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Harley Davidson Sent me a GIANT box for FREE!
Bikes and Beards

Bikes and Beards

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Harley davidson sent us a huge some would say motorcycle sized box, and we are about to find out exactly what is in it

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FuckJoeBiden . 51 minutes ago

They send you the box so you can ship their junk back to them.
A Smith

A Smith . 6 hours ago

Hail Satan...

dw0095 . 20 hours ago

Wow Harley sending their bikes to all content creators. Like ALL of them.
Christopher Starnes

Christopher Starnes . 1 day ago

I got to demo it at Daytona bike week and it astounds me that they looked at an 18 year old kid and said “yeah go crazy”
Jason White

Jason White . 1 day ago

Look up Orca v twin. Engines there big Harley style engines that are turbo and destroy the numbers any one else makes
Michael Osmon

Michael Osmon . 1 day ago

I've owned 4 Harleys. They are more interested in appeasing a potential new market than their existing customer base. My next bike gonna be a bmw
The Pangkhua Boy

The Pangkhua Boy . 1 day ago

Dear Harley Davidson, don't send me a bike but at least send me a Harley Davidson T shirt or Helmet, it's will be a dream come true🥲

Address : Rangamati, Chattagram, Bangladesh
Michael Case

Michael Case . 2 days ago

Yea make a paratrooper bike out of it. Drop it from a cargo plane.
Steve Govea

Steve Govea . 2 days ago

Damn it...now you got me looking these up and checking out the prices.

PEERAPHON . 2 days ago

อยู่หน้า บ. QC กับเป้ ปริธาดา.

Lifted_Above . 3 days ago

All that power and still a front brake off a 350cc enduro and a rear suspension travel suitable for a 100-pound person.
Carter Roesch

Carter Roesch . 3 days ago

Scott Vernum

Scott Vernum . 3 days ago

You have your work cut out for you,, that is one ugly bike.
Mikael Gaspar

Mikael Gaspar . 3 days ago

It can only be a bicycle. For sure!
Adam Kimsey

Adam Kimsey . 3 days ago

"No speeding and don't break any laws." -said while going 45 in a 35
Justison Maynard

Justison Maynard . 3 days ago

ya on a straight away grass in road isn't so bad but i hope you hit it on a turn one day.... its as bad as hitting gravel dirt allofasudden on a tight turn..

glickmpb . 3 days ago

Ill take my 2018 VMax every day over the week over any "fast" harley.

jhoot . 3 days ago

Not related to the content of the video, but your sponsor. I'm not big on buying stuff I see advertised in a video, however I have terrible gut and stomach issues, and have tons of tests and the doctors keep saying nothing is wrong. I think I'm going to give this Athletic Greens stuff a try.
John Spanos

John Spanos . 3 days ago

Great video. Incredible test ride. Remarkable offer to Harley Davidson.

I just can’t understand how HD didn’t offer you to be Chairman of Board. LoL
Osman Lim

Osman Lim . 4 days ago

Sounds like a 125ccm from india
stoof ford

stoof ford . 4 days ago

You guys are goood
Josiah Peters

Josiah Peters . 4 days ago

Dry eyes, omega 3 - the quality stuff. Cured my dry eye issue
asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 4 days ago

and just wanted to ask you :)

numarkaz . 4 days ago

I will get a Harley Davidson tattoo if they send me any bike.
Fjb Fjb

Fjb Fjb . 4 days ago

It may be one of the fastest harleys but it sure is 1 of the ugliest no doubt
Fur Dreams

Fur Dreams . 4 days ago

Always start with burnouts!! 🤣🤣

Ride safe out there yall!! Prayers for everyone that rides from FURDREAMS Detroit! 🙏🙏
Jay Malinowski

Jay Malinowski . 4 days ago

Chinese junk.
Mike Skidmore

Mike Skidmore . 4 days ago

I find it hard to beleive .. I thought the Honda Cub was supposed to get like 125 MPG.
My Yamaha FZ-07 gets 58 MPG at 55-60 MPH and you don't accelerate hard.
Christopher Moon

