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The Electrification of Supercars! (Ferrari 296GTB)
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 7 months ago

When you can't go fully electric, or your fans will leave you...

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro


AbRealGaming . 3 days ago

God I wish loud cars were confiscated upon ignition.
John M

John M . 1 week ago

e drive mode isn't for not waking up your neighbors, it's for not waking up your wife when you get home late after being out "with the guys"
First Last

First Last . 1 week ago

Hybrid supercars make it possible to straightpipe all engines and still have a daily

Its a dream come true
corey blackburn

corey blackburn . 1 week ago

nice review

Christ3 . 2 weeks ago

My city is starting to see a lot of electric and hybrid cars, thats vitaly authentic to me, cause i have one friend who has a gas ford ranger raptop gas powered truck, pikcup, i saw 2 teslas last weekend. My friend callaed me i was like hi can i help you whats going on, i am like why are you quiet, cause its electric and im stating quiet, its nice to see ferrari still in the gas powered teritory, i wish i can spot one irl
Insan Siregar

Insan Siregar . 3 weeks ago

Is this the same guy that review phones?
Old Greg

Old Greg . 1 month ago

I get the impression that the type of person with a Ferrari likely *wants to wake his neighbors..
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

I have owned exotics like Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Maserati. I like the stealth of my Teslas now. I still own Porsche Panamera but EV’s are the future. Exotics are still moving art but lost the exclusive performance. Exotics have the yearly expensive maintenance and 3 month wait for parts. Truthfully, Porsche is as close as you can to an exotic without the parts headache. Great video. Hybrids just add complexity. Giving legacy auto a chance to catch up horsepower war with EV’s. Hand built cars fit and finish not as close to mass production, imo. Of course, the infomat system definitively behind.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Italians know sexy
Tyler Godefroy

Tyler Godefroy . 2 months ago

its a beautiful car
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Maserati folgore 1200 horsepower full electric. Rimac Nevera 1900 horsepower full EV. Hybrids a way of getting around emissions as runs electric during part emissions testing. Government giving chance smaller companies to catch up full EV. Many sounds sports cars are artificial. Some electric EV offer simulated shifting. Manual shifting actually slows acceleration vs automated manuals like DCT.
Joel Wallgren

Joel Wallgren . 2 months ago

This specific video makes my sony xm3s switch off and I have no idea why

PFYT88 . 2 months ago

I guess Acura was ahead of the game. People hated that car but love this Ferrari lol. Brand is everything
Hosoi Archives

Hosoi Archives . 2 months ago

Why would you electrify them
Game Over

Game Over . 2 months ago

Woah, this guy got more knowledge about cars than I thought he would, and he actually talked about the car and a bit on how it drives rather than talking about the interior or something like that, he's no expert (yet) but that's kinda shocking for me, he's a real car guy!!!!
Albader Bohamad

Albader Bohamad . 3 months ago

I had a neighbor who would rev his V8 mustang in the morning and the afternoon in like straight 15 minutes session at a time. Bold of you to assume people would make use of using the electric motor to not cause an inconvenience to their neighbors

IZYFRE . 3 months ago

I have the same car and the beeping upon starting is annoying
Rocky Ugsod

Rocky Ugsod . 3 months ago

This hybrid concept is amazing!!!!

Diego . 3 months ago

Am I the only one who thinks this is ugly as hell?
Laura Bodycombe

Laura Bodycombe . 3 months ago

Dang that’s a beautiful car!
Michael Horwitz

Michael Horwitz . 3 months ago

I got my hands on a 2015 Tesla back in 2017 P85. Even with 197k+ I can still smoke anything off the line and most of anything in 1/4. The amazing thing about electric cars is that they can be the most insane and fastest car you driven or they can be a family sedan like Marquis mentioned
Edwin De Paz

Edwin De Paz . 3 months ago

This seems like one those things where ten years from now you'll find youtube videos saying "Hey remember when they tried this?"

matthewadams . 3 months ago

I'm so broke I didn't imagine people really driving ferraris for their commutes

Lancelotxxx . 3 months ago

A v6, blasphemy. If you got the money for a ferrari get a v12 atmo.

