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Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 2 weeks ago

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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Comments :

D Monk

D Monk . 2 hours ago

bible says we are in a fallen world, it goes back to adam and eve, we are in the end times ( end of the world ) . God stepped into history 2000 years ago in the form of Christ, to save us from our sins and to give us ever lasting life to those who believe on him..

Suspense . 2 hours ago

I hate your ads but your music is here. I wish the cure for cancer was here. I wish I can be here longer to see more potential from you. Theres morr to come.
Massey Furguson

Massey Furguson . 3 hours ago

Tom Macdonald is Real AF. 😇❤️
Liz Munro

Liz Munro . 4 hours ago

The treatments for cancer PISS me off. THANK YOU TOM for this song, it’s been on repeat several times a day for 5 weeks now(I’ve got your CDs so heard it before it dropped), it IS helping
Nicole Loberquist

Nicole Loberquist . 6 hours ago

My father had cancer last year and thank God THANK GOD he beat it ❤❤❤ everyone asked him his secret he said eat your vegetables , home grown. He's 75 I love him
Robin Stoker

Robin Stoker . 6 hours ago

I had cancer 2 times in ma life when I was 3 days 1 year old and when I was 7 years old, ma body was 76% and second 24% cancer in my blood I never thougt about dead but it's there I was always happy , I'm 18 now and still struggling with the side effects of cancer but I life, and I thank everyone for it, and i thank you, when i listened this song i cried, I let ma parents here it also and they cried too, thank you🙏🙏🙏
Virginia Grasty

Virginia Grasty . 10 hours ago

Hey Brian hang in there .. from Virginia and Keith
ary bo barri silly safari

ary bo barri silly safari . 11 hours ago

All the dislikes are "Big Pharma"
Apollo Agua

Apollo Agua . 11 hours ago

Hey Tom please contact Tim. Tim Pool would love to have you on the long form interview that extends the natural mainstream media allows. Please bridge the gap. Allow us who support you to be gay and proud. I love you my brother. <3
Ryan X

Ryan X . 12 hours ago

Not many songs make me cry this one does though! This one hit way too close to home. Thanks for the song bro!
black ops

black ops . 12 hours ago

Only people with hearts will like this song
Brogon the Best

Brogon the Best . 13 hours ago

If everyone used magic than they could cure any illness but so many lie about it and try to make it evil. Its the biggest Unspoken Truth fo all.
Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond . 13 hours ago

I wondered for yrs what was wrong with my dad only to find out 2 months ago he had cancer this whole time and never said a thing he lived life gave me lessons i can hold onto forever and pass on to my kids so thank you for this song man it reminds me of my dad and he was a fighter
Scp Slayer

Scp Slayer . 13 hours ago

I'm about to buy all your CDs signed man I love you and your music it's a great change of pace
Bearded Patriot

Bearded Patriot . 14 hours ago

the bars in that song are some of the realist shit in any song ever written...
Affliction of A Christian

Affliction of A Christian . 15 hours ago

This is checkmate to all his haters Tom has so much heart true godsend
Im old greg

Im old greg . 15 hours ago

If it was proven that they had a cure but hid it from the world those responsible should be put to the sword.
Shane Hamil

Shane Hamil . 17 hours ago

Oh my god. Blown away bruh.
Jeremy Curtsinger

Jeremy Curtsinger . 19 hours ago

Once again Tom is spitting lava
Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett . 19 hours ago

Thanks ♡♡♡♡♡
Tiffany Bowen

Tiffany Bowen . 21 hours ago

This song Speaks the truth watch simbatvs video its awesome
Kay Martinez

Kay Martinez . 22 hours ago

I swear u and I are connected somehow. It's crazy
TRENT Peterson

TRENT Peterson . 22 hours ago

Dam tom. My heart strings bro.
sam sneed

sam sneed . 23 hours ago

Cancer had a cure in the 70s and they silenced it. They also silenced the dr.s that found out the truth. The medical Industrial complex is a beast system
Tri Smith

Tri Smith . 23 hours ago

I'm done, I thought this was about Zodiac signs.
Steve-O Navajo

Steve-O Navajo . 1 day ago

Good song and video rip in peace Grandma
Frank LiONKiNG999

Frank LiONKiNG999 . 1 day ago

Bro ur a legend we are going to heaven when we die i know thst I dont know know anything about heaven but we going somewhere and im praying my soup will meet urs up there me and my fans middle finger up
AweZum Alice

AweZum Alice . 1 day ago

Deep Im a cervical cancer survivor at age 15 thank God i was able to have kids which they said due to the cancer i wouldnt never be a mom but God say i will give you the greatest gift the love of these boys... And watch my uncle die slow from brain cancer... And my best friend survived breast cancer... My aunt has lung cancer also... Crazy cause my sign is cancer and cancer has touch my life and those around me.. What i have learn love your family while their here and give it to God and watch he show you the tru gifts life holds... Its not the sickness but the love inbetween the sickness... Good song.
Stoned TNT420

Stoned TNT420 . 1 day ago

60,000 for 28 radiation treatments.
Kyle Craig

Kyle Craig . 1 day ago

Thanks for this ! Found out alittle over a month ago my mom has cancer . I sent her this song the first day it came out and can't lie it teared me up a bit . To anyone fighting keep it up !
Da Boi

