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A Picture of the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole


Published on 2 weeks ago

This is an image of the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
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Image of Sgr A* from EHT collaboration
Event Horizon Telescope collaboration: https://ve42.co/EHT

Animations from The Relativistic Astrophysics group, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Massive thanks to Prof. Luciano Rezzolla, Dr Christian Fromm and Dr Alejandro Cruz-Osorio.

A huge thanks to Prof. Peter Tuthill and Dr Manisha Caleb for feedback on earlier versions of this video and helping explain VLBI.

Great video by Thatcher Chamberlin about VLBI here – https://d-yt.com/watch/Y8rAHTvpJbk

Animations and simulations with English text:
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Video of stars going around Sgr A* from European Southern Observatory

Video zooming into the center of our galaxy from European Southern Observatory

Video of observation of M87 courtesy of:
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Video of observation of SgrA* courtesy of
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Z. Younsi (University College London)

Video of telescopes in the array 2017:
C. M. Fromm & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Animations and simulations (no text):
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Inconcision, Kelly Snook, TTST, Ross McCawley, Balkrishna Heroor, Chris LaClair, Avi Yashchin, John H. Austin, Jr., OnlineBookClub.org, Dmitry Kuzmichev, Matthew Gonzalez, Eric Sexton, john kiehl, Anton Ragin, Diffbot, Micah Mangione, MJP, Gnare, Dave Kircher, Burt Humburg, Blake Byers, Dumky, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Bill Linder, Paul Peijzel, Josh Hibschman, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, jim buckmaster, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Stephen Wilcox, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Clayton Greenwell, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

Written by Derek Muller
Animation by Ivy Tello, Mike Radjabov, Maria Raykova
Filmed by Petr Lebedev


Pr2two . 13 minutes ago

Yo mumma's
Caio Almeida

Caio Almeida . 54 minutes ago

Incredible video.
Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis . 3 hours ago

It sorta looks like ☢️ -- I'd be careful. It could be radioactive.
Zee Yin

Zee Yin . 3 hours ago

2:39 "Since it's 1000x bigger, it takes 1000x longer for objects to orbit it" - I don't get it. I thought "bigger" means mass, not diameter, since they're both singularities? Why the difference of orbits?
Kasper Lidegaard

Kasper Lidegaard . 4 hours ago

Wow, thats a great explanation of what we're seeing and how!!!

I'm amazed

SerKenji . 5 hours ago

"Space/time is curved so it's curved"
It's funny cause that's the best way to explain it
Owen Paulson

Owen Paulson . 6 hours ago

Kind of looks like electrons orbiting an atom
Sayan Hazra

Sayan Hazra . 6 hours ago

U are amazing maannnn
Joe D

Joe D . 6 hours ago

Its hemorrhoids match mine perfectly. I am... THE ONE!!!
Tracey Bee

Tracey Bee . 7 hours ago

We know nothing about anything. Wish I could be around in the future when they figure it all out
Prithwish Mandal

Prithwish Mandal . 9 hours ago

Finally I can die in peace ☮️

RandomKidd . 10 hours ago

3:19 Samsung unveiling their next phone that can zoom a black hole into frame

Henning . 10 hours ago

This was so well explained! Amazing
Aaron Emmanuel

Aaron Emmanuel . 11 hours ago

A*b* perfect

(WatchingTheEndUnfold) . 13 hours ago

Masonic BS
Nicekoo Animations

Nicekoo Animations . 13 hours ago

not related to the video but i just realized in the channel banner, the atomic weight is 42.0
The Tackt11

The Tackt11 . 14 hours ago

What would happen if someone were to live forever, and in the future if they invent the Time Machine, And went back in time to kill their baby selfs, or their parents
Jason Cook

Jason Cook . 14 hours ago

So does this nean we get an image of a neutron star or pulsar next

kitty . 15 hours ago

How small human is
Min Lee

Min Lee . 15 hours ago

Thank you so much for explaining how scientists captured the image. I gonna show my 6 y.o. this video this week. He will be amazed by the findings! Btw, he was the one who taught me event horizon!
Notorious Gaming

Notorious Gaming . 16 hours ago

I’m smart enough to know that I’m to dumb for this $h!7
Eric Song

Eric Song . 17 hours ago

excellent video

idegteke . 18 hours ago

The private part of our galaxy. Nobody can ever touch it. Or go any closer at all. All we ever see is the camel toe it causes. This sucks – more than anything in the galaxy!

