich

Christian Aldrich . 2 months ago

We back nothing for news

Christian Aldrich

Christian Aldrich . 2 months ago

So what are we doing Just staring at a guy with a mustache and headphones


J/NC\B . 2 months ago

That cloaking device is shield tech, black widow used it in the winter soldier

Sashank Iyer

Sashank Iyer . 2 months ago

What's the song at the end?

Jonathan Hearn

Jonathan Hearn . 2 months ago

I love how they give US Agent his Black suit I think that is gonna have some ties to Hydra with madame hydra was still hoping they used Thunderbolt Ross in some type of way tho but maybe Armor Wars will include him. I hope they still create the Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers teams that would he epic! And I must say Sam's final speech was the greatest piece of writing I seen in a long time and I kinda like how they tied the blip into the pandemic in away because the word experienced it the same no matter your color.

Verxoul Link

Verxoul Link . 2 months ago

But like whatever happened to Omega Red?

Jonathan Hearn

Jonathan Hearn . 2 months ago

Sharon is gonna be how the ARMOR WARS START WATCH!

Verxoul Link

Verxoul Link . 2 months ago

I so wanted Sam to say “I can do this all day” to Batroc

Verxoul Link

Verxoul Link . 2 months ago

I really thought Sam and John would fight

bonsai zone

bonsai zone . 2 months ago

If it is that easy to shoot supersoldiers (Carly), why is it then, that every Marvel character (that is not immortal) is not simply shot dead by anybody, that can hold a gun ? Who cares about the flagsmashers, if a their normal supporters could do the job ? That fact is making the whole MCU a big laugh to me.

Cmk 908

Cmk 908 . 2 months ago

Maybe The Sharon Carter part is to lead to the ThunderBolts with Carter as the head rather then Ross, and then it gives them a chance to change the name because let’s all be honest with each, Thunderbolts is not a good name.

Suman Halder

Suman Halder . 2 months ago

No X men Easter egg 🥚 , no cameo nothing bullshit 🙄😑

Quran Spell

Quran Spell . 2 months ago

Man that was a great episode. Had chills, tears, smiles. Beautiful shit!


Limen . 2 months ago

***SPOILER ALERT*** What am I missing? How does a badass SHIELD agent with Sharon Carter's pedigree turn on the country she serves over having to go into exile for a few years. She must have gone bad pretty quick to build up her organization and have the super soldier serum developed.


WCM2 . 2 months ago

Sharon was sus. Sharon was the imposter

Chen Avrilingi

Chen Avrilingi . 2 months ago

This episode was amazing!


J V . 2 months ago

When Karli said "stay down!" to Sam, I thought he was gonna say "I can do this all day" (Civil War reference) but of course, it's Steve's line, so I'm glad he didn't say it but would still be funny if he did


boygamer . 2 months ago



J . 2 months ago

Great episode 😁😁 My only complaint is that I wish they showed Elijah showing interest in becoming the Patriot but I’m pretty sure he’ll pop up in Ms.Marvel or Hawkeye

Kunal mathur

Kunal mathur . 2 months ago

Secret wars story begining at the end

New King

New King . 2 months ago

Sam's outfit looks like it was made by wish or its it's part or CW programming. Very cheesy. And isn't bulky supposed to get the title first? And he was able to put up a good fight with batroc. Cap with his super Soldier serum even had a hard time doing that, even though he beat him and was trying to take it a little easy. But there is no way that Sam would have been able to put that kind of a fight or take the hits. I'm glad I didn't pay to see this in the theater and it already came with my Disney Plus subscription

Bratt S

Bratt S . 2 months ago

I think they moved val recruiting Zemo to the Black Widow movie.

Ananth Sundaram

Ananth Sundaram . 2 months ago

And the black captain stuff was a little too much...

Ananth Sundaram

Ananth Sundaram . 2 months ago

It was good ,, atleast better than Wanda vision final... But could have done better like letting jon kill karli

julian t

julian t . 2 months ago

apart from the Sam and Isaiah stuff, i was left with an overall empty feeling about it all. Sharon being the powerbroker just fell flat for me... i guess they need to make a show called agent 13 to fill in what happened between the end of civil war and now that's caused her to betray everything she believed in, even her own family heritage. Bucky apologizing to Yori, gave me zero emotional impact, it was like 30 seconds, and move on. Karlie and the flag smashers suddenly became easy to beat... i dunno man, im gonna watch it again to see how i really feel about it.

mc kenzie's

mc kenzie's . 2 months ago

The show is mid, the only intersting character this show have is john walker and his growth to becme the U.S agent.


Kunwar . 2 months ago

Walker showed he is not completely bad yet. (Spoilers) When he had the choice of going after Karli or saving the people in the falling car he chose the latter and it shows Lemar's death affected him for the good


Fabian . 2 months ago

With these new resources Sharon got begins the era of mutants!


justinbt . 2 months ago

People saying Sharon is a skrull.... THEY are ALIENS with tech FAR superior than ours. Why tf would they try to steal our tech. Let me guess, Zemo is Mephisto?


Z . 2 months ago

I just feel like having doctor strange appear in wv and Spider-Man appear here would just give the MCU more connectivity I know it’s a lot of money to get the actors but there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be there

Raghuram 19-5H4

Raghuram 19-5H4 . 2 months ago

We May see Red Hulk In She Hulk or Thunderbolts

Atticus Kirk

Atticus Kirk . 2 months ago

I think it was a serviceable finale. The character moments were a lot stronger than the action. I will say though that this episode almost felt like more of a formality in some ways. The major emotional resolution of the episode came in episode 5 with this episode mostly just tying off loose ends. It does kind of feel like this length of show has some difficulty fitting all the resolution into the final episode without rushing things a bit (not to mention that COVID caused problems behind the scenes). Still, like I said, it was serviceable. Doesn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the series.

a c

a c . 2 months ago

What??? DId Sharon kill Karli? Sam is fine with sharon killing Karli?

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