MegaRetr . 3 months ago

Just a beautiful car
Noor Ahmed

Noor Ahmed . 3 months ago

Why does this look more Ford GT than literally any other Ferrari ever?
Dylan Owens

Dylan Owens . 3 months ago

Ammonia fuel is future not electric or hybrid vehicles.  ammonia aka nitrogen hydrogen 3 NH3 is a cheap renewable  fuel that can be used in any gasoline engine and diesel with minor modifications.  Look up videos of ammonia as fuel. And you will see you've been lied to for over 70yrs about needing  oil gas, solar wind, nuclear,  and now electric cars
   Ammonia has been used as a  fuel before gasoline or diesel fuel even existed.. Ammonia engines existed before the combustion engine.
Ammonia was used in 1960s Nasa space race,  it is still used in rocket fuel, aviation fuel, race car fuel. A rocket car running off straight ammonia holds the land speed record. There is more energy available in ammonia than gasoline,  diesel,  ethanol. 
You don't hear about ammonia as a fuel  because of corrupt politicians and corporations  know it will destroy the oil gas, electric car,  solar wind,  nuclear power,  power grid companies.
All takes to run a gasoline engine car, truck, boat , generator etc off ammonia is a propane tank and 2nd fuel pump set set up. a diesel need a propane tank fuel pump and a cpu tunner kit to get compression right. 
You can make ammonia at home or buy ammonia making processor, and easily made anywhere in the world even in the most poorest nations. 
Ammonia is made by pulling nitrogen from air, bonding it with hydrogen through Electrolysis with water and bumping off oxygen.

Kyle Sebring

Kyle Sebring . 3 months ago

The Holy Trinity came out 10 years ago. Let that sink in.
Brad LaPlante

Brad LaPlante . 3 months ago

Yeah, Ferrari started to make all of their steering wheels look the same in 2022 or 2021 I believe.
Emil Seitveliiev

Emil Seitveliiev . 3 months ago

There is a real Marka Schumacher Ferrari
Tom's Time...

Tom's Time... . 3 months ago

i never plan on going to EV's, it's a bate and switch scam, it's just the start of governments having control of the cars, e-fuel is something that i will be waiting for
Royal G

Royal G . 3 months ago

A ferrari without it's engine. Isn't a ferrari. It doesn't have it's soul
Liam Burke

Liam Burke . 3 months ago

wow the iphone really oversharpened the image!
Y Fuduoduo

Y Fuduoduo . 3 months ago

3L V6 super car. LOL
Y Fuduoduo

Y Fuduoduo . 3 months ago

You get a V6 for a Ferrari. LOL

JonnyIsHere . 3 months ago

That V6 sounds awesome👍

Ihavenoidea . 3 months ago

a lot of you dont understand that it's a real fight out there to make cars in which the interior doesnt age. If you look at a 2016 car right now, it already looks ancient (from a young person's perspective). So that's the reason for the lack of analog. That's it, and I fully get it.

Also, like it or not, small v6s hybrids are the near term future of the fastest cars (on track at least), and fully electric ones are the future of all cars. Just accept it at this point.

Kaveman907 . 3 months ago

F1 has been using v6 hybrids since 2014. That includes Ferrari. Been waiting for it to make it into road cars!

uxm2009 . 3 months ago

How MKBHD wants physical buttons (I do too) and owns a .... Tesla?!
Your Wifes Boyfriend

Your Wifes Boyfriend . 4 months ago

Not hating, but it’s a super ugly Ferrari……. Specially those rims. Absolutely ugly

Ravi . 4 months ago

Aptera is the antithesis of the Hummer EV: https://youtube.com/watch?v=MqewCimql9U&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE
Vay Kaushik

Vay Kaushik . 4 months ago

It's too modern. They've killed the spirit of Ferrari.
Emil Seitveliiev

Emil Seitveliiev . 4 months ago

5:19 a Ferrari car that has an annoying thing.WHAT????

rickyay26 . 4 months ago

At this point the steering wheel itself will be haptic. Like it wouldn’t even move, you’ll just rub it and it’ll turn
Nazim Rahman

Nazim Rahman . 4 months ago

Electric cars should be band tbh

Azmi . 4 months ago

296 giga terabytes? thats a pretty good storage!
Linus Chi Chung

Linus Chi Chung . 4 months ago

all the cars left Marquez with a smirk and the Ferrari thumbnail is a first smile on his face

EL . 4 months ago

parking next to lucid and getting the reaction was gold 😂😂
Francesco Soncini

Francesco Soncini . 4 months ago

i think the story went a little bit differently.. these manufacturers have been working on hybrid tech since many years (the development has started on f1 at least 15/20 years ago), and other than getting the extra performance, the main reason is due to tightening regulations and restrictions on emission. I watch all your videos, but there's a lot to improve on the car reviews, I can tell the passion is missing, love u
Texas Buzzard

Texas Buzzard . 4 months ago

turned it off art 3L v6..... f that

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