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Cam Newton sits down exclusively with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Fred Taylor in a rare public conversation about everything on and off the field.

A friendly football discussion of Cam deciding between Chad and Brandon on who the X would be in his ideal offense quickly turns up the heat to hard hitting questions on what went on this past season. Fred says Cam had the hardest job in the league following Tom Brady and relates to the tough position he was put in coming into the New England offense. Cam explains how he found the process of missing the offseason instrumental to getting in sync with his team and a lesson in why the little things are big things in the end. Brandon doesn't shy away from him talking about his up and down play during this past season while calling him out for it on air a few times. Tackling the rumors that Cam is done and seeking retirement- Cam says he's never been the favorite and that fuels him but he quickly clears up that he is not going out like that and there aren't 32 guys better than he is!!

Taking a trip down memory lane, Cam and Fred reminisce about meeting during Cam's early college football days in Florida and Cam telling the story of how Fred set the bar of professionalism and character that he desired to have in his career. The two reference their old friend and teammate "Chico" the late Aaron Hernandez which leads them into a tough discussion of disbelief and confusion with what really went on with him.

Chef Jonathan Lowe fills in for Chef Nancie and makes a vegan meal for Cam which immediately draws critique from Chad on healthy eating habits who then volunteers that he should take over Cam's diet this offseason to get him eating right.

Cam exclusively opens up about his new hat line and in celebration of Black History Month a design tribute to honoring trail blazers starting with Rosa Parks. Keeping his business hat on, Cam tells the guys that his passion for cigars, art and live music led him to open Fellaship, an upscale premium dining experience in Atlanta. Applying what he has learned on the field as a leader into running a business, Cam shares why he loves being hands on with the details and the daily operation.

Changing gears real fast- Brandon asks the guys about men's hygiene which leads into a wild conversation about manscaping and the things guys should and shouldn't do!

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Comments :

Brian Hacker

Brian Hacker . 2 minutes ago

Dressed like that you mean right ?? Chooch !
King Flores

King Flores . 14 minutes ago

Fred Taylor is still that nigga!
Jay Warren

Jay Warren . 30 minutes ago

Cam w/ the Jim Halpert face @6:16 is what I come here for
Laset livingstin

Laset livingstin . 33 minutes ago

I'm luving this!!!..Just turned my son onto this squad...About to spread the word!!!..
Majesty Jones

Majesty Jones . 46 minutes ago

The tenuous statement covalently shop because chinese happily confuse amidst a doubtful swiss. limping, jumbled turnip
Felix Jordan

Felix Jordan . 1 hour ago

this is what every NFL talk show should be like...bravo Brandon
Mike McClure

Mike McClure . 1 hour ago

Damn, Cam is too cocky. Dude tried to school Ocho knowing full well that Ocho was messing around about the diet. Can’t stand people who take everything literally even when someone on the spectrum knows that you are joking. Fawk outta hea,’ go with the flow. Cojelo suave.
Griffin Ellison

Griffin Ellison . 2 hours ago

Love ya cam but how are you institutionalized to buy Ralph Lauren when you had free will and chose to buy it?
Q Wavvy

Q Wavvy . 2 hours ago

Can might not have a ring but his mindset is champion!💯
Cid HD

Cid HD . 3 hours ago

“I got premium WiFi, I got fifa”😂😂😂😂
Rick Lowery

Rick Lowery . 3 hours ago

"What he need some chicken"

PR1ME MEDIA . 3 hours ago

Not even with not having dogs think about the defensive side and the people that opted out and positions that became empty because players left. He didn’t have a complete team
LaMar Stingley

LaMar Stingley . 3 hours ago

Always been a Cam fan and this solidified that. I also had never heard of this show.....I have subscribed and now have some binge-watching to do to catch up! lol
Wayne Scott

Wayne Scott . 3 hours ago

I got a new respect for Cam after this interview. Salute to the King. He is right there are not 32 QBs in the league better than him.
Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown . 3 hours ago

CAM we LOVE you and THANKS!
Lara Smith

Lara Smith . 3 hours ago

The cumbersome pizza phytochemically rescue because typhoon chemically follow onto a royal brother-in-law. embarrassed, rough network
William Vale

William Vale . 4 hours ago

I thought this was gonna be about how long it takes him to get dressed every morning. Cam after the 10th wardrobe change: "I can't go out like that."

RM M . 4 hours ago

1:06:54 " Don't put my name on it." Not too many people are that humble but all people see is the Cam portrayed in the media.
Will Jayson

Will Jayson . 4 hours ago

Dam Cam!!! 5 F's and when u start talking about PERMITS...SMDH!!! KNOWING THE RULES(LAWS)..."STRATEGIC" that's SUPER MAN!!! I don't smoke,but gotta get a hat!!! "From the 6 time I'm from..."BUCKTOWN!!!