Da Boi . 1 day ago

I lost my grandfather oct. 26 2019 of a brain tumor, he was in ICU off and on through out the year then he told me he loved me as me and my parents along with my 2 younger brothers went to a trunk or treat thing at a church. It wasn't but ten minutes later my uncle came and said "It's time", after that day I tried to harm myself twice, and run away three times, I haven't talked to my grandmother because my grandfather is who kept us together. It's been hard without him, but its life, you live just to die.

cpecpecpe . 1 day ago

Beat stage 4A prostate cancer. Hardest thing I ever did. But now they found an unrelated brain tumor. I don’t have the strength to fight anymore but I must.😢
BRoderick Arthurian

BRoderick Arthurian . 1 day ago

I teared up and i feel gay! lol Great job Tom!
Nicholas Elliott

Nicholas Elliott . 1 day ago

Thankyou from NZ Tom you lift me up!
corey chaput

corey chaput . 1 day ago

Love this song Macdonald my moms who I was very close to past of cancer 9 years coming up "respect" strong lyrics including our very own demons "we call and portray as cancer"
David Safir

David Safir . 1 day ago

I was born 63 not so in tune with rap southerner rock ,have to say came across Tom this morning and enjoyed,not sure y . but the reason im up is mom goes under the knife in about 4 more hours. Lost dad 2 years ago. And he was a champ no fear .tom is correct 40/20 every year in the USA. Lppk up CDC my parent live long live ,,these kids deserve more more life pray for a cure ..voice out a cure clam it
Mitch's Glitches

Mitch's Glitches . 1 day ago

Also my mother died of lung cancer when I was 25 years old
Mitch's Glitches

Mitch's Glitches . 1 day ago

Bro I love your music you know I've thought a lot of the things you say in your songs for at least 15 years
andrew tonges

andrew tonges . 1 day ago

Thank you tom i helped support my best mate when he went through cancer at 13 this song made me cry for good reasons both him and i are so thankful for not just this but everything nova and you do and have done you guys are a real inspiration and our shoulder to lean on when our strength gets low much love to you guys and the rest of the H.O.G out there together we are strong
Anna Burdette

Anna Burdette . 1 day ago

Wow brings up my grandmas 8 battles with breast cancer and subsequent death last yr during the summer time. Then I found out I was having my little girl then she died this yr a week before she was to be born. There’s always so much hope but death always has its own plan amd it’s never fair.
Al Abdul Khaaliq

Al Abdul Khaaliq . 1 day ago

You're awesome bro🤘made me cry thinking of my grandma I lost to cancer and my cousin who went through bone marrow transplants and is remission 5 years now! Rap game needs you!!!!!🤘
DSM Jess

DSM Jess . 1 day ago

Thank you brother for this my wife has cancer shes definitely a fighter
Marci Ochs

Marci Ochs . 1 day ago

So tell me did you know that you were a comforter that the Scriptures talk about don't deceive your self in false reasoning if you have it normal know one thinks there someone that's why you are so don't let it go to your head be real SPIT truth he's got you.

RedneckGrizzlyHunter . 2 days ago

This song hits deep. I have had so many family and close friends have cancer. Today marks a week that my father figure died of brain and lung cancer and a year since my aunt Pam died of cancer. She got ate up. I love you tom. Thank you for this.

tylerbosco96 . 2 days ago

My father just got diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months ago and having to juggle working and keeping up on wverything already hard enough through this pamdemic then finding out my fathers lungs were full of fluids and he had to get them drained at the hospital and thats when they found the cancer in his lungs i try so hard to not breal down and have an emotional break down durimg my shift 6 days a week and this song as helped me pull through these hard and rough times thank you so much tom
John Doe

John Doe . 2 days ago

Lost half my family to various forms of cancer so this hit awfully close to home
April May

April May . 2 days ago

2014 I was diagnosed and refused treatment although a DR. actually threatened me about my choice! Hey, I had a Mum to care for because she had cancer. We did the treatments! It killed the Mum I knew. Three years she fought and still died! Sooner then what they had said. So for 3 years we were the victim of a violent crime that resulted in her murder! After I agreed to have an operation. It was followed by another. The second surgeon told me there was NO REASON for me to believe I had cancer. Imagine if I had done those treatments?! They would have ruined me while living!! Don't do those fucking treatments!! Please, don't do those fucking treatments, they are deadly and they only piss the disease off. It will come back with more ferocity then it had before. Its not about years its about quality of the years you have left!
Buddha Awakens

Buddha Awakens . 2 days ago

Eat better. Stop eating sugar. Cancer solved. Big ups Dr. Sebe
Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald . 2 days ago

A friend asked to watch this and listen to your song. This is such a powerful message! I just found out 2 days ago my dad has stage 3 lung cancer. His body is too weak to handle treatment... They are giving him 6 to 9 months to live. This stuff needs to go away and they need to find cures for this massive killer. My heart is broken thinking of losing the one man who's taught me so much.

xStrikerVisionx . 2 days ago


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