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Fantastic Four Emily Blunt Casting News Interview Explained
The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 1 month ago

Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski are the number 1 pics to play the Fantastic Four members Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman and Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. Emily Blunt recently responded to the Fantastic Four MCU Mr Fantastic and Invisible woman fancasting rumors but is she telling the truth? Or is she denying being cast as Sue Storm and Reed Richards until Marvel officially announces it? Just like so many actors and actresses have done before. The Fantastic Four will be a part of Marvels Phase 4 lineup which includes Spider-man No Way Home, Thor Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, the loki series, Hawkeye series, Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania, the Fantastic Four, the Eternals, Captain Marvel 2 the Marvels, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Marvels What IF?

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 1 month ago

What do you think? Is she denying until it's official? Or is she not playing the Invisible Woman? I think it could go either way! Woof woof! STORMBREAKER GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtImxuAZxeLOLx5fIxfZK-g


IronAgent . 3 weeks ago

It's confirmed now

Hans Paul

Hans Paul . 4 weeks ago

Funny how she's always considered a great actress but is hardly ever in any great movies. More flops than hits.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis . 1 month ago

Doubtful, her and John are both too old for a 10 or 15 year project unless it changes to focus on Sue and Reeds kids, unlike Comic Book characters actors age. I expect them to be mid 20's actors so they have a life cycle for the Franchise.


桜Social . 1 month ago

She has to be Susan, otherwise I'm gona *Sue*

amy barber

amy barber . 1 month ago

I've just been able to catch up on your videos, and, well I already have myself convinced that Emily and John are playing Sue Storm and Reed Richard's so I'll be really :( disappointed if they're not. Keep on keeping on you!! Thanks for all you do.

Bryan Gara

Bryan Gara . 1 month ago

F4 mcu will be the best movie ever

Danny O

Danny O . 1 month ago

Should be samara weaving anyways

Danny O

Danny O . 1 month ago

Bye nobody wants u anyways

Big Guy617

Big Guy617 . 1 month ago

I wouldn’t mind Samara Weaving playing Sue and Joseph Gordon Lovett playing Reed. What happened to JGL?

Big Guy617

Big Guy617 . 1 month ago

If someone else is Sue and John is Reed it won’t work. The chemistry might not be good.

Big Guy617

Big Guy617 . 1 month ago

I hate that Emily keeps on refusing Marvel. She was worked with Disney before. She is an awesome actress.

Taxesguy Games

Taxesguy Games . 1 month ago

I want Zac Efron as human torch and Seth Rogen as the thing Just give me that


M J . 1 month ago

My understanding of casting both John Krasinski and Emily Blunt is that they feel it would be too hard on their young family to work on another project together, but maybe everyone is trying to figure out how to make it work, and maybe John Krasinski directing complicates the negotiations.

Cordel Adams

Cordel Adams . 1 month ago

full of shit if you asked me... her star would have such a massive global reach, and all the little girls including her own could see such a powerful and iconic female heroine.

J-NEZ Gaming

J-NEZ Gaming . 1 month ago

Emily Blunt explains the rumors. *Makes explanation video of her explanation*

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 1 month ago

I’m hoping she’s just denying it but I think she’s not playing sue storm based on this interview

orry townes

orry townes . 1 month ago

İ dont think i like her movies anymore. done. it isnt that shes not going to be in it.its ühat she said about the genre

john topolski

john topolski . 1 month ago

Amazing stuff as usual


Michael . 1 month ago

Kevin Feige has repeatedly said that they aren't even considering casting the Fantastic Four yet....and they won't be working in casting until after Spider-Man No Way Home is released because the director of FF will be John Watts the director of Spider-Man. Kevin Feige has often ignored, refused to answer or give evasive answers to questions, but he has NEVER outright lied, which is what you are now assuming he has done


MR AC . 1 month ago

If they can't get John and Emily for Reed and Sue. I want Jennifer Lawrence for Sue Storm. I really want Michael Fassbender for Dr. Doom

clyde collins

clyde collins . 1 month ago

Horrible choice for Sue Storm.



Denial - or just good acting???: HMMM maybe holding out for MO money?


Gorrium . 1 month ago

Her talking about not liking superheroes was too honest, Unfortunately I don't think she will be Sue Storm

Khatti's EITAP

Khatti's EITAP . 1 month ago

Natalie Dormer would be a better Susan Storm.

Social Purgatory

Social Purgatory . 1 month ago

Lol she not only denied it though, like Paul Rudd denied and other actors deny. She denied AND said the hero genre of movies are not her thing and alluded to feeling that there is an over saturation of them in the entertainment {Movie/TV/Streaming} market (which I just realized when you consider animated hero series and movies as well she has a point). And if you take on a hero role and that project bombs it’s hard to comeback from (unless you’re Ryan Reynolds). She did not however say she is 100% against it but it seems she’s about 85% against it and I’m thinking Blunt as Susan storm? Yea most likely It’s not happening bruh, think mephisto in Wandavision. We wanted it so badly to happen that it was sort of a collective confirmation bias happening here; we wanted the Mephisto thing but it was Agatha all along. 🧙‍♀️Same with the fantastic four fan-casting. Ever since it was on tumblr years ago and we had knowledge of John potentially becoming captain America, every comic youtuber has been the conspiracy theorist in front of a cork board with strings in every direction connecting Emily and John to the fantastic four.


