The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

News today that we should all get ready for a venom 2 trailer! i breakdown why and when in today video as well as cover other news going around for this epic movie that i cant wait to see!

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

Seems likely but again it’s NOT confirmed. However I do believe it could happen! Who’s pumped?!

Ubisoft sometimes

Ubisoft sometimes . 2 months ago

WOW! this didn’t age well

Rob L

Rob L . 2 months ago

Did they release it yet? Or did I miss out on something?


Darkchief117 . 2 months ago

Last day of April and no trailer, so another bs tweet

Nidoran Nidoking

Nidoran Nidoking . 2 months ago

Wow, that venom 2 trailer was killer, you were so right Warren

Anthony Rocco

Anthony Rocco . 2 months ago

Who did you have to let gape you to have your random channel messaging me when I'm not subscribed? I've been subbed to channels for a decade that youtube never tells me about but I guess this shit that isnt news and is just a bunch maybes is more import to the algorithm

Jack Day

Jack Day . 2 months ago

I’m late to this but I just got hyped and realised there’s no trailer and now I’m sad


Loutzenheiser . 2 months ago

This is going to be so good!

2035 58 Karthikeya Betha

2035 58 Karthikeya Betha . 2 months ago

Where is the trailer warren you fooled us again?

Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas . 2 months ago

Daniel Vargas again folks. This has been worth the wait.

Ryan Jay Cabrera

Ryan Jay Cabrera . 2 months ago

ITS FAKE NEWS BRO!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠


URS VISHAL . 2 months ago

Where is trailer bro

Drakan Man

Drakan Man . 2 months ago

Well guess you're wrong

Reelable Tea1

Reelable Tea1 . 2 months ago

tbh i lost hope for it

Taylor Elwell

Taylor Elwell . 2 months ago

I’m pumped but not of fan of woody as carnage

Isaac Gutierrez

Isaac Gutierrez . 2 months ago

this didn’t age well


Unknown_01 . 2 months ago


Daddy legend

Daddy legend . 2 months ago

pizza time


mistery_meat . 2 months ago

Watching this 2 days after it was posted with a sad face....

Replex Music

Replex Music . 2 months ago

Venom: Let there be trailer

Maximum Rebo

Maximum Rebo . 2 months ago


WOLFDawg 606

WOLFDawg 606 . 2 months ago

Hello, I’m from the future. It’s not out yet

Daniel Bassin

Daniel Bassin . 2 months ago

Day two. No trailer. :(

Hero Station

Hero Station . 2 months ago



GӨKЦᄂ . 2 months ago

His birthday is On April 20 and its overs So no Trailer Peace ✌ Out

tyrone blackshear

tyrone blackshear . 2 months ago

I have been saying this from the start I want Captain America by mistake go into Deadpool's world when Cap is returning the infinity stones. Deadpool will help Cap in returning these stones and don't forget Cap have to return Thor's hammer and get a new shield that would mean we could see these two in Asgard and Wakanda, it will be a buddy movie traveling through time and galaxy which we know Deadpool has a time machine watch he got from Cable so that make it a perfect match Marvel's straight lace guy with the politically incorrect fowl mouth Deadpool. I can see it now Cap saying "Deadpool watch your language"... Being that it will be an R rated movie when Cap throw his shield at a guy and it will cut someone head off and Cap say with shock "that never happen before!" Deadpool yell out  "Cap with the flying guillotine!" Deadpool pause " Hey Cap where can I get one?" Deadpool look over at the shield "Never mind I'm guessing Target"

Harry Rocksma

Harry Rocksma . 2 months ago

Well, that was a fking lie

Juan Olivos

Juan Olivos . 2 months ago

Can't wait for it been waiting sice they introduced him in venom


JohnnyBoy . 2 months ago

It's been a day


Chaleon . 2 months ago

Nope it’s not out

Cosmic Legend

Cosmic Legend . 2 months ago

Dislike No trailer

Isaac Lee

Isaac Lee . 2 months ago

we got scammed

Starr Jones

Starr Jones . 2 months ago



TASKMASTER YT . 2 months ago

Imagine making a video just for it to flop 😂 🤡

Joshua Schumacher

Joshua Schumacher . 2 months ago

who else is watching this a day later? XD

Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Santos . 2 months ago

Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we might know when the first teaser trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage will finally be released. Now, I can absolutely agree that it's disappointing that even though it been almost exactly a year since we've gotten the title for Venom 2, we still don't have the first teaser trailer for it. Although from this video, to me it seems undetermined if it's true that the first teaser trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be released somewhere this week. Because this kept happening to us in the past. But regardless of when the first teaser trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage will finally be released, I just want to see how Carnage will look like in the movie along with what could actually happen in the movie. So hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to the first teaser trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage being released super soon. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'll be absolutely looking forward to the Marvel Legends Captain America Shield giveaway. I absolutely hope that I'll be the winner on YouTube because I don't have any Marvel merchandise of any kind.

You Dontneedthis

You Dontneedthis . 2 months ago

Well it’s today so their seems to be not trailer but we still have hopes

Chase Rogers

Chase Rogers . 2 months ago

Why would we even tease ourselves by clicking this

Nicholas DeMonte

Nicholas DeMonte . 2 months ago

Give me a trailer already!!!


ThePureKnight . 2 months ago

We just need carnage to be screaming at the end, we just need it..... Please

Joely The Nighthawk

Joely The Nighthawk . 2 months ago

On Wednesday it will be one year anniversary of the small trailer not Thursday and Andy serkis birthday was on Tuesday not wednesday

Emerson 2.0

Emerson 2.0 . 2 months ago

Thursday because it didn't come out today

The Foxx

The Foxx . 2 months ago

Super excited for venom 2, loved the first one and Tom Hardy makes an amazing venom.

Luke Canale

Luke Canale . 2 months ago

I am kinda consdiering boycotting EVERYONE of these money over customers buisnesses We over pay they make millions atleast so how cant they take a few on the chin a way to give back 2 the fans

Billy Blüd-Bat

Billy Blüd-Bat . 2 months ago

I KNEW IT! It's NOT arriving today! Not so gullible this time! At this point--im just gonna STOP listening to anything Venom 2 related! DON'T GET ME WRONG! I LOVE the Cosmic Wonder, but sometimes the news that is on this channel is constantly far from true, leaving the ones that are legit, so much better


FatManBeyondTalks . 2 months ago


Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez . 2 months ago

Can I get the captain america shild


Andres . 2 months ago

It's already tomorrow and no trailer 😭


Collinator225 . 2 months ago

Still waiting

David Rojas

David Rojas . 2 months ago

where is the trailer [email protected]@@@@

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