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Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 3 months ago

Anon lb 9921

Anon lb 9921 . 6 hours ago

Here's one they have in the oven right now Tom. Coming soon. How the white English stole the island of Britain from the picts who they think we're black because depictions in books show them as shaded in colour. That's because the ainciant pictish tribe of Scotland painted themselves blue. They were blue over pale skin. Not black but they seem determined that's a lie. Oh you like myself have blue eyes. Seems they've targettted blue eyes and liberal proffesors and nudge nudge experts, are dutifully aiding them by filling the google search algorythm with new researchers have discovered... Wait ... Er 不不.. Ok ok discovered that ffs sorry.
Basically they're teaching the angry black folks that were the result of a genetic mutation that they can trace back to a single individual around 10000 years ago when a one of the black skinned ancestors in Spain was born with no melanin in his eyes so they were blue. Then it leaps to they also found that the first human in Britain was a black guy with blue eyes.
I can't even bruv seriously. There are people actually falling hook line and clinker for this. Because it all supports and excites them about being superior and in charge of aeverything until whites stole it all. Wtf where are their brains at
Janicke Gosselin

Janicke Gosselin . 5 days ago

Tom you always make sense:)

Tom . 6 days ago

Alisha Barnes

Alisha Barnes . 2 weeks ago

I'd vote for you And I don't even vote.
Keegan McLeod

Keegan McLeod . 2 weeks ago

bro your head is small
Val Mel

Val Mel . 2 weeks ago

Lets go Tom for vice President 綾賅鳶鳶休休休休乒歹

Charisse . 2 weeks ago

I think he should just be the President

Brantley . 3 weeks ago

All these racists going over the speed limit. Despicable
The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family弘

The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family弘 . 3 weeks ago

It took me a few moments to process what I heard
Sherry Greer

Sherry Greer . 3 weeks ago

That is so funny that you said you should be president cause I was actually thinking awhile back that I wish you would run for president. Lol
Midlife Daydreams

Midlife Daydreams . 3 weeks ago

What's crazy is; I very rarely see a family that is 100% of any one background...so how is this still a thing? I mean I guess it depends on where you live, but every family I know is diverse. People with too much time on their hands, write stupid articles.
Richard Crow

Richard Crow . 3 weeks ago

Warmongering happens when you mix Religion and Politics Cesare Jesus Borgia KJV 1507 SATAN LIED
James Smith

James Smith . 3 weeks ago


ShawnyboyYutYut . 4 weeks ago

This guy is great. Speaks the truth

Vinelord . 4 weeks ago

Adam Plohocky

Adam Plohocky . 4 weeks ago

Geeze I feel bad for this and that a different skin color doesn't drive vehicles

leahequestrian . 4 weeks ago

Lol i love this ﹦﹦!!!
Patricia Bell

Patricia Bell . 4 weeks ago

Twilight zone
Just Breathe

Just Breathe . 4 weeks ago

LOOK TOM!! As a woman of the color "black". I'm gonna say this one time and one time only, so please listen up!
STOP MAKING SENSE!!! You're making these people look absolutely ridiculous.

Disclaimer: This message is brought to you in part by Zzz-Quil. For the "woke" people who really need a nap. Thank you and now back to our regularly scheduled program. 樹
Patriot Ashley

Patriot Ashley . 4 weeks ago


RR W . 4 weeks ago

we love you
Nancy Kurpaitis

Nancy Kurpaitis . 4 weeks ago


Kiya#1 . 4 weeks ago

Can you run for office already......or walk or fall or......just do it already. I'm putting this on all his videos until he wins the election. I'm sure he would if he could only go for it
Teri Atlas

Teri Atlas . 4 weeks ago

Jesus!!! I know you'll set em straight Tom!! .
caleb songs

caleb songs . 1 month ago

I can't stop laughing, this gets more ridiculous daily!! Everything is racist now?? Even driving??? Your amazing Tom!! I hope you and Nova keep doing what your doing!
Dorothy Manlief

