Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith

Published on 1 week ago

Stephen A. Smith discusses a viral moment between him and ESPN's JJ Redick

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santino . 11 hours ago

You do care bout popularity. I remember that jacket you wore that day

santino . 11 hours ago

Who paid you to go to them colleges boy?

santino . 11 hours ago

You are a phoney... why dont you mention the engine pushing your numbers all day every day.
Mr. Bruce Gidney

Mr. Bruce Gidney . 1 day ago

John McClendon also invented the 4 corners offense. Not Coach Dean Smith.
Jesper C

Jesper C . 1 day ago

Hahahahaha omg can someone bring him back to earth 😂😂
Good Solonius

Good Solonius . 1 day ago

I'm surprised Stephen A doesn't fire back with personal attacks of his own considering what he's accomplished in his own field
Andrew Bees

Andrew Bees . 2 days ago

I have to admit first take at times can be entertaining but Stephen A totally seems like a fake person .. also seems to be racist if I’m being honest hearing him talk over the years of his career
Andrew Bees

Andrew Bees . 2 days ago

Stephen A kept giving backhanded compliments like when he said jj was good in HS and college but didn’t Include nba even tho jj was a pretty good player
tonar wodi

tonar wodi . 2 days ago

Steven A cursing gon crack me up for a while

714milky . 2 days ago

This guy is so full of shit it's hilarious
Solid Snake

Solid Snake . 2 days ago

SAS loves him some SAS. Tone it down some. You talk sports for a living, not curing cancer.
zay swag

zay swag . 2 days ago

I like how sas respects jj for being a great debate its great content him and sas talking
Anthony Gnoix

Anthony Gnoix . 2 days ago

Lmao he never talked to Max before getting him fired tho
Weic Lur

Weic Lur . 2 days ago

First take with Shannon sharpe would be legendary
Segsie Magee

Segsie Magee . 3 days ago

But you had energy for Kwame this sounds like a coward move
Joseph Bwire Kenneth

Joseph Bwire Kenneth . 3 days ago

You are nothing you have never played the game to know anything


Victor Zapata

Victor Zapata . 3 days ago

Dude is full of shhhhhhhiii
Pothead Bailey

Pothead Bailey . 3 days ago

So if he apologized ON AIR!! Why are we even talking about this
Lindsey Lozano

Lindsey Lozano . 3 days ago

He loves himself too much for! Bottom line JJ was right he doesn't know what playing is like. Period. Not alot of analysts do and that's too bad.
qopoy dnon

qopoy dnon . 3 days ago

authentic and organic. That’s why you succeed!!
Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas . 3 days ago

Stephen A so full of himself these days
michael williams

michael williams . 4 days ago

They handpicked that Hairline!
The Futbol Apex

The Futbol Apex . 4 days ago

Took him ages to get to the point 😂
ssWolf Beard

ssWolf Beard . 4 days ago

I felt relief hearing the word "SHIT" come from him for some reason

FallenSun . 4 days ago

ESPN First Take just ready to fire JJ Redick. SAS fuming they brought this fool up on his show...that's right HIS show.

bigneil43219ify . 4 days ago

Nah ngga you look 60....
Low H

Low H . 4 days ago

About DAMN TIME 🙏.
Bring that Lion back out homie! Show them how you got there! JJ be wrong half the time anyway! Volume and Articulation doesn't make you right. Playing doesn't mean someone else can't see. You didn't get there using shit as a crutch. Respect this man's route and hard work! You coming for the King, please don't miss🤫
Low H

Low H . 4 days ago

I have numerous episodes of JJ Reddick on first take. It's absolutely hilarious how many people listen to exactly what he is saying. Most of his responses even though it's opionated for the most part are off. Just cause he played doesn't make what he is saying right. Volume doesn't make anyone right. I challenge everyone to actually go back and LISTEN TO SOME THE BS! he says.
Also please remember be a Duke blue devil is similar to being in a fraternity. He and Jay Williams are extremely biased when one of the brotherhood is being tested. Nothing with that, I'm that's something Coach K instilled to all his players too look out for each other
jhohner man22

jhohner man22 . 4 days ago

You're a mark that thinks you know it all. You don't.