RM M . 4 hours ago

Had an appointment when I decided to watch a few minutes and save the rest for later. Ended up rescheduling the damn appointment.
Brown Mamba

Brown Mamba . 4 hours ago

I love this show dawg 😂
JBanz Fukisutalkinbout

JBanz Fukisutalkinbout . 4 hours ago

He’s not too 10. C’mon now🙄
Cj Jones

Cj Jones . 5 hours ago

I always ask for discount(s) regardless
Kharí Clark

Kharí Clark . 5 hours ago

1:05:55 "Exposure leads to expansion..." I never heard that quote before.. but it's so good!
George Blackwell

George Blackwell . 5 hours ago

Great interview!

RM M . 5 hours ago

Fudge y'all, Cam has mad swag.
Tristan Jaichon

Tristan Jaichon . 5 hours ago

Black guys don’t shave. We trim 🤷🏽‍♂️

TrentJ202007 . 5 hours ago

Love this, I agree he ain't done. But ocho is trippin on the top 10 comment lol
C. Dyer

C. Dyer . 5 hours ago

Cam is a Legend, period! League did to Cam what they did to every super confident player that teetered on feeling bigger than the League. They break you down so you have to beg to return for scraps. Cam, Ocho, AB, TO many more, same thing!

iloveu6619 . 5 hours ago

I'm new to this show and I'm in love!!! thank you so much for this.
Michael Constantine

Michael Constantine . 5 hours ago

Their are levels and having to do with percentages having to do with every situation in the world that you do or come across as. There is always deeper areas to branch off in with any conversation. Depends on perspective.
Leonard Bernard

Leonard Bernard . 6 hours ago

Good to see the brothers in good communion. Honest talk, real relationships. Good luck to all.
REAL 'E' Paranormal

REAL 'E' Paranormal . 6 hours ago

This is the side of these guys more people need to see. I couldn't stand Cam before this, I saw the Superman shit, the showboating, that stuff isn't for me. Like, when Aaron Rodgers does/did the "belt" move, I cringe and die a little bit inside. Yes, some people like it, find it entertaining, but to ME it's very childish.
Life With Jane & Tarzan

Life With Jane & Tarzan . 6 hours ago

lol 85 body isnt like other people!!
rock C

rock C . 6 hours ago

I might of missed but hope cam is donating some of that rosa parks hat money. It ain't cool to make money off other people's hardships.
Brett Jones

Brett Jones . 6 hours ago

Yo i fw ocho lol mans funny af

Max . 6 hours ago

I would like to see Cam do well somewhere other than New England.
Ryu Littlefield

Ryu Littlefield . 6 hours ago

If Bill would of drafted Cam. Patriots would not of lost a super bowl after the first one won.
Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson . 6 hours ago

The Great WR Chad Johnson 🏈🐐

C A . 6 hours ago

The faint fair vulture thankfully memorise because biology normally prick pro a crooked downtown. hushed, juvenile stool
dachsterJR 1105

dachsterJR 1105 . 7 hours ago

Thank you Fred for Zach respect on the Bulls
Ryu Littlefield

Ryu Littlefield . 7 hours ago

Genetics , Cam half white. Biggest Obstacle less he wants to work sales at a car dealership
Ryu Littlefield

Ryu Littlefield . 7 hours ago

If cam listens to Chad..... Patriots getting that 2022 ring. Go back to black Cam. Make Randell and Warren proud
Elevated In Nature

Elevated In Nature . 7 hours ago

Let’s do an experiment... let’s take 2 black gentlemen, one with a family history in heart failure and diabetes.... one without any of that... and let’s put them both on the same high sugar/ high fat/ high cholesterol/high calorie diet.... and see how’s alive this time next year.... it’s seriously ignorant to think bc y’all both black that you have the same genetics lol
Ryu Littlefield

Ryu Littlefield . 7 hours ago

Cam got too much white in dna to Chad Donald’s it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pretty Love

Pretty Love . 7 hours ago

I love ocho! Ocho your amazing. I love this show im so glad that there is a show like this with athletes. I loved the episode with rick ross as well.
mikin lirou

mikin lirou . 8 hours ago

When the hot head of the group has calmed down, is listening, & being quiet...That's saying so much...Real

SSJ4VEGITO100 . 8 hours ago

What does x and z mean
Kobe Jackson

Kobe Jackson . 8 hours ago

Get AB on here 🗣🗣🗣
Miles Davis

Miles Davis . 8 hours ago

OchoCinco funny as hell man.

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