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Rocket League made a huge mistake in the new update


Published on 1 week ago

I snuck into a pro only 2v2 tournament, and had to play against firstkiller, ayyjayy, and jstn
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SunlessKhan . 1 week ago

Hey guys! If you wanna see more behind the scenes / insider stories / extended gameplay, check out MoreSunless ---> https://www.youtube.com/@MoreSunless

Gorrilla_Umbra . 4 hours ago

It's time for you to reach the top rank of ssl. You can. And the pros are ready for you to join them! It's your time sunless, get in there man!

PocketRocketPlayz . 7 hours ago

I recently joined rocket league around a few days ago and one of my friends showed me rocket league and I love rocket league a ton:D
We Live We Love We Lie

We Live We Love We Lie . 7 hours ago

We live We love We lie
Joshua Keeber

Joshua Keeber . 9 hours ago

chicagos voice is so attractive
nathan jenks

nathan jenks . 12 hours ago

content idea. try 2v2s with every rank. start with ssl and work your way down to gold and see how far you can carry each rank.
Hongkong Oooo

Hongkong Oooo . 13 hours ago

Ive been stuck in d3- c1 for as long as i can remember. Im even beating GCs in 1v1. Do u have any tips that can help me for 2s

Gangar . 1 day ago

Hey sunless can you train me

Eli . 1 day ago

Hey, does anyone know when his esport team gets their decal in the shop?
Arnu Van Eck

Arnu Van Eck . 1 day ago

"Yeah how are the comms like" *crickets* "I think I might head back for boost"

elay . 1 day ago

sunlesskhan gyatt
Gtui Biwoy

Gtui Biwoy . 2 days ago

On Saturday and Sunday, I watched the entire series, and this particular set was by far my favorite. I was really pulling for you and Chicago back and forth.
King P

King P . 2 days ago

Chicago: Rizzo kinda shit himself
Sunless: That's what happens to old men
Had me dying

TheGoldenhill . 2 days ago

The fact that guests can’t play online for split screen is one of the stupidest things ever. Way to make this game worse.

Shocky . 2 days ago

Sunless will there be a rule 1 decal I already got credits for the time it comes out can’t wait.

TRIANGLECAR . 2 days ago

Sunless I started playing Rocket League because of you thank really hope I can be as good as you some day
I Don’t lie

I Don’t lie . 2 days ago

Sunless I’m okay 3 and can air dribble no bounce half flip wave dash and I don’t know if my speed flip attempts are actually speed flips
Brandon Slater

Brandon Slater . 2 days ago

Can you do a video where you infiltrate RLPC and see if anyone notices its you? It is pre season right now and would be easy to get in with a new Discord account and trick people!

NQTR . 3 days ago

Bruh I wanna be better at rocket league but I make a lot of mistakes
Raygagz Shoji

Raygagz Shoji . 3 days ago

This is the first full rocket league match I’ve ever watched. Really glad I did
was at the edge of my seat the whole time ‘o’
Christian Adolph

Christian Adolph . 3 days ago

Not only this season

Chikra_ . 3 days ago

that's a realy smart move from psyonix, what a fucking advertisment for their new car !

With the new car, even sunless can peack to a FUCKING HIGH SSL LEVEL
Jane Doe

Jane Doe . 3 days ago

Justin and especially Rizzo like to be a bit of a troll in games like this. I think it made the series closer than it would have been normally. Was entertaining though!

AADIL MUHAMAD tms . 3 days ago

yo sunlees can i 1v1 anyone u want im plat 2

QuantumVoid . 3 days ago

I didn't know Seth Rogan played Rocket League...

KILLMESECOND . 3 days ago

woah sunless did well despite being a diamond in a gc 1 lobby (his own words)
Four Leaf Grover

Four Leaf Grover . 3 days ago

Yeah I’m high 1800 ssl and I’m trash compared to pros. I haven’t played in a while but still

cthulhu . 3 days ago

15:13 the angle of that shot I would call that shot a sideburn lol just saying I've done that kind of shot before it's crazy 😧

Whyteout . 3 days ago

This video had my ass on the edge the whole time bro! Keep it up!
Epic cool

Epic cool . 3 days ago

Sunless I've been watching your videos for a while I'm 11 years old and I am champion 1 I have been wanting to do a video with you for a while now
Vision Roman

Vision Roman . 3 days ago

hey sunless i am gold player and hopping to get better so can you help me?
Random Guy 500

Random Guy 500 . 3 days ago

Have you seen the knock off? It’s called Rocket Car : Ultimate Ball League Machines. I’m a ps player so idk if it’s on pc.
Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker . 3 days ago

Nice hat, this has been one of your most entertaining videos yet. Good stuff!
Marxelini M

Marxelini M . 3 days ago

Scoreless Khan lmao
Kid with weiner

Kid with weiner . 4 days ago

How is the kid who you gave that gaming laptop doing now?

MunchyPignati . 4 days ago

What a series

RedSchmit . 4 days ago

I'm... I'm in the air. 😂😂😂 you channeled your inner me!!

LSP _SHOWTEK . 4 days ago

Couldn't imagine having 25k in my bank lol

Cloud11 . 4 days ago

You can make any map and people do it all the time. You just need a computer which no one has
Ryan Pecotte

Ryan Pecotte . 4 days ago

Bro Rizzo @15:25 had me dying 😂
Knuckles Music

Knuckles Music . 4 days ago

Worst Video ive ever Seen from sunless. What was that?
Knuckles Music

Knuckles Music . 4 days ago

Sunless should stay out of the good players from rocket league
Eric Whitney

Eric Whitney . 4 days ago

Your opening comment got me for a second. I've been playing the update since release so I thought I had just missed the new creative mode.
Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks . 4 days ago

Chicago sounds like Justin Timberlake singing "I'm Bringing Sexy Back"

raelsadd . 4 days ago

hi, im Jared, im 18, and i never learned how to fucking read

raelsadd . 4 days ago

nah, cause someone tell me why this video is actually funny as shit. like, not only was it a lil intense, but i was fucking laughing way too much for a RL video.

Brolinit737 . 4 days ago

*Sunless is peaking*
Never thought I would hear a commentator shout that
Frits du Sois

Frits du Sois . 4 days ago

You were kinda peaking this series, you played very solid!
David Houde

David Houde . 5 days ago

Score less Khan

JAYski . 5 days ago

I love sunless gameplay. His story time and challenges are awesome as always, but stuff like this is PEAK

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