DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks

Published on 1 week ago

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Art Gang

Art Gang . 7 hours ago

Y’all do know 70% of yb fans is chief keed fans
Sneakyninja 08

Sneakyninja 08 . 10 hours ago

Ak lame asf. Playing instigator cause they beef gonna get you clicks and bread.I heard of him just never searched him up. Whole time thought he broke up beefs and connected dudes for the fans. SMH🤦‍♂️
Colin Hames

Colin Hames . 12 hours ago

Shout out to morgan wallen 🔥🔥
Jones Nasir

Jones Nasir . 15 hours ago

Ain't no NBA YoungBoy fan but for faxx dude is great and self-made,he be on house arrest for over 2 years and still racking in millions,durk got this whole industry behind him and still can't catch up nba real talk 💯. Durk is fake not a real gangster frfr .
Brenda Lewis

Brenda Lewis . 16 hours ago

Lil Durk looks stupid
Alexus Shannon

Alexus Shannon . 18 hours ago

Y’all gotta notice how humble durk is about knowing yb got a good following and even saying nah he don’t buy his streams and stuff
Milton Ortiz

Milton Ortiz . 18 hours ago

Who is nba young boy ???
Jose Short

Jose Short . 21 hours ago

Why he speaking for another nigga? Yo he ah whore

SweetDiva . 21 hours ago

Durk is making akademics look dumb. They don't need him anymore for promotion.
Jonny Trilla

Jonny Trilla . 23 hours ago

Y’all act like YB invented Stop the violence, He’s too emotional
King Kah

King Kah . 23 hours ago

Akademics feining for durk to say the wrong thing

LifeOfSyd . 24 hours ago

AK don’t tuck your tail when 4kt start looking for you 🤡
Ismaila Sanyang

Ismaila Sanyang . 1 day ago

Durk is so mature mann❤
Dustin Bailey

Dustin Bailey . 1 day ago

Durk is smart asf. Morgan wallen is the biggest country star in quite sometime and he is kinda known for being wild. His fans are gonna find durk start smokin on tools and not even knowing what that means😂. Which is actually sad n a major way. But the situation being what it is durk is a genius.

1hgrell . 1 day ago

Get YoungBoy meat out ya mouth Ak🤣🤣🤣💯
Makeveli Customs

Makeveli Customs . 2 days ago

Looking 👀 for all the meat riding 🍆🚴🏽‍♂️ YB fans in the comments 🤣🤣
Daniel Green

Daniel Green . 2 days ago

“I think you would know before me.”

-Durkio Banks.
Pete Murray

Pete Murray . 2 days ago

Anyone gonna say anything about durk painting his nails?? They all over YB but not saying anything bout durk

Savality . 2 days ago

*2:16** ????*
andrew brown

andrew brown . 2 days ago

Man these people don’t understand durk being 100% about ts lmao Ak keep trying tell durk what he doing and dirk keeping it real ak j don’t understand he trying get some juice when there is no juice

Gorrila08 . 2 days ago

I’m trying to see why he trying to make Durk give af so much

Gorrila08 . 2 days ago

You hear how Durk talking? Do you see his eyes? Durk tired of the pain and is changing slowly. When you talk to Old Heads on the regular you mature so fast
shane connolly

shane connolly . 2 days ago

He was a young boy fan rite there. When he said young boy fans hear u say. Something they wanna make it about young boy. Then he goes. U gotta song on ur album that is goin to fuck up the streets it's gotta be a diss toward young boy
shane connolly

shane connolly . 2 days ago

AK is a dweeb
shane connolly

shane connolly . 2 days ago

Love that Hat
Alex Pasco

Alex Pasco . 2 days ago

Ak just fishing for drama, clown
Dodge City

Dodge City . 2 days ago

Dis nigga AK is a fucking Nutt he said yb name 30 times .....
Viau Haufano

Viau Haufano . 2 days ago

Ak is a donkey

DCgotRacks . 2 days ago

AK :did you diss youngboy on Aaha ?
Durk : yes

Me :loves reply and liked video
sharon patterson

sharon patterson . 2 days ago

If you're not a Durk fan! Why are you here hating!? That's my boy ♥️✍🏿

JYAMA . 2 days ago

Ak,is a agent of chaos,and Durk knows that,peep y he kept catching AK throw traps out to him to say something negative about nba youngboy..

SUP3R SUP3R . 2 days ago

Im calling it now durk the newest pack by years end them yb fans different Louisiana niggaz different

[email protected] . 3 days ago

Ak a nut 🤦🏻‍♂️
GFM Beano

GFM Beano . 3 days ago

Durk a real one 100

Hazziqs . 3 days ago

Y’all hating on ak but ak would be a bitch to not ask them these questions give the people the truth keep it 💯💯 ak ain’t gon fuck around play happy families
vante !

vante ! . 3 days ago

fuck first week sales 🤣 check the achievements & plaques
Tony Owens Jr.

Tony Owens Jr. . 3 days ago

Just reaching the whole interview pretty much…

underkoverist . 3 days ago

Bro youngboy is way younger than durk why this nigga beefin and how tf did academics not laugh when durk stuttered saying degenerate 😂

NickOnlineElite . 3 days ago

How is that promoting yourself? Yb fans ain listen to that trash album.half his shi is featured
Josh Bodger

Josh Bodger . 3 days ago

YB fans are not interested in tha man, Ak is a bitch 💚💚💚
CJ Heitger

CJ Heitger . 3 days ago

Bro did a whole interview on him but sayin he not usin him for promo lmfao
Spazz Swanson

Spazz Swanson . 3 days ago

They like females fr yb fans dicc eat tm 😂💯
Emohjis Plays.

Emohjis Plays. . 3 days ago

he aint had to add that lil "you can tell" talking bout yb numbers lmao
Funny Monkey brain

Funny Monkey brain . 3 days ago

Young boy drop music like Gucci mane durk barley got songs
FriezasRich Music

FriezasRich Music . 3 days ago

Ain't gonna lie I don't like YB cause of his fan base bunch of fake gansters wearing black air forces from the suberbs.
Just Being Junie

Just Being Junie . 3 days ago

YoungBoy has a big major core base. The album sales can be closer than y’all think. And Durk is on fire. YoungBoy just have a core like j cole…. Not as big but like Jole.
Zmart GVT

Zmart GVT . 3 days ago

Ak you down bad for playing mind games. Durk had a whole 5 years in the game before Top. Top got way more Accolades. Let's be 100% Durk not fw YB check the bill boards do that math. Clicking up gone wrong 😅😅😅
Sammy Nogo

Sammy Nogo . 3 days ago

Wtf is going on in this interview

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