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Denitslava Makeup

Denitslava Makeup

Published on 5 months ago

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Mackenzie Miller

Mackenzie Miller . 2 hours ago

That hand motion was so smooth girlie that was amazing
Holly Summers

Holly Summers . 7 hours ago

But why😂

jasy . 7 hours ago

„and i have three of them right here“- proceeds to do the smoothest move known to mankind
Y/N chan :)

Y/N chan :) . 1 day ago

The way she moved the lipstick boxes was sooo smooth ❤
quinlan lowe

quinlan lowe . 2 days ago

so smooth how you do that seriously

tlbrowell . 2 days ago

Deni :🟩🤛
Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe . 3 days ago

"Maybe they punch you in the face every time you text someone toxic"

Me: I need that giveth me them
Amara A.

Amara A. . 3 days ago

I have a lipstick like that from my grandma. she used to give them to me when i was a tee. The one i have is a deep orange color that turns to a redish pink color. I absolutely love it but i don't wanna use it bc it might run out and idk where to get another one to remind me of my grandma
Kolev Geno

Kolev Geno . 3 days ago

Are you lesbian?❤
Amelia Tucker

Amelia Tucker . 3 days ago

Bro, no offense but stop hating on green bro
Nalin Samte

Nalin Samte . 3 days ago

Ruben Gilbert

Ruben Gilbert . 4 days ago

You’re not gonna try the combo and see what color it comes out?!
Jana Schmeling

Jana Schmeling . 4 days ago

YeS thAs MY fAvOrIte KInD oF GrEen
Margarita Petrova

Margarita Petrova . 4 days ago

"I can't just NOT destroy them,,
The way she looked at the camera

❤️ you Deniiii🎉🎉❤
Danny Sykes · 23 yrs ago

Danny Sykes · 23 yrs ago . 5 days ago

Not the spoon
natyashree gupta

natyashree gupta . 6 days ago

I want to know

cookie . 6 days ago

the best thing i heard is...the Oof sound. Only roblox players will understand me...
Van Cleave

Van Cleave . 6 days ago

I wonder how long It Took to get that take where she flips the lipsticks
Kriz Senpai ♥︎

Kriz Senpai ♥︎ . 7 days ago

Teach me your lipstick jutsu sensei 🛐

JT . 1 week ago

Destroy i love it!!!
Pau Vale

Pau Vale . 1 week ago

Nobody is talking about them cause this magic has been around for decades
Carolyn Talbot

Carolyn Talbot . 1 week ago

This is how you do the double strands of face-framing hair. Please stop pulling out an inch of straight, long hair and just LEAVING it hanging out! 😄

The_Colorful_Artist . 1 week ago

Am I the only one who’s wondering why the lipsticks didn’t turn pink when she melted them?
Gevi i.

Gevi i. . 1 week ago

Прекрасна си 🇧🇬❤❤
Bunny sea slug

Bunny sea slug . 1 week ago

When she said "I have three of them right here" that motion with the lipstick boxes was phenomenal
Parmis Rezaei

Parmis Rezaei . 2 weeks ago

You are so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥺
Hina Babo Art

Hina Babo Art . 2 weeks ago

But can you please do a hair wig?
Calvin Winters

Calvin Winters . 2 weeks ago

Dude that fan flare was ✨ EVERYTHING ✨
Negar Bahmani

Negar Bahmani . 2 weeks ago

Omg ‘ rozh lab makei’ is that you😂
Ilarija Ceklic

Ilarija Ceklic . 2 weeks ago

Lisa Hoshowsky

Lisa Hoshowsky . 2 weeks ago

The ||| to \|/ with the boxes was so smooth😱
Tessie smith

Tessie smith . 2 weeks ago

I want them
Joanna Naeim

Joanna Naeim . 2 weeks ago

I'm so relaxed I just want to melt into pieces☺🥴
Joanna Naeim

Joanna Naeim . 2 weeks ago

I really want to see what happens if you melt them😊❤
Joanna Naeim

Joanna Naeim . 2 weeks ago

I want never type something toxic kill you❤❤
G0ddess Kelly

G0ddess Kelly . 2 weeks ago

I wish we could seen them melted more
Denisje Zombie

Denisje Zombie . 2 weeks ago

i do
Navaeh Guillen

Navaeh Guillen . 2 weeks ago

"What makes them magical✨️"

Idk 🤷🏾‍♀️ maybe I go back to 1st grade idk WELL I GTGT 1ST GRADE NOW BYWEE
nanana Nithya

nanana Nithya . 2 weeks ago

I like the yellow one
Angel Millie

Angel Millie . 2 weeks ago



Denis mind “I hate the word the colour the THING”

JC SQAD . 2 weeks ago

bro the way she moved the lipstick box is so smooth
Sylvia Hartley

Sylvia Hartley . 2 weeks ago

“Maybe the lipstick will punch you in the face if you text someone toxic”
SIMM City Kids

SIMM City Kids . 3 weeks ago

Because nobody knows about them🤔
Dan & Lia

Dan & Lia . 3 weeks ago

Honestly Danny I agree with you I think we should destroy the lipsticks sentence fun else I want to know what it's like when it mailed to think it might be really satisfying❤
wee C

wee C . 3 weeks ago

OMG I have them I have clear to pink
Jolene Lewis

Jolene Lewis . 3 weeks ago

Ilyas Souhayb

Ilyas Souhayb . 3 weeks ago

Fais-nous aigri agis qui est dieu Louisette bon je suis une like💩 aide🤮😊
Raluca Smadu

Raluca Smadu . 3 weeks ago

Me to

Princeghjkl . 3 weeks ago


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