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Twin Sisters Say GOODBYE ๐Ÿ˜ญ | Brooklyn Moves Out (to Utah)
Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

Published on 2 weeks ago

This has been a moment we've been DREADING for years! Bailey and I have literally done everything TOGETHER for our entire lives. Now that we've graduated college, and Bailey is engaged, it is time for me to find my own path. I'm moving to Utah for the next year, and saying goodbye to Bailey was the HARDEST thing I've ever done! Grab your tissues, and COMMENT BELOW telling Bailey that everything will be OK!

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Yโ€™all know that for the last couple of months, I have been preparing to move to Utah. Well, the time has finally come! I had my entire family and some friends come to Waco and help me pack up my stuff in a small U-haul truck. I'm still impressed we were able to fit everything, Tetris style, into the truck!

I knew Paisley was going to have a hard time, because she and I are super close. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is also Finn's FAVORITE babysitter. I knew her saying goodbye would be emotional. Daxton is growing up so fast, and held me for the longest time. Being on the Autism Spectrum, he doesn't typically attach to people nor show much emotion in situations like this. He'd rather code on his computer. This is why his huge hug meant SO MUCH to me! I have the best brother! Rylan, you could tell, was hiding her emotions. Apparently she went in and sobbed shortly after we left. I just love that girl! She's so much fun to be around!

Of course, the hardest part was saying #goodbye to my #twin Bailey! ๐Ÿ˜ญ The longest we have ever been apart is 10 days, so this move is a really BIG CHANGE for us! Both of us #twins cried a ton as I finally drove away, it felt kind of like I was jumping into the deep ocean without a life preserver! Bailey has been that safety and comfort for me my entire life. I know we will see each other often, at least once per month, since we are still best friends and working together... its just strange knowing I just can't walk into Bailey's room next door and have her be there!

Overall, as sad as this video is for us and all of you... this move is SUPER EXCITING and represents a new chapter for me! Bailey and I will still maintain this channel together, bulk filming videos when we are together, along with Bailey and Asa's wedding plans, PLUS videos of what we are doing separately.

These next 12 months, Bailey and I are working on an EXCITING new project that requires that I be in Utah! You'll hear more about this hopefully in the next few months! What was your favorite part of this video? COMMENT BELOW!

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Comments :

Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey . 2 weeks ago

What was your favorite part of this video? Also, COMMENT BELOW telling Bailey that everything will be OK! โœ… Be sure to follow us on Instagram for DAILY updates! ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป https://www.instagram.com/BrooklynAndBailey โค๏ธ's - Brooklyn

Journey Vlogs

Journey Vlogs . 8 hours ago

i started cryingg broo i grew up with yall together


Vanessa . 11 hours ago

How funny Dakota trying not to be in the Camera๐Ÿ˜‚

. 12 hours ago


Zuha Alamri

Zuha Alamri . 13 hours ago

Ewww Iโ€™m so sad

Nicolette Paternoster

Nicolette Paternoster . 13 hours ago

Not me at 3:50 crying

Liza Suwa

Liza Suwa . 13 hours ago

But why am I cryingโ€”

Natalee Wren

Natalee Wren . 15 hours ago

Is anyone else wondering whoโ€™s the boy that was driving Brooklyn in the jeep?

Karis Bumgardner

Karis Bumgardner . 15 hours ago


Sarina Lockhart

Sarina Lockhart . 16 hours ago

I'm moving to a different house and I've been living here since I was 3 ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Sarina Lockhart

Sarina Lockhart . 16 hours ago

Wait did I miss a vid about you about to get married

taylor andrews

taylor andrews . 16 hours ago

omg iโ€™m bawling๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Madeline Jenkins

Madeline Jenkins . 16 hours ago

this made me cry so hard

Madison Avery

Madison Avery . 17 hours ago

Dang this is SOO sad ๐Ÿฅบ

Ellen Wotherspoon

Ellen Wotherspoon . 18 hours ago

What is excertition school??

Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh . 18 hours ago

Who is the guy driving Brooklyn's car?

sara walters

sara walters . 19 hours ago

why am i sitting here crying??

