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Heihachi Mishima VS Geese Howard (Tekken VS King of Fighters) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 2 months ago

Two bad bosses and even badder dads go head-to-head!

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Comments :

Nicholas King

Nicholas King . 3 hours ago

Baki vs kazuya

Paladin of the Sea

Paladin of the Sea . 4 hours ago

Meanwhile in Smash, Terry and Kazuya are looking at the TV eating Popcorn and sipping on drinks.



Geese Howard is in Tekken 7.


同吉熊學 . 20 hours ago

Those two characters are already in TK7

Garza del Toro Abogados

Garza del Toro Abogados . 1 day ago

Kazuya is now in Super Smash bros ultimate!!!!!!!

Julian Divinagracia

Julian Divinagracia . 1 day ago

6:47 "maybe that was just a facade for the heartbreaking he suffered at destroying his family and creating a cycle of violence... as so many fathers have before him" holy crap

Jennifer Griel

Jennifer Griel . 2 days ago

God now I really want Elon Musk to host a real life version of Tekken.


Panik . 2 days ago

Deep down I wanted geese to win but I fully know well that heihachi is true geese killer

acewt timer

acewt timer . 2 days ago

We have this fight at home This fight at home: *loads up Tekken 7*

Johnny Bordeaux

Johnny Bordeaux . 3 days ago

I was more tekken back then. I know kof, though. Shermie was cute, as cute as Leona.


Nergal . 3 days ago

Missed the chance to have Geese laugh while falling


Rapid . 4 days ago



CAPTAIN HAISE . 4 days ago

Team geese 🙋

Herbie Wares

Herbie Wares . 5 days ago

anybody here after a tekken character got into smash bros? should probably do a kazuya v someone death battle to celebrate

Oliver Tejada

Oliver Tejada . 5 days ago

Both Heihachi and Geese are both background characters in smash bros

Kid Gen

Kid Gen . 6 days ago

Suggestion: Ghosts of Tsushima vs Sekiro/Nioh.

Chino Cocoa

Chino Cocoa . 7 days ago

Spoiler: the badass martial artist dad won.

Stephen Lucas

Stephen Lucas . 7 days ago

Kazuya: I hate you Dad. Heihachi: I got you an invitation to Smash. Kazuya: I love you Dad.


OceanFragments . 7 days ago

Wonder how he'd measure up to Rugal.

Arjay Mejorada

Arjay Mejorada . 7 days ago

The funny thing about this fight is it could just be seen in Tekken 7


Parasy . 1 week ago

So there were parries, chain combos, a stage transition, it opposed a KOF/Fatal Fury char to a Tekken one and the whole thing ended on a spike. Man, we're only missing like, Roman Cancels and a combo breaker.

Smokalotaholic 77

Smokalotaholic 77 . 1 week ago

Tekken for the win. Never liked King of Fighters.

African Negro Man

African Negro Man . 1 week ago

hmm, and now kazuya is in smash, welp, alright

Rem Swart

Rem Swart . 1 week ago

Geese's voice acting in this battle is terrible!

Shabo Random

Shabo Random . 1 week ago

Yujiro Hanma VS Akuma

this guy

this guy . 1 week ago

but wouldn't the cross over lore be canon if we're doing this cross over fight?


ZhaoYun320 . 1 week ago

Geese: I have survived....FALLING TWICEEEEEEE from tall buildings!!!! Heihachi: sore wa kawaii desu.... (That's cute....) *was thrown into a volcano twice....and SURIVIVED!*


Pennywise . 1 week ago

Who came here because because Kazuya is in Smash

Judy Chen

Judy Chen . 1 week ago

4:41 he is now in smash bros ultimate


Esteban . 1 week ago

Heihachi won his Death Battle to get his son into Smash.

Volting Master

Volting Master . 1 week ago

And now Kazuya and Terry are in Smash, now everything has come full circle.

Beneficial Gamer

Beneficial Gamer . 1 week ago

Thank you Death Battle, thanks to this video, I was able to figure out that the next character for Smash was a Tekken character.

Bryson W

Bryson W . 1 week ago

Smash referenced this


DontegeheTube . 1 week ago

I saw the volcano in the Smash reveal and this was the first thing that came to mind 16:40.


CZERO/FOOL . 1 week ago

Man, this episode aged well. Now that both Kazuya and Terry are now in Smash.


CZERO/FOOL . 1 week ago

How ironic to learn that they both killed the Protagonist’s parents (Kazuya’s mother, and Terry’s adopted father) are now both in Smash.

Ezra Wyvern

Ezra Wyvern . 1 week ago

So, Jin hates his father Kazuya who hates his father Heihachi who hates his father Jinpachi. Dear god, the fifth generation of this family has me frightened.

Syazwan Wan

Syazwan Wan . 1 week ago

hanma yujiro Vs heihachi mishima

Syazwan Wan

Syazwan Wan . 1 week ago

hanma yujiro

Vorpal Kickass

Vorpal Kickass . 1 week ago

overall, pretty decent fight, but that death animation was pretty terrible... even for a stylized look.

Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder . 1 week ago

Down voted for repeatedly taking the Lords name in vain.

Judy Chen

Judy Chen . 1 week ago

4:57 4:58 elon musk VS heihachi Mishima


frog . 2 weeks ago

When they both punched each other in the face it was so hype


Hiddenus . 2 weeks ago

When they end up in same game but never get the versus everyone wanted and most incompetent guys have to do it instead.


BrotherMoonJag . 2 weeks ago

The deliberate omission of information turns making a prediction into pure guesswork. This is becoming a bigger issue in the DB's as of late.

TV Sized Anime Channel

TV Sized Anime Channel . 2 weeks ago

Luffy in d battle


Shadow21GX . 2 weeks ago

Elon Musk and the King of Iron Tesla.

Nicolas Gonzales

Nicolas Gonzales . 2 weeks ago

Can somebody tell me the name of the vid in geese Howard intro at 7:39

Master Assassin

Master Assassin . 2 weeks ago


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