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Living with the 2022 Electric Hummer so you don't have to!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 9 months ago

The electric Hummer feels like a maxed-out video game prop.


tk . 1 hour ago

Finally a better use for the MacBook Pro TouchBar
Nick Romano

Nick Romano . 2 days ago

Answer to your first question of who this car is for: Middle aged stay at home moms

CarWatch . 2 days ago

I made a more detailed video of the Hummer EV for those interested ;)
Georgios Chiras

Georgios Chiras . 3 days ago

I lived with it so you don't have to 😂😂😂😂 that pretty much showing off [email protected]
Carlos Pantosin

Carlos Pantosin . 3 days ago

I've been more excited about the technology in a Ninja Foodi than this guy for playing with a 110K car that 99% of us will never even sit in 🤣

Vedant007 . 4 days ago

It's heavy
Ahsan Haider

Ahsan Haider . 4 days ago

Electric cars were supposed to be small and power saving. If we wanted a car that consumes more power to go to the neighboring groery store, than your average household consumes in a day, it totally defeats their purpose, as the power comes from mostly from fossil fuels nowadays.
Derrick Vincent

Derrick Vincent . 4 days ago

Fortnite designed the modes!
Thomas Stuart

Thomas Stuart . 1 week ago

looks smaller than a Tacoma :/

enginepy . 1 week ago

To everyone who talks abont the crab walk feature for parallel parking: the rear wheels only turn up to 10 degrees. That doesn’t help much with parallel parking at all. Maybe for a small adjustment but it doesn’t really have much use for a typical driver at all. He’s right, it’s a gimmick.

BillyBobbyBoy . 1 week ago

You should pose in-front of the whole car for your thumbnail
Dino Sehic

Dino Sehic . 1 week ago

Im about to buy a 2008 hummer H2!! Knowing fair well gm lost money during the production. + it's a collector item and still can be found for 30,000$

Surayah . 1 week ago

So how tf do I buy one??? It’s not on the GMC website

RexRocker . 2 weeks ago

I heard only 3 were sold first quarter 2023 lmao! Epic fail.

Bob . 2 weeks ago

It’s for stupid people!😂

NFTBURN.​WALLET . 2 weeks ago

dude can complain about anything.

Ghost . 2 weeks ago

Can you live in a mansion, so that I don't have to. Thanks.

Coffeee . 2 weeks ago

So tough, poor guy has to live with it
Josh Hawn

Josh Hawn . 2 weeks ago

made for elon himself
Drawing with Lynne

Drawing with Lynne . 2 weeks ago

The windsheilds wipers...3 of them come up...."hilarious" 😂😂😂😂😂
Drawing with Lynne

Drawing with Lynne . 2 weeks ago

With that thumbnail and the title, I bet your CTR is like 99%.

Jorge . 2 weeks ago

9000 pounds wtf

ManXY . 2 weeks ago

As impressive as this vehicle is, it is for people who are
*REALLY* selfish.
Randy Monster

Randy Monster . 3 weeks ago

the target market are the teenagers with rich parents. Kids with more money than taste
Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio . 3 weeks ago

Yea that thing is garbage.
Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan . 3 weeks ago

This is a dorkmobile.

bonerjams2k3 . 3 weeks ago

Watching this on my ROG phone. Lol
marc ruby

marc ruby . 4 weeks ago

A Insane Toy for Someone With a Lot of Money....9000..lbs is Absurd....What Does the Battery Weigh..alone...???
Darth Chiropractus

Darth Chiropractus . 4 weeks ago

10:30 the OG Chevy Volts all had that too. Super regen
Darth Chiropractus

Darth Chiropractus . 4 weeks ago

Me: steering out of lane on purpose 🥸
Ryan Nguyen

Ryan Nguyen . 4 weeks ago

Eating so you don’t have to!
Just Aguy

Just Aguy . 4 weeks ago

Personally I think you're doing great. One of the better personalities for EV reviews I've seen!

MelonPain . 4 weeks ago

tbh it's pretty average 😏

Tency . 4 weeks ago

Goals 🤩
Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison . 4 weeks ago

"We took an EV and made it in the most wasteful way possible"
Ray Ray

Ray Ray . 1 month ago

9000lbs….sounds like a tax write offs for those who know 👃👈
Mr. Judgi

Mr. Judgi . 1 month ago

fun fact, the car is to heavy to be driven with a normal drivers license in germany, the max weight a vehicle can weigh with a B drivers license (normal car) is 3500kg afaik

Roll2 . 1 month ago

can't drive it across some bridges
Alex Sveles

Alex Sveles . 1 month ago

How much do they go for

Teeveepicksures . 1 month ago

It's like a self-propelled railgun
ᴀ ᴋ

ᴀ ᴋ . 1 month ago

Bro just compared it with a phone 😂
Josiah Coad

Josiah Coad . 1 month ago

I was skeptical. But I’m impressed. I still wouldn’t buy though.
Jay Golden

Jay Golden . 2 months ago

When is this coming out for the mainstream to buy???
Nerf Corp

Nerf Corp . 2 months ago

I love this Vehicle I am differently getting this Truck

EXPAT IN BRAZIL ! . 2 months ago

I'll never drive an electric car! No way to buy a think like that !
Topher Johnson

Topher Johnson . 2 months ago

I usually don't comment but this video was fire

francis . 2 months ago

Is a big and expensive joke from gm.
Sabūr Ali Khan

Sabūr Ali Khan . 2 months ago

S23 Ultra of Cars
Jack Keller

Jack Keller . 2 months ago

We make the Headlights. Glad you enjoy it. : )
Got Milk?

Got Milk? . 2 months ago

The buttons for climate control are really nice. My Volkswagen id.4 doesn’t have those, everything’s digital, and that’s not really good

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