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Charging a non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 3 months ago

A Tesla, a Lucid and a Rivian walk in to a bar...

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

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darthdeth1 . 2 days ago

The reason I didn't stay with electric after my lease was the lack of infrastructure. If this had been available, I would have for sure stayed electric.
Mr. Pizza Marlon

Mr. Pizza Marlon . 3 days ago

You really should *use a matte screen protector* to diffuse the reflective light source. Plus, no more fingerprint city on your phone. Honestly shocked you never use them but ALWAYS complain about fingerprints.
kellen sunderland

kellen sunderland . 3 days ago

Defaults to Africa because that’s where null island is.
king james

king james . 3 days ago

Who was more focused on the phone 📱 than the charging stuff 🤔?
L watching vids

L watching vids . 3 days ago

I'm confused. If Tesla patents are free then why don't companies either make their own super chargers or make their charging port compatible for Tesla ports?
Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson . 3 days ago

Can there ben just extension cords available for purchase to add some length?
Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee . 3 days ago

jesus its expensive as fuck $0.49/kwh I gotta spend $49 to charge on a 100kwh battery and it takes longer than fill up with gasoline. The advantages for ev cars are no where to be seen. Either they gotta bring the cost down or make it a faster charge maintain the same cost
Sheaffer 117

Sheaffer 117 . 4 days ago

Defaulting to Africa is interesting seeing how it's Elon musk's birthplace.

A C . 4 days ago

What if Tesla just made the damned cables longer!? Ford just partnered with Tesla sooook get ready for lots of Fords at superchargers.

ppppgggg . 4 days ago

Who you got John Schnatter to make a cameo...Nice

pinkeye00 . 4 days ago

$30 for 30min of charge. LMAO. Where is the savings there? I thought electric was supposed to SAVE us from cost?! hilarious ..

pinkeye00 . 4 days ago

Bitching about Tesla chargers and not having a Tesla. lmao.

pinkeye00 . 4 days ago

Rivian stock droped like 98% ... right?
Michael Terry

Michael Terry . 4 days ago

The idea I will make energy charging available to you if you buy my car was a deal breaker. Now that there is a market opening to make chargers available now I am supposed to be happy with an average at best Tesla service? Once again, it is a deal breaker!
планета землон лунан солнцен

планета землон лунан солнцен . 5 days ago

rivian is translated as eternal donkey.

Niico415 . 5 days ago

“This is going to be a huge problem”.
Engineer: I made the cable longer 🙄
Patrick Woodruff

Patrick Woodruff . 5 days ago

Or you could just pull up to a gas pump and be on your way in 3 minutes.

roteschwert . 6 days ago

gas stations solved the problems EV chargers are facing now decades ago lol
Ruly Mendy

Ruly Mendy . 6 days ago

Why not just add a jumper cable or make the cables longer?

imharbinger . 6 days ago

Buy a Tesla. All other EV makers will go bankrupt.
Joey Hernandez

Joey Hernandez . 7 days ago

The map goes off the coast of Africa because that is "Null Island". Basically the coordinates the map got as inputs must have been invalid and it defaulted to 0 degrees North and 0 degrees East.

Ghogy . 7 days ago

so it costs you almost 60$ for a full charge, isn't that expensive for an EV😅
Omar Ibrahim

Omar Ibrahim . 7 days ago

Went to the comments and saw the Tesla engineer mention they will be looking at the Costco style long cables.

Smart cost effective solution.
Devine and Conquer

Devine and Conquer . 1 week ago

I’m still confused why the Tesla cable can’t just plug into any others. Is it literally like Apple lightning charging?
Jason Drake

Jason Drake . 1 week ago

Its 100x easier to just get a gas car and fill up in 5 min

Dzelux . 1 week ago

The fact that it defaulted to Africa and am watching from Africa really added the salt the wounds 😂😂😂
Paul C Johnson

Paul C Johnson . 1 week ago

Even with a cell phone instructions say use our charger no other. Why chance it; so much to lose.
Kellic AnonymousTiger

Kellic AnonymousTiger . 2 weeks ago

Considering how much a troll Musk is I could easily see this being an intentional troll for non Tesla users.
Frank Velik

Frank Velik . 2 weeks ago

Rivian looks good, but the discharg briking stories are a horror. No way, i sold old my stuck from rivian. The tesla is owesome , their chargers are just the bomb

BamBoom . 2 weeks ago

The public charging experience for EV's is still the achilles heel. If you can charge at home and very rarely rely on public charging then that's a good EV use case, but anyone who needs to rely heavily on public charging, especially with non-Tesla EV's is going to need a lot of time and patience.
T. Taylor

T. Taylor . 2 weeks ago

Miss opportunity for a major joke on that Africa but!!!!
Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon . 2 weeks ago

Big question is why are all these snow parked in there? I don't see why those area can't be used for parking.. bummer!

largol33t1 . 2 weeks ago

I guarantee everyone that once they ban all gas powered vehicles, it will cost people THREE times as much to charge their EVs. The Fat Ass Gubm't will most definitely slap on taxes that will drive up the charging costs even more. It's all about government control. And when they want to make us suffer, they will shut off the power grid like they do in California. It's no fun living through rolling blackouts when the grid can't even sustain the population. And EVs will make it worse.

HTHAMMACK1 . 2 weeks ago

I can't buy an electric vehicle until they get charging down to 15 minutes.
Ron Wiles

Ron Wiles . 2 weeks ago

Great Video... Real time, and REAL WORD Info... * Perhaps Ford should consider going with a top open flap over the charger connection instead of a front side swing door approach?

* Shared you on my Socials!

FixItYerselfDIY . 2 weeks ago

4x the cost of residential electricity
That sucks about the f150. Extension cables needed.

LeonBlade . 2 weeks ago

I saw one of my local superchargers on the map of available ones like this and I think I did notice the adapter. Pretty interesting.
Clint Keepin

Clint Keepin . 3 weeks ago

Hey, easy solution, make the fucking cables longer. The end.
Clint Keepin

Clint Keepin . 3 weeks ago

Misleading to call them "public" chargers.

MuZero . 3 weeks ago

This problem can be avoided in its entirety if charging stations are built like the Tesla Superchargers in Sweden instead of in rows.
John Gettler

John Gettler . 3 weeks ago

Could you possible use an "extension cord" you always carry with you? Serious question. Are there extension cables?
John Schwab

John Schwab . 3 weeks ago

The Ford truck guy needs a suicide door on his charging latch door

MAGA . 3 weeks ago

nice,,, the more places the better :))
jason powell

jason powell . 3 weeks ago

People are never happy. They always complain about this, that and the other thing. It’s going to cause a lot of anger for tesla owners when they have to wait to charge….
DaCosta Rik

DaCosta Rik . 3 weeks ago

Very good video. How are you liking the Rivian?

NickShowInternational . 3 weeks ago

I simply do not understand why the states do not unify with type 2 CCS like the rest of the planet… Would make import export so much better!
Karl Wilhelm Bissereth

Karl Wilhelm Bissereth . 3 weeks ago

What is the best android app to find charging points all over north america?

Alloverdaplace . 4 weeks ago

@1:35 damn racist ass Tesla app lol

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