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Riding Japan’s Most LUXURIOUS Steam Train 🇯🇵 FIRST Class in Hokkaido
Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan

Published on 1 week ago

Hokkaido is home to Japan's most luxurious and rarest steam train, the winter express. Only in operation several weeks of the year, we bag ourselves tickets as we continue our journey across Japan.
🌟 Inside Japan's Ice Village: https://d-yt.com/watch/zjmCkr-hd50
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🌟 Starring:
Joey, Natsuki & Pete Premiertwo

🌟 Natsuki
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natsukitheman/
Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/natsukiabroad

🌟 Edited by David Parish & Chris Broad

00:00 The Abandoned Train Station
04:47 Japan's Worst Sled Race
06:46 Riding Japan's Luxury Steam Train
14:31 Japan's Greatest Driver
15:18 Japan's Underrated Sushi Chain
17:20 Japan's Most Eastern Point

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Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan . 1 week ago

NOTIFICATION SQUAD: 2 Journey Across Japan episodes down, 2 more to go - enjoy! 🍿
And in case you missed the first episode full of hitmen, dog sleds and igloos, be sure to check it out here! https://youtu.be/zjmCkr-hd50
Darkness Within

Darkness Within . 3 hours ago

Am I the only one getting 'Frozen From Tears' instead of Frozen frontiers???

RyzerRate . 4 hours ago

what is the name of the music that starts at 17:22?

RutherfordMRV . 6 hours ago

Is it me or does the person on the left at 12:15 look like Shigeru Miyamoto.
Ignacio Ha

Ignacio Ha . 9 hours ago

Such a well ronded video specially the music selection. You have outdone yourself Chris.

ZeroLegion . 13 hours ago

natsuky just gives a 9000% better vibe when he is with you all guys

LoneHowler . 14 hours ago

Canadians watching the vid thinking "only -16C with windchill? That's shorts weather. Try -40 and add windchill on top"

TacticalNerfer . 19 hours ago




Admin . 20 hours ago

Great video!

KytesofKaos . 21 hours ago

A great episode and series so far!
Lucky channel - 福チャンネル

Lucky channel - 福チャンネル . 22 hours ago

Careful with those few seconds of showing Nintendo IP, they could be bringind down the hammer because Nintendoesntgiveashitaboutitsfans!!

Mariël . 23 hours ago

I am so happy you put on 'Mad world' in that sad - Joey scene. It cracked me up as I use it a lot in sad lonely jokes. Thank you 😂

Keep up the funny work!
Justin B.

Justin B. . 24 hours ago

Next video: Chris, Natsuki, and Joey fight Russian army to reclaim islands for Japan!!!
Aaron Mcneil

Aaron Mcneil . 1 day ago

god it's adoarble how cold they make -16c out to be...
Mercer The Legend

Mercer The Legend . 1 day ago

Anyone else notice natsuki had written fuck on the window when driving the car as mario

fivepennyplease . 1 day ago

Another amazing episode, which has inspired me to go back to Hokkaido one day. Thank you for this wonderful series!!

Khairi . 1 day ago

Takeshi Sake's dance acurrately matches the beat, some might say he is RIGHT ON TRACK.... get it..?
Jane Doe

Jane Doe . 1 day ago

Natsuki is such a bundle of joy. Love him :)
Dave 1963

Dave 1963 . 1 day ago

Cant believe you didn't do the trip in the Summer. My family and i camper vanned it around Hokkaido in August and the weather was amazing. Beaches were dreamy just like Australia

Payton . 2 days ago

Lmao quality content

Skytwist . 2 days ago

Sweet train 🍓 Love the format of Journeys in Japan, similar to a travelogue, and the concise informational segments are good, too.
Linda Limon

Linda Limon . 2 days ago

That Natsuki Dance is 🔥
Morgan A

Morgan A . 2 days ago

Your Journey Across Japan series always brightens my day! It’s such an amazing series and it motivates me to travel to Japan more and more! Keep up the amazing work! ❤️

Owlski . 2 days ago

15:05 Wait. What does it say on the window?

Casperion . 2 days ago

I mostly only watch for Natsuki......
The world waits with baited breathe for the Natsuki Youtube channel

Tatsusama . 2 days ago

In the Harry Potter universe Japan has a famous wizarding school called Mahoutokoro. What Natsuki said is basically canon😂❤️

TobiDaJoker . 2 days ago

❄Snowpiercer 🚅⚔

J N . 2 days ago


Yadokari . 2 days ago

I suspect this whole series is for Chris to condition himself for winter trips to Canada.

Hana . 2 days ago

8:54 music plsssss ????????

StarTsurugi . 2 days ago

He should go to the Russian Far East at some point, maybe even the Kuril islands.
Boosted EP3

Boosted EP3 . 2 days ago

Definitely more Mugen Train (Demon Slayer) than Harry Potter.

HPBearman . 2 days ago

I still cant believe that Journey Across Japan had t been oicked up by Amazon or Netflix.
Петро Грабовий

Петро Грабовий . 2 days ago

Hopefully Japan will soon get back the Kuril islands back, the true part of it's territories 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Dat Lam

Dat Lam . 2 days ago

What an amazing series. Keep up the great work!!! 🎉🎉🎉

jone2tone . 2 days ago

Natsuki is one of the most entertaining people alive!

MadHatterDo . 2 days ago

I think it would've been funnier if Joey would sing "Mad World" himself for this scene or if Pete would stand in the Background and sang it for him, maybe with a slight gloating grin.
But hey! You're the Producer, not me ^^

Narutoo999 . 2 days ago

What the music called at 17:20 plz

Nearn . 2 days ago

Federico Gandara

Federico Gandara . 2 days ago

Your a wizard Natsuki
Thomas Cohnen

Thomas Cohnen . 2 days ago

@6:35: *laughs in british*
The Non-daily Uncle Doug's Musical Soapbox

The Non-daily Uncle Doug's Musical Soapbox . 2 days ago

Travel a bit more - there are several better!

Grasher134 . 2 days ago

I'm watching them in backwards order apparently as I got recommended the last one first.. welp
Thet Htet Naing

Thet Htet Naing . 2 days ago

does anyone know the piano soundtrack at 8:55 ? It sounds so calming

TheBrickCraftsman . 2 days ago

Another beautifully shot video. I don't usually comment here but it breaks my heart to see the new series not doing as well as the others.. Hoping the algorithm gods push these videos up!

LuciferGodAngel6666 . 3 days ago

I can't even imagine what's the next episode is gonna be like. Well, apart from that i've seen the preview.
Edit: It's already out though, i was just confused.

Tom . 3 days ago

Natsuki is a walking catchphrase machine! Great work all :)
Mistkit Cheshire Jung

Mistkit Cheshire Jung . 3 days ago

Does anyone know the song that plays when the train starts moving? (8:49-9:57)

Syle . 3 days ago

Natsuki looked so upset he got the Yoshi costume...
valentin millhouse

valentin millhouse . 3 days ago

thank you so much for the series tho, never get tired of tired !!!

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