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Hulk VS Broly (Marvel VS Dragon Ball) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 6 months ago

The Legendary Super Saiyan fights the Immortal Hulk!

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Comments :


DarkLordOfAll . 2 hours ago

With Devil Hulk could that balance out his fight against Doomsday?

Carl Fears

Carl Fears . 17 hours ago

This was a beautiful fight.


Code951 . 19 hours ago

Could Beerus's Hakai kill the Hulk? Like permanently?

Dr Savage

Dr Savage . 22 hours ago

DB way too OP... fight me! Lol jk it was ok but broly gets taken down levels as The hulk just keeps getting stronger imo. I don't believe this death battle was 💯 accurate. Great job though!

Fernando Caneva

Fernando Caneva . 23 hours ago

wait what? first I expected Broly to win, but than after you gave detail of hulk(every version of hulk or his strongest?), I expected hulk to win


ThatDudeJCrash . 1 day ago

Hulk stays getting washed lmaoo

Tyrant Trae

Tyrant Trae . 1 day ago

WW84 did not age well lmao. Jiren held back in their entire fight and stood toe to toe with UI. Broly aint on that level.


Guardian2008 . 2 days ago

I am starting animation right now and I am trying to learn to make these types of animations


ZIKE ROCHA . 2 days ago

Where was that healing factor in hulk vs doomsday

Void Termina

Void Termina . 2 days ago

My fan made Sailor Moon character: I can rewrite the plot! Hulk: Show me!

Desoulate 47

Desoulate 47 . 2 days ago

In my head I had already solidified that Marvel characters are mostly out of any DBZ universe. Those comic alternate versions & how they’re explained? Awesome. That’s not to downplay DBZ cause i like it better, space monkeys that shoot lasers out there hands? 🤌🏽


LoneMyth . 3 days ago

Broly wins because Americans comic are almost bankrupt and Manga is thriving in sales.

Romeo M

Romeo M . 3 days ago

I love the way broly looks at the head of hulk not knowing what to do with it.

Stup Overlord

Stup Overlord . 3 days ago

A video with a Marvel and Dragon Ball character sponsored by a DC movie


Duke . 3 days ago

Broly solos

Lawrence Strong

Lawrence Strong . 3 days ago

I don't like the fact that the incredible hulk lost twice already it's really not fair to compare him to a dragon Ball z character come on now

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson . 4 days ago

Hulk vs Eren


Elmo9001 . 4 days ago

Research team for this episode were 34-1 in favour of Hulk because they thought "Goku and Beerus could destroy the universe, so SSJ3 Goku could destroy 3,600 universes, and Broly can destroy at least a million!" was completely ridiculous and baseless.

Victor Valenzuela

Victor Valenzuela . 4 days ago

Besides Goku vs Superman part 1, this one is also my favorite one of all times

Bonkai !

Bonkai ! . 4 days ago

World Breaker Hulk>>>DBZ Broly DBS Broly>>>World Breaker Hulk

Boogie.A Truss

Boogie.A Truss . 4 days ago

Bruh is this even debatable broly would clap da hulk

D-Rock ShotDead

D-Rock ShotDead . 4 days ago

Vegeta got nuked, the planet my son or me yes

Krous Anthony

Krous Anthony . 4 days ago

Broly=unlimited potential


DD R . 5 days ago

Oh c'mmon man for some people I might sound like a jerk but it's my point sometimes y'all are very unfair guys

Sai Guan

Sai Guan . 5 days ago

Vegeta in manga already have destruction power if vegeta fought broly again you all already know right.broly will learn destruction power from vegeta😓

Gamer 26

Gamer 26 . 5 days ago

The Ikari theme that plays would fit soo well in a shadow the hedgehog smash bro’s trailer. If shadow ever gets in I’m gonna put this theme over his smash bro’s trailer. That’s a huge if though

It’s Nave

It’s Nave . 5 days ago

double ad, sponsor, double ad before 1:30...

nail dwyer

nail dwyer . 5 days ago

Hulk SMASH. Widdled down is still too much..

andy theGoatman

andy theGoatman . 6 days ago

Ik everyone wants to distpute the facts but lets appreciate the sound tract ikari is 🔥

Max Zax

Max Zax . 6 days ago

That song playing during the battle sounds real familiar 🤔

Cool Sanji Guy

Cool Sanji Guy . 6 days ago

Po could beat both of them.

Billie Jean

Billie Jean . 6 days ago

Hulk couldnt defeat Thanos. You really thinks he got the balls to take on Broly?

Overlord Vox

Overlord Vox . 6 days ago

This is suprising, hulk loosing TWICE... Once to Doomsday, and now to Broly. Our green goliath is on a loosing streak

Ash Animations

Ash Animations . 6 days ago

It’s always the dimension breaking…ever since Dragon Ball Super Broly came out…


PriyeshRamsaran . 6 days ago

broly will make hulk pregant


Peyton . 6 days ago

Why was hulk not like dis WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING THANOS?!

nightmare69 metal matt

nightmare69 metal matt . 7 days ago

Now we need to see broly vs superman

Alexander king

Alexander king . 7 days ago

So that glow in dbz isn't just ki leaking, it's actually a barrier

Alexander king

Alexander king . 7 days ago

Hulk sounds like dark sidous lol

B Rotten

B Rotten . 7 days ago

Being a rage-fueled Devil Warrior Monster Fighter myself, this is still my favorite battle they’ve done…just out of fandom.

Jason Schmidt

Jason Schmidt . 7 days ago

What about the fact that hulk gets reborn? Technically he wouldn’t die so the battle would never end?

Simply Murph

Simply Murph . 7 days ago

Best fight I’ve seen so far

Jackson Alvis

Jackson Alvis . 1 week ago

I’ve been waiting so long to watch this and it didn’t disappoint.

XLR8 Quix

XLR8 Quix . 1 week ago

WW 1984 was trash

Manaf Benayache

Manaf Benayache . 1 week ago

Broly is too strong for Hulk !


Lucky . 1 week ago

Comic hulk, literally to angry to die Movie hulk, owie me hit :<

jess5432 cut12

jess5432 cut12 . 1 week ago

Can you make a Goku ultra instinct vs Superman full power


Anero . 1 week ago

Also forgot to put in a key detail about broly the old movie was about him BLOWING UP universe 6 and king Kai wanted to find out who did itn

Andrew W.C.

Andrew W.C. . 1 week ago

Saitama vs Omni-Man. Come on. That hipster popular mustached fool needs to be kicked down to size. And it’s ridiculous you haven’t included One Punch Man in anything major. Yet. Do it. Have Caped Baldy wipe his ass with that pepper-haired DILF.


terriboy . 1 week ago

BROLY: You are monster? HULK: No, THE DEVIL Is that a TFS reference?

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