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Napoli 4-1 Atalanta | Hosts Score 4 Goals In 20 Minutes! | Serie A TIM
Serie A

Serie A

Published on 2 weeks ago

Napoli scored four first half goals in their victory over Atalanta, including a quick-fire double from Hirving Lozano | Serie A TIM

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Comments :

Sirad Dabaylinho

Sirad Dabaylinho . 4 days ago

Eromosele Divine

Eromosele Divine . 4 days ago

Chucky on fire
Eromosele Divine

Eromosele Divine . 4 days ago

Oshimen is gonna be a world class player at Napoli
SBKP 0507

SBKP 0507 . 6 days ago

Lozano 1-0 0:41 Lozano 2-0 1:07 Politano 3-0 1:30 Osimhen 4-0 1:54
Dave Bonera

Dave Bonera . 6 days ago

Great goal + celebration from Politano.
Rock girl

Rock girl . 7 days ago

Callando bocas Lozano.
Association of Games

Association of Games . 1 week ago

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 1 week ago

Callando bocas Lozano.
umar musa

umar musa . 1 week ago

Victor Osimhe🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Adam Peart

Adam Peart . 1 week ago

Napoli four goals in 20 minutes Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes

LUIS is GUCCI . 1 week ago

El pinche CHUCKY es una verga 🇲🇽
Malhaar Sinha

Malhaar Sinha . 1 week ago

Meanwhile Juventus is looking for another 3:0 free victory
kennedy Wambua

kennedy Wambua . 1 week ago

the teamwork with this team is so great, goals celebration is enough evidence
Simone Ritch

Simone Ritch . 1 week ago

Welcome to Napoli 😉
Irwan Sukma

Irwan Sukma . 1 week ago

Politano's Characteristic Goal!
Ник Мак

Ник Мак . 1 week ago

Аталанта супер привет из России
vinasu maaj

vinasu maaj . 1 week ago

If Gareth Bale would see politano celebration on third goal he would take him for a golf match
presidoe chidoe pastor de rapper

presidoe chidoe pastor de rapper . 1 week ago

PAPA BENJI REPENT by pastor de rapper,a gospel reggae https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IsMnJYiHr8I b
Eddie Armenta

Eddie Armenta . 1 week ago

Hirving Lozano has heart to go with his talent as a Napoli team member.
yaliso gioouy

yaliso gioouy . 1 week ago

Look at how a great lad Osimhen is. He's very supportive and gets emotianal at every Napoli goal. What a lovely person.
Clover 4

Clover 4 . 1 week ago

I 💙Napoli
bilij pdan

bilij pdan . 2 weeks ago

Callando bocas Lozano.

Ktototam . 2 weeks ago

Yulia Watie

Yulia Watie . 2 weeks ago

Tuioa vs😎😀😂 Werry
Valon Jonuzi

Valon Jonuzi . 2 weeks ago


euancohen . 2 weeks ago

2:16 commence bear hug
Roman Rakimov

Roman Rakimov . 2 weeks ago

Elif elmas 😍😍😍
Peter Vlčko

Peter Vlčko . 2 weeks ago

atalanta first half in nutshell was like they just wake up with hang over put themselves to dresses and went to play. just speed of their bodies was to much for drunken spirits so it took time for spirits to come to the field too.
Nestera Safaa Ali

Nestera Safaa Ali . 2 weeks ago

نستيريا الاختيار الافضل والاستثمار المربح مشروعاتنا 1-دريم لاند ميني كومبويند جولف 2 مساحات من 87 حتي 300 متر 2-نستيريا النادي الاهلي عمائر مابشره علي النادي الاهلي مساحات من 145 حتي 400 متر 3-نستيريا حدايق اكتوبر مساحات من 148 حتي 303 متر الاستثمار الامثل والفرص المميزة وتسهيلات تناسب قدراتك المالية وخدمات #التسوق الممتعة وبجوار #والنوادي_الرياضيه العالمة والمساحات الخضراء حيث نتميز بموقع فريد يتيح لك الاستمتاع بكل اللحظات للتواصل واتساب : 01200000005 https://www.facebook.com/Nesterea.Eg www.instagram.com/nesterea.eg www.nesterea.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jemM5a9_v3k
soniyu ziuy

soniyu ziuy . 2 weeks ago

Creo que el tata Martino ya no tiene que moverle a la delantera: Lozano, Jiménez y Corona

UPoints . 2 weeks ago

Niko Andes

Niko Andes . 2 weeks ago

Forza napoli & intermilan

Greekgold . 2 weeks ago

RIP lampard welcome to Chelsea nagelsmann

MrCridle . 2 weeks ago

да уж наполи. команда эмоция. может и обыграть лицимерный ливерпуль, а может и крылышкам или стандарту с разгромом проиграть.
Sunay Mishra

Sunay Mishra . 2 weeks ago

TERRIBLE defence from atalanta
Sirzechs Quasar

Sirzechs Quasar . 2 weeks ago

If Atalanta still had German Denis they'd still be on top
Turbinado Gamer

Turbinado Gamer . 2 weeks ago

Forza Série A ! 🌎⚽️🇮🇹👍 Forza Botafogo FR / RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️🌎⚽️👍
Aulia Arif

Aulia Arif . 2 weeks ago

Doctor Atan

Doctor Atan . 2 weeks ago

Easy win to Liverpool
Sillius Soddus

Sillius Soddus . 2 weeks ago

Serie abecoming premier league
Ricky Augutin

Ricky Augutin . 2 weeks ago

It’s a amazing what a player can do when you have a manager who believes in you and doesn’t just sit you on the bench all the time 🤔
yaliso gioouy

yaliso gioouy . 2 weeks ago

Gattuso rebuilt this team pretty well. gonna be intresting to watch napoli this season.
Chanfi Chababi

Chanfi Chababi . 2 weeks ago

Where is insigné
Elton Rocha

Elton Rocha . 2 weeks ago

Napoli, Napoli, Napoli , Napoli hum hum
Luigi Fa

Luigi Fa . 2 weeks ago


axelperez22 . 2 weeks ago

Vamos chicharito dale perdón upppss perdón me equivoque

TSA_Matthiew . 2 weeks ago

What’s the commentary’s name

Bleyluige . 2 weeks ago

El Chucky es un fenómeno. Es la version Messi mexicana. Por eso lo quiere Anchellotii en el Everton. Pensé que hiba a salir del Napoli por falta de minutos. Pero al parecer el Nápoles lo declaró intransferible por orden de Gattusso cuando supo que el jugador le pidió a su agente Mino Raiola que le buscara otro club esta temporada.
satri bagtayan

satri bagtayan . 2 weeks ago

Hahahaha atalanta...I think they mentality going doowwnnnn back to their place.dont dreaming atalanta
Hi Imp.

Hi Imp. . 2 weeks ago

Napoli, Atalanta, Juventus, Inter, Milan and even Sassuolo.... 5 teams will Fight for the scudetto.

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