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BlitzΓΈ VS Grandpa
Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers

Published on 1 week ago

I don’t know what audience this was for but it needed to be made 🎬 Based on characters from the series Helluva Boss by Vivienne Medrano ​⁠@SpindleHorse

Shot by Liam Krug

Puppets by Maggie Roberge

Puppeteer: Jayden Libran

Gaming With The Boys

Gaming With The Boys . 14 minutes ago

I love how since brandon voices blitzo, he's basically fighting himself and it's hilarious
Drachona The Wolf

Drachona The Wolf . 32 minutes ago

Brandon: "I don't know what audience this was for"

2+ million people: **raises hand**
Cecil - Crow Allen

Cecil - Crow Allen . 32 minutes ago

Holy shit
Medea Soak

Medea Soak . 39 minutes ago

I love the ending! Grandpa isn't sad or lonely; he's just doing his thing. My nan was a recluse too and that was how she liked it. I probably will be too when I'm old.
Jacob Day

Jacob Day . 50 minutes ago

Now that BlitzΓΈ is canon to Brandon's other characters, we need to see him interact with Felix the Sleep Paralysis Demon
The Heavy

The Heavy . 53 minutes ago

its cool that brandon went from a comedian to a well known voice actor
Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime . 2 hours ago

smooth bore problems

Z C . 2 hours ago

The Collab we never knew we needed
Teal Diamond

Teal Diamond . 3 hours ago

The dog dick joke was amazing XD
Tbizzle and friends!

Tbizzle and friends! . 4 hours ago

That’s actually some good puppet models of those devils /:)

Runii . 4 hours ago

Is this a Canon event
Kritsune | 9 Tailed Fox Vtuber inprogress

Kritsune | 9 Tailed Fox Vtuber inprogress . 4 hours ago

omg this is awesome!!! xD

LordGacy . 4 hours ago

The part when he says β€œ He’s butting” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
$ Reaper

$ Reaper . 4 hours ago

Did Brandon Rogers make helluva boss?
5 Star Arsonist

5 Star Arsonist . 5 hours ago

whats the song sounds good as hell
AJ Noblett

AJ Noblett . 5 hours ago

I have no idea why "This gun aint pretend," had me laughing so fucking hard

AltWithPaws . 5 hours ago

"Former *thug* and young person"
It's a reference to grandpa being an older version of Blame XD

Goofy . 6 hours ago

Why is every persons aim ass πŸ˜‚

TEKYIA Bracey . 6 hours ago

Naaw... How can I attend to voice act on Helluva Boss?!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ’―βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨
Froggy Mist

Froggy Mist . 6 hours ago

Honestly best comfort channel in the world

ar1fabiola . 6 hours ago

β€œHE’S BITING” **thud**

Smileattack . 6 hours ago

Grandpa got some moves fr
Mc Gpp-5 Gonsaro

Mc Gpp-5 Gonsaro . 6 hours ago

1:06; "Wait Boss!!; YOU Got The Wrong Guy"

Somerandomgamer . 6 hours ago

This is just a masterpiece
Gabriel Torres

Gabriel Torres . 7 hours ago

0:16 funny ass lineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Aiden Hughes

Aiden Hughes . 7 hours ago

Matthew Stoneback

Matthew Stoneback . 7 hours ago

"Things just seem to happen to people who don't drink Wilkins!"😈
meadow Woosley

meadow Woosley . 7 hours ago

Its been 10 days Brandon fly highπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š
Soul Ferox

Soul Ferox . 8 hours ago

Are the puppets mass produced? I would buy them.

HeWhoComments . 9 hours ago

β€œThis gun ain’t pretend”

Willy_Drippy . 9 hours ago

BlitzΓΈ is so cool

NeedleMouse . 9 hours ago


Matboom2 . 9 hours ago

what is the music he using i love this
Froggy StarTime

Froggy StarTime . 10 hours ago

This is why I love you…in a fan way you horny bi-
IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez

IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez . 10 hours ago

Helluva Boss in live-action puppets is an instant classic and masterpiece.
Hope we get a second part with Millie and Loona, that would be nuts.
the shred Show

the shred Show . 10 hours ago

This either needs to be cannon turned into an actual episode or both
gamers works

gamers works . 11 hours ago

Grandparents are blessings
Zero Arashi Uchiha

Zero Arashi Uchiha . 11 hours ago

1:19 πŸ˜‚

Animallover25 . 12 hours ago

We need one with stolas 😭

TheMattCrew . 12 hours ago

Now we need a helluva boss puppet x sml crossover
Techster Craftarious

Techster Craftarious . 12 hours ago

0:29 man, Biltzo has worse aim than a goddamn storm trooper. And that says A LOT.
Hunter Amidon

Hunter Amidon . 12 hours ago

Can we see more of the hell of a boss characters interact with the Brandon Rogers characters more cause it’s funny πŸ™‚
Khoda Nuri

Khoda Nuri . 13 hours ago


gabi . 13 hours ago

This guy should have seen the director of the show
Charlie Rios

Charlie Rios . 13 hours ago


mars . 14 hours ago

The crossover we allways needed
Natalie Biggs

Natalie Biggs . 14 hours ago

Do is dirty cleaning series?
demogordon plush

demogordon plush . 14 hours ago

" eat shit! "

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