Dorothy Manlief . 1 month ago

Tinamarie Reimer

Tinamarie Reimer . 1 month ago

You 'should' be president...
Tinamarie Reimer

Tinamarie Reimer . 1 month ago

Your face/neck tattoos almost match your camo shirt/hat - and I love it!
Sue Mitchel-Runow

Sue Mitchel-Runow . 1 month ago

I love a day a week of no driving!!!
Sue Mitchel-Runow

Sue Mitchel-Runow . 1 month ago

Probably, but did u read the article?
Aaron Kearns

Aaron Kearns . 1 month ago

Holeleeshit that had to be a misprint that's crazy I seen racism on both sides everyone has a little racism some just a little bit more vocal about it it's time for seeing color to burn a road up world war 3 comes on our turf we got to work together for our land that'll be the day racism goes byebye What a catch 20/20 smh
Adriene Bailey

Adriene Bailey . 1 month ago

I am so sick of the race card. These idiots are playing follow the leader and are to stupid to know there's not one. There's 8 basic colors in the world and white is one of them and most of these beautiful colors wouldn't exist if white didn't exist.

choleylittle . 1 month ago

Bro I totally agree with you
Lor Aberly

Lor Aberly . 1 month ago

I will be watching on Friday
James Goswick

James Goswick . 1 month ago

Dont breath this air then
Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis . 1 month ago

I was hoping to hear that very last sentence. "President"!!!$

mmsg9482 . 1 month ago

Shannon Casey-Smith

Shannon Casey-Smith . 1 month ago

The black racist that ran down so many folks watching a parade, made ZERO TIME ON THE NEWS, nope nothing about that ass hat
Katherine Windsor

Katherine Windsor . 1 month ago

Actively driving into people of particular colors. Well there's a reason why I stay away from certain areas of town....as fair as I know hockey sticks shouldn't be used as a possible self-defense against oncoming cars ....
Intensified Nonchalance

Intensified Nonchalance . 1 month ago

I hate rap, but love this guy (no homo) and the words in his raps.
Ellen Sands

Ellen Sands . 1 month ago

You are 100% correct! Or at the VERY least vice president with TRUMP
Julie Mcdougall

Julie Mcdougall . 1 month ago

OH my my we r actually all probley not full white bread (breed) anymore after so many generations !!! I've watched that short series where they tested tons of people of all supposedly pure ethnicities and the funniest thing Noone was a pureblood 峨f their so called pureblood claim... including a kkk white supremacist actually had African American blood 3 generations down his blood line ... old lonely uncle Harry got warm and cozy with his little cute mate and well history is well hidden ...

Hmm I wonder if the 1% is actually all 1% or if any of those keeping in in the bloodlines stepped out of the bloodlines ...like what if fing Snobs slobs there had some japanizy in him ... and the Rothy Frothy frothys had some Metis in there like would they still want to murder all of there bloodlines... tsk tsk ...

I wonder if we actually think 1% of the inbreeding giblets niblets get to decide what is What any way ... like man why r we still letting these moronic (not smart ... but smart enough to out smart 99% of the rest if the world ) we must evolve a bit ...

OK I just proved how white take up more oxygen n fricking internet space ... and it is filling up so umm sorry !!!

SMOOTH . 1 month ago

Dumbest call for action I have ever seen
Viking Gaming

Viking Gaming . 1 month ago

Yeah ewerything not if you are teen burning chicago shops

Ncroadrunnerjr . 1 month ago

Tom McDonald if you are eligible to run for president I guarantee you would have my vote
apple engisch

apple engisch . 1 month ago

This one right here. Lol crackin me up!the pause after reading the headline &圯xplaining racist driving
Jeff Hurley

Jeff Hurley . 1 month ago

Id vote for you
David Meulendyk

David Meulendyk . 1 month ago

Go Thomas
David Meulendyk

David Meulendyk . 1 month ago

Imagine being a white heterosexual male with a beard who loves his life,wife and kids
Rick Branstetter

Rick Branstetter . 1 month ago

That's California they're all bunch of nut heads out there anyway

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