stare . 18 hours ago

That’s crazy
Tim L

Tim L . 18 hours ago

B-Hole huh lol
Ayub Comp

Ayub Comp . 19 hours ago

Wow... Interstellar is true 😮

woogie87 . 19 hours ago

There will always be new research on black holes, especially until the human race gets official photos and videos on one. Humans want it up close and personal. I'm not a volunteer though, but I'll watch a live video, or a documentary of the volunteers who go to one.
Aarik Subram

Aarik Subram . 20 hours ago

Another amazing mind blowing video. Thank you Veritasium
Jon Murphy

Jon Murphy . 20 hours ago

Look the farther out we look in the universe the farther back into time we see things due to the speed of light. Thus the red shift of galaxies way out there happened long ago. Galaxies nearer to the Milky Way are blue shifted and contracting towards us. The truth is that the universe stopped expanding long ago and began contracting. This is what happens when things cool down. Think hard on this and it makes more sense. Also the 3 generations of particles in the sub atomic world are nothing more than what we see as solids liquids and gases in the macroscopic world. That is tau decays to muon to electron. Steam decays to water then ice in the absence of heat. Simple.
Marc Philip Goodman

Marc Philip Goodman . 20 hours ago

Didn't they admit that there were errors in the picture and this wasn't accurate? what's the latest update veritasium? thanks

MellowD . 21 hours ago

Unfortunately all this is info is fake, there is no space, the Earth is flat, and we have a firmament up above us, and we have never left earth, that's the truth
J Lifezone

J Lifezone . 21 hours ago

So pretty much it’s Gods Anus that sucks everything up in sight.
Colin England

Colin England . 21 hours ago

Quick question, in the two radio telescope example, it was said that there would be no difference if they were one or more wavelengths different. Would you be able to see a difference in amplitude?
Jan Bruin

Jan Bruin . 22 hours ago

Just two for now, but there are more, a lot, also smaller black holes. May be someone can make some calculations how big the total mass of all the black holes in Milky Way must be to explain the velocities in this galaxy must be (you know the observation explained sometimes with phantasy as a result of so called BLACK MATTER. Would be nice to know.
Gissell Mendieta

Gissell Mendieta . 23 hours ago

is the James Webb able to take a clear picture of any of those?
Jae Payne

Jae Payne . 1 day ago

This video is hurting my brain.

OSCAR BADILLO . 1 day ago

Fascinating!! So what type of donut on the moon are we talking about?
Pradnya Dhapare

Pradnya Dhapare . 1 day ago

Is there any delivery to India by kiwiko?
Rick Pontificates

Rick Pontificates . 1 day ago

I thought our black hole was Washington DC? Our income gets sucked in, never to be seen again

AADI THE PIANIST . 1 day ago

Bruh what if the universe is already under the a black hole.. who knows
Alexander Dubstepcek

Alexander Dubstepcek . 1 day ago

i'm not sure what amazes me more, the dimensions of black holes or how they play with reality (or rather our perception of reality). what i know for sure is, we need more videos on them from Veritasium.

Sunset . 1 day ago

i can't belive im looking at a central black hole in our galaxy, thats just crazy. thnak you sience
John Eonas

John Eonas . 1 day ago

The Aristarchus black hole.
The Discounted

The Discounted . 1 day ago

I absolutely love these videos. It's both expertly explained and made visually understandable. As someone with autism who loves learning these videos are my favorite. A cool video idea I thought of is talking about the 10 and 12 dimension theories. It's one of my favorite subjects and has cool math and history behind it.
Devwardhan Kothari

Devwardhan Kothari . 1 day ago

You really live up to that quote Sir Einstein had said about being able to explain a topic at an elementary level if you grasped it well enough.
Sofiane Chaieb

Sofiane Chaieb . 1 day ago

Amazingly well explained! I can't imagine an "easier" way of presenting such a complicated and non-intuitive phenomenon.
Sunil Sindhu

Sunil Sindhu . 1 day ago

Well..i did not understand anything...i still liked it !!
Olenga Gallardo

Olenga Gallardo . 1 day ago

This guy is doing his best and is a pretty good science communicator, but imagine how Carl Sagan wouldve narrated this.

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