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Po Skadooshes DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 1 month ago

Po the panda proves there's more to a great fighter than meets the eye!
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Comments :

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 weeks ago


Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 weeks ago


Edgar Gonzales

Edgar Gonzales . 2 weeks ago

Po is the first dreamworks character in death battle

E miner

E miner . 3 weeks ago

I want to see this fight Sakuya izayoi vs Giorno Giovanna

BoB Ben

BoB Ben . 4 weeks ago

Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

ThuNdeR Al Sultan

ThuNdeR Al Sultan . 1 month ago

Madara vs Fujitora please

dantae lloyd

dantae lloyd . 1 month ago

Trevor Belmont vs GUTS

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones . 1 month ago

You guys should do one with ruby roses

Nightmare Crimson

Nightmare Crimson . 1 month ago

Imagine if they get Jack Black to voice in the death battle 🤯


f2dx . 1 month ago

@DEATH BATTLE! How are you going to have kung fu panda before Alex mercer? Seriously?! o.O


Freyafanboy90 . 1 month ago

Hmm interesting. Po's body renders him immune to pressure points huh? Looks like one of Iron fists skills is rendered useless.

Joshy Jones

Joshy Jones . 1 month ago

Love the theme song


Will . 1 month ago

Afuro Zamurai vs yasuke

Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia . 1 month ago

Go Po

Navid Sharifipour

Navid Sharifipour . 1 month ago

I have a bad feeling that this is gonna be Ben 10 vs green lantern all over again

Slick The Clown

Slick The Clown . 1 month ago

“Woah... Danny Rand... your mastery of the Iron Fist is legen- OOF!!!!” “Do you always fawn over your foes before battle, strange talking panda?” *flashing back to several of his fight openings* “Yeah... yeah, sometimes.”

Slick The Clown

Slick The Clown . 1 month ago

“Xiao Po Ping” because Po is TOTALLY “little”.

End of the Left

End of the Left . 1 month ago

Oh boy Get ready for this to be “Ben 10 vs Green Lantern Part 3”

Rodriguez Ivan

Rodriguez Ivan . 1 month ago

Iron fist vs ryu would’ve been a better fight but this works too.

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen . 1 month ago

Another character that could fight Po Blob from X-Men

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen . 1 month ago

This going to be a weird fight that surprisingly. Dragon Fist would be the best choice for a comparison(one of the few that would kinda make sense, I guess)

John Espejel

John Espejel . 1 month ago

Shake vs Saga please!!!

The Dimensioneer

The Dimensioneer . 1 month ago

You should watch Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, and then do a Mystic Knights vs Power Rangers battle.

Ameera Gulley

Ameera Gulley . 1 month ago

Tylie from avatar vs 13 year old Hinata hyuga from Naruto


Manf1sh . 1 month ago

I want to see Hancock vs Omni-Man

Lord Rou

Lord Rou . 1 month ago

I feel bad for whoever the opponent is

Holy Toledo163

Holy Toledo163 . 1 month ago

Do omni man vs homelander next

Dr. M Hyde

Dr. M Hyde . 1 month ago

I had no idea Po was his middle name.

Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia . 1 month ago

I know po had an huge advantage over iron fist

cody graff

cody graff . 1 month ago

I'm really stoked for this death battle

Lisa Arnold

Lisa Arnold . 1 month ago



AcquaKing02 . 1 month ago

Please do Trevor philips vs Vaas


Zerukin . 1 month ago

No doubt the full episode will have them go over Po's biggest weakness... stairs.

Eric Dalhoff

Eric Dalhoff . 1 month ago


Optimus LemonPie

Optimus LemonPie . 1 month ago

The premiere lied to us. They said we’d see it on May 16 but it’s shows that it’s gonna premiere on May 17. How could they??!! EDIT:Whoever liked my comment please reply.

White Fire The Dragon

White Fire The Dragon . 1 month ago

The cartoon isn't really canon to the movies... but honestly, how many fans really care?

Infinity Echoes

Infinity Echoes . 1 month ago

I haven't been this excited about a Deathbattle since Snake Vs Sam Fisher... I'm sad Po might kick it though...

075 Kaarthikeyan

075 Kaarthikeyan . 1 month ago

I really think Po is hitting way above his league here . Danny's Iron Fist has taken down foes like colossus and even destroyed an entire Hellicarrier. Po best durability feat is falling from a 70 feet height and struck by kai through a giant boulder. I don't po can make it out of this.

Post Traumatic Sayori Disorder

Post Traumatic Sayori Disorder . 1 month ago

Why do I have the feeling that Po is going to win? Is it because Death Battle is going to dig up some impossible feat from some obscure comic that not even most Kung Fu Panda fans have read? I mean it's not like Death Battle has ever thrown in a joke character for that exact reason before, right?

Thao Justin

Thao Justin . 1 month ago

Wait are you guys counting the “legend of awesomeness” series?


Zuperboy . 1 month ago

The tv show is cannon?

Travis Brown

Travis Brown . 1 month ago

Love po win or lose


LordSvzklx . 1 month ago

I mean, is there really any doubting that Po is going to win this? Day One of his training was going up against five martial artists of Iron Fist's calibre, taking their best shots and bouncing right back and asking for more. Knocking Po down might not be an issue but making him stay down most definitely is. It took a munitions factory blowing up on top of him just to slow him down and even then not for long, anything less isn't going to phase him

Khalid Khan

Khalid Khan . 1 month ago

Please win the kun fu panda


xxhalfhackerxx . 1 month ago

If Tai Lung gets in, his preview should be "Tai Lung finds a worthy opponent for Death Battle"

Wesley Bruington

Wesley Bruington . 1 month ago

I bet full power Dragon Warrior Po could beat Goku, One Punch Man, Superman, Thanos anyone you throw at him he'll beat to a pulp. (This is a joke don't call me out)

ArthurFranco AF

ArthurFranco AF . 1 month ago

YEAH PO!!!!!!!!


Ash . 1 month ago

I bet all the money in the multiverse that po wins

Devin Spencer

Devin Spencer . 1 month ago

I want to say this will be an interesting fight, but knowing Marvel characters, and comic characters in general, Iron Fist has probably destroyed a universe or two.

Maylen Morales-Lawli

Maylen Morales-Lawli . 1 month ago

Lloyd Garmadon vs Sunset Shimmer When

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