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

Whether she's denying it or not, there's just no way for us to know :(

Just Joe :P

Just Joe :P . 1 month ago

People be like: Emily: No, I have not received a call.... "SHE IS LYING" Emily: Oh yea, the rumours are actually true...."OMG SHE MUST BE LYING"

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson . 1 month ago

I actually think she is being honest. especially because most actors say " I would love to be in one if I get a call", but with her response, it seemed like a genuine response to the feeling of superhero movies. But she also just came out with two Disney Movies, both aren't heavy pieces like Quiet Place. So who knows.

kpop rubix

kpop rubix . 1 month ago

nice try Emily

Taylor Elwell

Taylor Elwell . 1 month ago

Idc who they cast as long as she’s hot lol

Jim Smith

Jim Smith . 1 month ago

Nope....shes telling the truth. She can't stand superhero movies.

Martin sølvsten

Martin sølvsten . 1 month ago

At this point "i didn't get a call" just means "I received an email".

Abd the snow king

Abd the snow king . 1 month ago

Some fans need a therapy like Wanda. Wanda create her own world and believe it as a real one, same thing with fans they believed their lies and fan casts and considered as an announcement 😂😂😂😂

Tyga tims

Tyga tims . 1 month ago

I don't believe that she has had 0 contact with Marvel about this role that is impossible. I only want those 2 to play this role nobody else

Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas . 1 month ago

Emily Blunt is the perfect actress to play Invisible Woman. Along with her husband John Krasinski to play Mr. Fantastic. They would both be fantastic to play these characters in the MCU. Daniel Vargas again folks.


ESSTEE PHRESH . 1 month ago

This heffa a whole lie 💀 lol 😆 😂

BigBass13 13

BigBass13 13 . 1 month ago

Too bad We didn’t get Blunt as Cap Marvel. Instead we got mean face larson. Unwatchable.

Armando Montillero

Armando Montillero . 1 month ago

Oh please God make this happen...

Ryan Seghetti

Ryan Seghetti . 1 month ago

My Fantastic Four fancast John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic Erin Moriarty as The Invisible Woman Dacre Montgomery as The Human Torch John Cena as The Thing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Doctor Doom Danny Devito as The Mole Man Keanu Reeves as The Silver Surfer (Only if he doesn't turn out to be the new Ghost Rider)

Akmal Niyaz

Akmal Niyaz . 1 month ago

I really want them to be in the movie !

Lizzie Booth

Lizzie Booth . 1 month ago

Hiding your involvement is one thing. Dissing Marvel's production strategy is another.

Y Tantirungrotechai

Y Tantirungrotechai . 1 month ago

Fantastic 4 would be fantastic if EB& JK play the role.

Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Santos . 1 month ago

Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we could have something about if Emily Blunt will be in the MCU as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. Now from what we've gotten from this interview, it looked absolutely confusing on if Emily Blunt will be in the MCU as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. To compare, we've had similar situations like this in the past, and even though they were confirmed, it really seemed to be difficult for us to wait for a while for us to find out. There's also the fact that since we want John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, the choice for them to be the characters are still debatable. Along with that, there's still the fact that Kevin Feige meets with a bunch of people to be a character in the MCU. But hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to us finding out if Emily Blunt will be in the MCU as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman along with John Krasinski will be in the MCU as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'm absolutely looking forward to the Marvel Legends Stormbreaker giveaway. I absolutely hope that I'll be the winner because I don't have any Marvel merchandise of any kind.

Kode 11

Kode 11 . 1 month ago

She’s an amazing actress....remember that 😝


englandmp152 . 1 month ago

Great share, thanks Warren!


Alpha.4608 . 1 month ago

Liam Hemsworth could play Human Torch and Liev Schreiber could play the Thing

Neon Lynx Productions

Neon Lynx Productions . 1 month ago

It genuinely feels like Emily Blunt is not and does not want to be the Invisible Woman. Krasinski feels more likely to be Mr. Fantastic, but Emily herself seems to want to focus on their child before getting into such a huge commitment of a role.


M V . 1 month ago

She’s perfect for the role


LupitaSin21 . 1 month ago

Well I will believe this, until Kevin Feige officially announces the cast of the Fantastic 4 and John and/or Emily happen to NOT be one or the two casted for the roles of Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm; I'll believe she's lying about not being casted as Sue Storm. Denying about a role before they are officially announced to the press it's like known thing Marvel does with ALL their new characters/movies, so this shouldn't come as surprise to us. It's like they have them sign NDA's before they even sign the actual contract so not to spill the beans beforehand and ruin the whole vibe of official cast announcement. I think she's just doing exactly what Marvel expects her and any other new cast member not officially announced, to do. DENY, DENY, DENY!!!

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