Christopher Moon . 4 days ago

Hahhahhhahha the grass

Honklerton . 4 days ago

The new Harleys are NO LONGER - MANUFACTURED - in the USA. BECAUSE OF THAT FACT ALONE - I will NEVER purchase a NEW Harley EVER. This is why all the AMERICAN MADE Harley D's will now HOLD THEIR VALUE BETTER than the new ones - TRUST MATTERS!!!!!!!! REPUTATION MATTERS!!!!!!!!! WHERE THINGS ARE MADE - MATTERS!!!!!!!!!! Non patriots - you MAY not care that much - but I am betting QUALITY has gone down since the change. For Patriots - you know as well as I do ON PRINCIPLE ALONE we won't buy the newer bikes.

Hayden Barrow

Hayden Barrow . 4 days ago

That eye condition you have is porn related which is not blinking when discovered
So you are blinking now to make up for the pass

JAMES BROWN . 4 days ago

Dry start Issues.. Sounds like a Silverware drawer in a Sherman Tank... Say what you want, JUNK...
Matt Davies

Matt Davies . 4 days ago

Gota admire you americans,not only guns and gangs but the dredded 3rd g = GRASS!! and you both made it thru alive,well done!

TheChillBison . 4 days ago

That Trail 125 is pretty cool. I've been working on a 1960s CT90 of my grandfather's that looks nearly the same. My great-grandpa drove it all over the desert for quail and deer, and it still only has like 300 miles on it. Got it running again a few weeks ago.
Chad Miller

Chad Miller . 4 days ago

How do us poor people get free bikes? Why is it that people who can afford to buy get stuff for free. I'm sure they want you to return it at some point
Gerald Good III

Gerald Good III . 4 days ago

The mpg challenge reminds me of when Top
gear did 10 laps with a Prius flat out .. and has an M3 pacing .. and the m3
Got much better mpg
Gerald Good III

Gerald Good III . 4 days ago

What about a Buell?
The last ones that they made ..
Those were amazing
Gerald Good III

Gerald Good III . 4 days ago

JJ Ranger

JJ Ranger . 4 days ago

I absolutely hate Harley’s… rattle box of crap , won’t wish it on a broke dick dog
Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers . 4 days ago

Man I'm dying for another bike. My dad always rode a Harley but before h passed away he bought me Yamaha virago I think it was, but I had to sell it unfortunately, but I got him watching y'all's videos for awhile and he always thought you was crazy for the things you do haha love watching your videos man. If you see this comment by any chance I'm wondering if you could find me a cheap but decent bike... It's so hard to find one where I live for a decent price. I'd love to have one because Ive rode my friends and it really felt like I was right with my dad again, sounds crazy but true. Don't need anything fancy just something to get out on the Rd with! Keep up the cool videos man!
Free Mar

Free Mar . 5 days ago

I love Crag haha
Francisco Metis

Francisco Metis . 5 days ago


Noneofyerbiz . 5 days ago

Hi YouTube. Why am I getting videos like this, that I absolutely hate, and have never subscribed to, but I never see videos from Revzilla, Missinden Flyer, or Fortnine anymore? I am subscribed to those other channels, not this.
Dan mcgreedy

Dan mcgreedy . 5 days ago

You guys ever get to try my diy suicide shift idea? Welding a rod and gear knob on the foot shift it's an eye catcher and can even go s far as a petal control foot clutch would not hurt to turn a one down foot shift to suicid shift.. give it a shot
Dan mcgreedy

Dan mcgreedy . 5 days ago

Just Doo away with the street tires breaks main thing you guys are awesome

Goseyer . 5 days ago

Do a video about Kawasaki Ninja H2.

jake20479 . 5 days ago

it would have a much faster 0-60 if it was able to hit 60 at the end of its rpm range in first gear. that gear shift is costing lots of time.
Sam Smith

Sam Smith . 5 days ago

I told the guy off Facebook if he sold me a project bike I would turn it into a project bike and he took the deal
Matt VanLandingham

Matt VanLandingham . 5 days ago

Aren't you guys pretty far apart in weight? The skinny guy won on both bikes...

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