ÁleiferTheNorthMan . 4 days ago

dude jj redick is one the best shooters can you not say that
Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen . 4 days ago

JJ really hit Stephen A where it hurt if he coming out breaking down his success in tv year by year
Timothy N

Timothy N . 4 days ago

SAS doesn't have a clue what basketball pedigree or any other sports he thinks because he wrote about sports this gives him insight. No. Your'e not an athlete. Your mouth and loudness got you this platform and yes it works for you.

Nevertheless it doesnt mean you are qualified to speak about sports at the highest levels. This goes for Skip Bayless the undercover racist. Colin Herd who thinks his opinion has weight. Max who never gets tired of hearing himself talk about sports, athletes, or coaches even though he has no pedigree as well. All of these people who have opinions about sports with No Experience at the highest levels should be quiet about their thoughts to the athletes who have played the game.
Timothy N

Timothy N . 4 days ago

No JJ didn't get personal SAS was out of order for attempting to extract that he knows the life of a NBA player.  You do Not SAS. Dude you be talking about Lebron James like you want his life. You can't handle his life.  His world is not only different from yours but he doesn't have to worry about anything. 

ESPN has told you what drives content,  ratings,  and other things you must adhere to in order for you to stay on their platform.
Genet Allen

Genet Allen . 4 days ago

$3 Bill SAS!!!! SMDH
Tony Ray

Tony Ray . 4 days ago

WWE, Stone Cold versus The Rock, great gimmick
Ant Dogg

Ant Dogg . 4 days ago

Disney has everything to do with this pod stop the 🧢
Ant Dogg

Ant Dogg . 4 days ago

Nobody care how young you look bruh 🫣
Syed Khabir

Syed Khabir . 4 days ago

U are a real one. A real 🥾 likkker
carl edwards

carl edwards . 5 days ago

Manuel Gutierrez

Manuel Gutierrez . 5 days ago

I love when ex and current players put these non ballers in their place.
National Sports Entertainment NSE

National Sports Entertainment NSE . 5 days ago

Honestly I’ve listened to Steven for 10 years or so however long now and I’ve only listen to JJ a little bit

I find JJ insufferable and could see a lot of people immediately not hitting it off with him. He has a very pretentious way of speaking

Stephen may have a very passionate opinion but I don’t see him condescending to people or getting overly offended over opinions.
No JustXus

No JustXus . 5 days ago

The shade… he gives JJ credit for his work in HS and college and doesn’t even mention his NBA career…
No JustXus

No JustXus . 5 days ago

The Ego this guy has… I gotta eat some plain oatmeal or a few multigrain crackers before I listen to Stephen A. Just so I don’t throw up.
R. Dobbs

R. Dobbs . 5 days ago

You can't claim to have nothing but love for people and then turn around and rip them in public and then claim to be real in any way shape or form. And I'd be willing to bet none of these people he claims to be so close with view him in the same light or trust him at all.
Brand New Day

Brand New Day . 5 days ago

“Despacito” still averages more views even 7 years after

GREEGO . 5 days ago

JJ is exactly what Stephen A needs. Love having JJ on…
Fredrick Frederickson

Fredrick Frederickson . 5 days ago

My boss has never done what I do, but I'd be out on my ear in a second if I ever brought that up. If I were Stephen A I would do my best to crush JJ in the industry. Let him live off his NBA millions but we don't need whiny feminine energy in this role. It's not JJ's job to check Stephen A, but on the whole Stephen A could be more humble. Once the UFC became popular he would talk about stuff as if he knew anything about it. It's okay to say you don't know much about something but you like learning.
Matthew Dawson

Matthew Dawson . 5 days ago

Every time Stephen blinks while it’s quiet dead air, I hear those sound effects from cartoons when they blink, like on some dexters laboratory for real 😂 Am I crazy? You all feel me right?
Diesel Wiesel

Diesel Wiesel . 5 days ago

This could be signs of a trend with SAS: whenever he comes across someone who threatens him intellectually, and he’s white, he could have just a bit of a hard time with it, or how else do you explain the defensive bragging about his ability to generate views?

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