John Hojnowski

John Hojnowski . 20 hours ago

Asa is lucky to have you in his life

Evgenija Paloska

Evgenija Paloska . 20 hours ago

I didn't expect to cry,but this reminded me of when my brother moved out of town๐Ÿ˜”

Angela Isabella

Angela Isabella . 22 hours ago

This video completely killed me !!

Birb Brains

Birb Brains . 23 hours ago

everything will be okay Bailey!! yโ€™all will probably still call each other ALL the time, yโ€™all will still see each otherโ€™s posts on Instagram and YouTube and everything else, so everything is gonna be fine!! I know you can do it Brooklyn and Bailey, youโ€™re both gonna get though this!!

Truck Jones

Truck Jones . 1 day ago

Called growing up. ๐Ÿ™„

aDoTi nOoKhRa

aDoTi nOoKhRa . 2 days ago

My friend moved away in 2019 and had lived near me for around 6-7 years. She just came back today to visit me after two years of not seeing her. This made my heart full.

aDoTi nOoKhRa

aDoTi nOoKhRa . 2 days ago

HOLD ON. THE FIRST PART WAS BROOKLYN i thought it was Bailey. i think I'm losing my mind now.

K is Gaming

K is Gaming . 2 days ago

As soon as I saw Bailey crying I lost itโ€ฆ

Jaymie and Annabeth

Jaymie and Annabeth . 2 days ago


Sanika Karulkar

Sanika Karulkar . 2 days ago

So Brooklyn has moved close to Alyssa ???? Can we get a blog together

Sarangthem Beenokumari

Sarangthem Beenokumari . 2 days ago

I literally cried when when they hug for the last time๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช

Nassima ElA

Nassima ElA . 2 days ago

where is their mother

Blackcat 21

Blackcat 21 . 2 days ago

I Hope Brooklyn has good luck whilst in utah


J.Poole . 2 days ago

I make time stamps to come back to this channel every single year, to see how far you guys have made it, and wow has it been so crazy watching you guysโ€™ progress. I used to have the biggest crush on Brooklyn, wow has time flown! Glad you guys are making the community so proud with outstanding content.

Brooklyn Kimbrell

Brooklyn Kimbrell . 2 days ago

My name is Brooklyn

Millie Popz

Millie Popz . 2 days ago

I hope Brooklyn still does yt I know Bailey will but wabt brookeeeee

Grace Nicholas

Grace Nicholas . 3 days ago

Is bad I am crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Mea Alford

Mea Alford . 3 days ago

did anyone else start crying when they hugged

Lily Fratto

Lily Fratto . 3 days ago

I cried during this,this is so sad but Bailey everything is ok! But I cried real tears in this at the part when you were saying goodbye ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


ITS KAYLA . 3 days ago

The dogs gonna be so sadddd

Isabella Horne

Isabella Horne . 3 days ago

They posted this on my birthday ๐Ÿคฃ

3CG Design

3CG Design . 3 days ago

Oh my goodness I was actually crying too!๐Ÿ˜ข

Naisya Antoine

Naisya Antoine . 3 days ago

Dacron in the back ๐Ÿ˜‚

Landry Cramer

Landry Cramer . 3 days ago

just me or did you cry watching this

Keltie Lariza

Keltie Lariza . 3 days ago

This was so sad made me cry thinking about what my sister has to go to college in two years

Totally Toba

Totally Toba . 3 days ago

Utah definitely has pizookiโ€˜s theyโ€™re so good

roya borojeni

roya borojeni . 3 days ago

please tell your editors to use spell check. monstrosity being spelled incorrectly made me second guess myself until i looked it up

Lindsay Kiefer

Lindsay Kiefer . 3 days ago

show us a tour of your apartment.

Yna Sunoo

Yna Sunoo . 3 days ago

I canโ€™t believe im actually crying right now ๐Ÿ˜ญ I feel so saaad.

Daphne Wolfgramm

Daphne Wolfgramm . 4 days ago

ya'll did not have to make me cry like that

Jamie W

Jamie W . 4 days ago

when you literally watched these 2 grow up.....

Glenda Trinidad

Glenda Trinidad . 4 days ago

I understand the feeling. I had to leave my twin sister when I did grad school in the UK.


Reyfun . 4 days ago

Seeing Bailey cry is making me cry omg. This is hard to watch without crying

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