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BARÇA 5-0 BETIS | LALIGA 2023/24 MD5
FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

Published on 1 week ago

Debut goals by new Portuguese signings Félix and Cancelo help the blaugranes to a resounding 5-0 win over the Andalusians. #LaLigaHighlights


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FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona . 1 week ago

Who's your Man of the Match? Comment below 👇💙♥
Rafa Jiménez R

Rafa Jiménez R . 11 hours ago

Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 14 hours ago

Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 14 hours ago

Tio Silvia

Tio Silvia . 16 hours ago

Awot Kovr

Awot Kovr . 2 days ago

While we honor our attackers, let's not overlook the superb work done by our defense line. They truly were great.
Fatwa Cs

Fatwa Cs . 2 days ago

Ikutan nimbrung bosku 👍👍👍
Jorge Augusto

Jorge Augusto . 3 days ago

Douglas Costa

Douglas Costa . 3 days ago

Adorei o vídeo
Stefany Maria

Stefany Maria . 3 days ago

denise alves

denise alves . 3 days ago

Muito bom o vídeo

BLACKCELL . 3 days ago

Adorei o vídeo
Edileusa Oliveira Ferreira

Edileusa Oliveira Ferreira . 3 days ago

Legal ❤
Joao Ricardo

Joao Ricardo . 3 days ago

برسا» barca

برسا» barca . 3 days ago

Visca Barsa Visca Catalonia
Atoi Sanu

Atoi Sanu . 3 days ago

Eventually, after much effort, Barcelona is back.

Gonzalo . 3 days ago

Humility performance
Jimmy Simanjuntak

Jimmy Simanjuntak . 3 days ago

Liga Arab jauh lebih asyik dibanding liga Spanyol sekarang 😅😅😅
Arjun M.S

Arjun M.S . 4 days ago

K Jewelry

K Jewelry . 4 days ago

I love FC Barcelona
Billy Andriamahazomandimby

Billy Andriamahazomandimby . 4 days ago

keep it up Barça!
Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 4 days ago

Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 4 days ago

☕ بالنعناع 🌵😂5
Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 4 days ago

Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 4 days ago

اسمع منى 🤣💍🤣
Ahmed Elbrawy

Ahmed Elbrawy . 4 days ago

🤣 5 دولار بس الكابينة🌵🤣

Nvar . 5 days ago

Visca Barca ❤💙
كتلونيه 313

كتلونيه 313 . 5 days ago

el Barça es mejor ❤

HN . 5 days ago

Cancelo é perigoso
Joe Yuen

Joe Yuen . 5 days ago

Joe Yuen

Joe Yuen . 5 days ago


Barca . 5 days ago

Visca el barca💙❤

MY . 5 days ago

اللَّهُمَّ بِعِلْمِكَ الْغَيْبَ وَقُدْرَتِكَ عَلَى الْخَلْقِ أَحْيِنِي مَا عَلِمْتَ الْحَيَاةَ خَيْرًا لِي، وَتَوَفَّنِي إِذَا عَلِمْتَ الْوَفَاةَ خَيْرًا لِي

YSR . 5 days ago

Adil Dakhil

Adil Dakhil . 5 days ago


Rozikimo . 5 days ago

Lewandowski 🎉🎉🎉 bravvvoo
Arif Santoso

Arif Santoso . 5 days ago

Gundogan we miss youuuu 🎉🎉🎉

GRIT . 5 days ago

All the players who've "struggled" at Premier league... look at them now
Abba Abbayy

Abba Abbayy . 5 days ago

Trofims Averins

Trofims Averins . 6 days ago

Ну нечего себе вы такие крутые
Tmk Crew

Tmk Crew . 6 days ago

Felix on fire🎉🎉
hueo far

hueo far . 6 days ago

Eventually, after much effort, Barcelona is back.

vincyman80 . 6 days ago

Good game.
10 B Manav Singh

10 B Manav Singh . 6 days ago

Let both the Joaos stay at barcelona now

ShivamEditz . 6 days ago

Félix y Cancelo marcaron el primer gol del Barça. Comienzo de una nueva era. Visca Barça Visca Cataluña 💙♥️
Truth Finder

Truth Finder . 6 days ago

A win is good for the momentum but if we are being serious this performance cannot take FCB pass the round of 16.

Abysmal show. If not that the goalkeeper n defence of the opposition was quack, FCB would have struggled.

Time will tell

NormanG6 . 6 days ago

Felix was the only good thing out of chelsea late last season. What a player.
Derick Kiprono

Derick Kiprono . 6 days ago

Big up Felix🎉
Talent Ruvengo

Talent Ruvengo . 6 days ago

Great performance from the best team and best players. I hope we will challenge for the uefa semis or final this season .
Ariera Kazuya

Ariera Kazuya . 6 days ago

Aku melihat banyak Xavi di sana
Gak sia sia perjuangannya

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