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PL Highlights: Manchester United 1 Brighton 3
Official Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Official Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Published on 1 week ago

#brightonandhovealbion #manchesterunited #premierleague

A brilliant afternoon in Manchester as Albion defeat Erik Ten Hag's United thanks to goals from Danny Welbeck, Pascal Gross and Joao Pedro.

Morris Musinguzi

Morris Musinguzi . 2 days ago

What a sensational Hannibal Goal ! 😱😁
Royal Hungyo

Royal Hungyo . 3 days ago

Man relegated

Donuts . 3 days ago

Brighton carving out Utd defense like hot knife through butter.
theo maniatis

theo maniatis . 3 days ago


Destro . 4 days ago

This new Manchester United goal keeper is useless

DNA SPORTS . 5 days ago

Luar biasa untuk Brighton 🇮🇩
ALL Berlin

ALL Berlin . 5 days ago

i'm happy🎉
Theophilus Alamu

Theophilus Alamu . 5 days ago

Onana has suffered this season
Islamic Basic Idea

Islamic Basic Idea . 6 days ago

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Islamic Basic Idea

Islamic Basic Idea . 6 days ago

PL Highlights:
fivo nugraha

fivo nugraha . 6 days ago

keren brighton
Bahlol Arts

Bahlol Arts . 6 days ago

How To Pencil Sketch Kaoru Mitoma | Japanese Professinal Footballer | Bahlol Arts...
Today uploaded this video
Yossy Quotes

Yossy Quotes . 6 days ago

Brighton is actually an example of how a football club and a football business should be run. I think this team can achieve the top 4 spot this season.
novel abdullah

novel abdullah . 6 days ago

Man utd vs (Brighton) and (Hove albion)...It's always hard to play against 2 teams at the same time 😄
Ifish JGJA

Ifish JGJA . 6 days ago

Wolves were defeated in the home game, 1:3 against Liverpool

WestHam were defeated in the home game, 1:3 against Man City.

I think It's not easy to play against a big team, even in a home game.

ycnarf . 7 days ago

No top player but all great players, each win always has different protagonists, really great work of De Zerbi

azkancut . 7 days ago

It's always good to see when the low ranking team gets ravaged by the trojan horse of the league. Kudos!

Hooksmith . 7 days ago

You gave us Caicedo for 115MILLION. It may not be this season but some time God will punish this whole team i swear
Sarah Wilkins

Sarah Wilkins . 7 days ago

Two most useless teams in this world are Man united and Chelsea
Suspended LGX

Suspended LGX . 7 days ago

Man I love Brighton for smoking yanited

🔴GALATASARAY4EVER🟠 . 7 days ago

Gala is gonna cook man utd if there are keep playing like this
A Cini

A Cini . 7 days ago

inter milan laughing all the way to the bank
selina buloulalalelea

selina buloulalalelea . 7 days ago

Man united gone ,how they come back to rise
Thabang Lucas

Thabang Lucas . 7 days ago

Onana should have done better. Those shots were on he's side
Ben C

Ben C . 1 week ago

Joao Pedro my king

Vasiliy . 1 week ago

Fergie, reds need you...really
Long Huynh

Long Huynh . 1 week ago

MUcian must be missing De Gea a lot lol
help me reach 1k followers

help me reach 1k followers . 1 week ago

Man loser united
all-round gaming..

all-round gaming.. . 1 week ago

A well deserved loss 👏
Prashant Jagetiya

Prashant Jagetiya . 1 week ago

I think Brighton is on path of becoming next Man City
Kelvin Wijaya

Kelvin Wijaya . 1 week ago

Rashford and Bruno out is the key
Kee ching Chew

Kee ching Chew . 1 week ago

Japan players has improved clever amd smart skilful european blindly charge get free kick argue that's their "skill" which is better? Get free kick or use football skills to win
Nay Tun

Nay Tun . 1 week ago

O nanana O nanana…what a downgrade from De gea to O nanana

BD_Silma . 1 week ago

Onana fuori da Milano fa proprio schifo!!! Grande Brighton!! Grande De Zerbi!!!

mediastarguest . 1 week ago

I don't know how, when or where Brighton found this De Zerbi character from but his team plays without a care in the world. Brighton are fearless.
He has got Welbeck playing better than he was ten seasons ago !
Ken G4

Ken G4 . 1 week ago

Lamptey 🇬🇭🔥🔥🔥🔥
Royal Me

Royal Me . 1 week ago

Ten Hag is not that good as a coach and I don’t see him successful with ManU. Who is he in first place? I never heard of him as a player.
Zidane will do a better job
Max Nurika

Max Nurika . 1 week ago

varun reddy Mothe

varun reddy Mothe . 1 week ago

Fati not fatty 😂
Nisha Li

Nisha Li . 1 week ago

Brighton lost Caicedo and MacAllister but are still competitive
Delete Bilderberg

Delete Bilderberg . 1 week ago

I can remember Brighton having no ground playing in a greyhound stadium or something club going nowhere. What an absolute inspiration they are.

カモメが翔んだ . 1 week ago

The truth about the Man U match
What was the difference against Manchester United? No one realizes the truth. Welbeck Gros Pedro goal? That doesn't surprise anyone. Addingra's assist? This is no big surprise either.
The truth about this game lies in Lamptey's two assists. As usual, Mitoma was double-teamed, but Man Utd did not unmark him even as he passed the ball to Lamptey. Because of this, Lamptey was able to make a free pass.
Lamptey's strength lies in the accuracy of his last pass, although he doesn't have the same defensive ability as Pinyan. That's why Mitoma was often on the defensive in this match, but instead Lamptey was able to make key passes.
Whether Lamptey will be able to score two assists without Mitoma's help is anyone's guess. It is unfortunate that many people do not understand that this point was the key to victory.
Tersoo Achineku

Tersoo Achineku . 1 week ago

Rashford did his best. No need to slag him off.
Simone Belgiovane

Simone Belgiovane . 1 week ago

Simply Roberto de Zerbi❤
Emma Madison

Emma Madison . 1 week ago

Their ratings is about to rise on Fifa

Andiyeet . 1 week ago

Only 1 day has passed and it is already the 3rd most viewed video, wow.
The Return

The Return . 1 week ago

Gross smoked Martinez for the second goal. This guy is a bit overhyped.
Dave TV

Dave TV . 1 week ago

Congratulations to you guys! Roberto is doing well. I am a City fan from Nigeria.
Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown . 1 week ago

It's the United fans I feel sorry. It's a long journey back to London.
Javsjsg Akjse

Javsjsg Akjse . 1 week ago

Ronaldo not😢

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